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12 Reasons You Should Write That Book In Your Head

12 Reasons You Should Write That Book In Your Head

Many people feel there’s a book in their head. But somehow, they’re stuck and unable to get through the ideation, writing and publishing of the book.

For some, the obstacle is time. For others, it’s fear. For some others, it’s a lack of know-how. And even for some, the obstacle is… well, nothing. They’re just stuck.

This month, July 2015, marks exactly 2 years after the publication of my first book, Your Right To Write.

When I was writing it, I didn’t know if I would finish it. I wasn’t sure if it would make sense. I had fears people might think it’s crap. And I certainly wasn’t sure I was qualified enough to be an author.

I had every excuse I needed to kill the idea and keep my head low.

But I still managed to finish the book and self-publish it. Thank God I did.

write a book

Today, the book has been downloaded by over 30,000 people. I’ve gone ahead to publish more books and reports and even create well-received free and premium courses.

Yet, I consider Your Right To Write to be my most impactful piece of work ever. And I think most of my readers will agree with me… because at least, that’s my work for which I consistently receive the most positive feedback.

So I’m really glad I wrote and shipped it.

If you feel there’s a book inside of you, then write it. However what, write it. Here are 12 reasons why:

1. It will challenge you: Yup! Writing a book challenges your idea muscles. But it’s a good challenge that will make you a better you. Take it.

2. It will take you where you don’t know: But wherever it is, the place is (almost) certain to be good. It could land you your dream job, make you a leader, land you speaking engagements or create vital connections for you.

3. No need for qualifications: If you want to write a medical book or a law textbook, you need some requisite qualifications. But creative writing? Like writing about your life, your understanding of business or how to do something you love or know about? You need no qualification. Just do it.

4. Technology has killed the gatekeepers: In the past, you needed a lot of money, and you needed to know and be loyal to literary agents, publishers and marketers to make it in book publishing.

Now? You can create your own platform, build an audience and launch your book with little to no money and connections.

5. It will help someone: Your words could help someone become better, overcome a problem or feel happy. So do it.

6. It will give you prestige: I’ve been to some cities and even remove towns in Nigeria where I thought no one would know me only to be accosted by someone asking, “Your face looks familiar. Are you Abdullahi, Naija Writers’ Coach?”

I’ve had people older, richer and more privileged than I am, give me special honour in public because… well, I’m an author. So write that book.

7. It might fetch you money: How does this sound? Wouldn’t you like to earn from your pen?

8. It will make you fulfilled: When people tell you how much your words have blessed their worlds, you’ll feel your heart melt. The joy is immense.

9. It will help you write better: Writing regularly sharpens your writing skills. And one of the best ways to write often is to embark on a book project.

10. It will make your understanding deeper: If you take note while reading, you understand better. And even when you ponder on and write about what you already know, your understanding goes deeper. Tested, certified.

11. It will make you stand out: I believe only 1% of the people in the world make things happen. These 1% write the books, tell the news, develop the apps and create the products that the 99% consume. Others are just onlookers.

By writing a book, you stand out and join the 1% who make it rain.

12. Add it in the comments: Do it now. I’d love to hear it. Thanks!

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  1. In fact, i still reason to know where the knowledgeable words ejects!!! Forever will i be greatful as God wills. I do read your articles,created a blog as advised but,still don’t understand how. Looking forward to developing such upstairs.

  2. “eject”

  3. Whenever I read an awesome piece like this, it leaves me with some feeling of joy and hope of what tomorrow holds.

    Great job Abdullahi.

    You have almost said it all. But since you’ve granted your permission to add the 12th, i will say;
    12. If you wanted to live forever, write a book: Book writing and publishing is one of the ways great men live and are remembered forever.
    Think of the likes of Nelson Madiba Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon Hills and our beloved Chinua Achebe. And you will most certainly remember them for their books.

    Like Abdullahi rightly put, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Just write it.

    As usual, am off to the social media to share this with my peeps .
    Enjoy your weekend Coach!

  4. As usual, MAT, you hit the nail on the head. Spot on. I always enjoy reading your blog. Keep it up!

  5. Tohir Olaitan says:

    Writers and speakers give life to people; writers live longer, if not for ever, than speakers after their demise for what is said is easily forgotten and what is written sticks to brain. Besides, you can easily go back to what is on paper for any reason. To be immortal, I say, is to make an impact in somebody’s life by our act of writing; book is a cidatel of learning. Hope to have at least one one day.

  6. l totally agree with Abdullahi’s write up about how writing that book in your head will make you a better person. You will be filled with self doubt while writing it and you will think who in the world will want to read this. But when you finish writing it and you go over it you will be amazed by what you wrote and you will start wondering did l actually write this. Just let what you right come from something you are passionate about and that you really feel the world has got to know about and then you will be close to writing a masterpiece.

  7. I believe only 1% of the people in the world make things happen. These 1% write the books, tell the news, develop the apps and create the products that the 99% consume. Others are just onlookers.

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