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The 2016 Winter Tangerine Awards

The 2016 Winter Tangerine Awards

We aim to honor new and emerging poets and prose writers who are creating electric work. Entries will only be accepted from writers who have not yet published a novel or collection of any type. We don’t believe in reading or entry fees, so entries for the awards are free (though we do have optional tip jar submissions!). Additionally, we believe that writers deserve to be paid for their work, so we’ve allotted a cash prize of $250 for the award winners.


Any unpublished short story or novel or published chapbook


Winter Tangerine


  • All award winners and finalists will be published in the following Winter Tangerine Issue.
  • The two award winners will receive a box of (gently used) books, (never used) strawberry jam, and a check for $250.
  • All finalists receive our kudos & $20.


1 July, 2016


  • Entries will be accepted of unpublished poetry and prose from writers who have not yet published a collection of poems or short stories or a novel. Writers who have published chapbooks may enter.
  • Writers may submit up to four poems (totaling no more than eight pages), and/or two pieces of prose (totaling no more than twelve pages). Writers may submit one entry in both categories.
  • All work submitted for the Winter Tangerine Awards will be considered for publication in Winter Tangerine.
  • Your submission should be Times New Roman or Garamond, size 12. Prose should be double spaced, poetry should be single spaced. Please title your submission as the title of your piece(s). Please put no more than one poem on each page.
  • You may not submit work to Winter Tangerine that has been entered in the WT Awards. You may submit other work to Winter Tangerine while we adjudicate the Awards but any double-entries will be rejected unread.
  • The submission portal will be open from April 1st to July 1st.
  • Submissions will be accepted through Submittable, only. Any submission sent through email will be deleted unread.
  • No identifying information (name, email address, phone number, etc) is allowed in the document uploaded to Submittable or in the title of your submission.
  • Simultaneous submissions are allowed but not preferable. All semifinalists will be required to remove their work from simultaneous review upon notification.
  • Each entry will be reviewed thoroughly and blindly by our readers. The pieces that our readers love will be forwarded to the judges as semifinalists. Both judges will review the pieces blindly as well, then create a short list of four finalists and one award winner. The finalists and award winner will receive notification of their award in early August. The winners will be publicly announced on September 1st 2016


For more information visit the official page


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