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1ST Prof. Remi Raji Writing Contest For Students Of UI And OAU

1ST Prof. Remi Raji Writing Contest For Students Of UI And OAU

Apart from his meritorious service as the President of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), Professor Remi Raji of the University of Ibadan has contributed immensely to the development of African writing. With his six Poetry collections, Prof. Remi Raji has employed his words and wits in engaging readers globally on revolutionary thinking.

It is on this backdrop that The Reflector Team officially launches the 1st Professor Remi Raji Writing Contest. This first edition is open to students of OAU and UI only.


Submissions for the ESSAY should be centered around: “RESHAPING NIGERIA: What Can We The Youths


Submissions for the POETRY should be centered around: “VOICE OF HOPE”


The Reflector Team

1ST Prof. Remi Raji Writing Contest For Students Of UI And OAU


For Essay:

First: N10,000; Second: N7,000; Third: N5,000

For Poetry:

First: N10,000; Second: N7,000; Third: N5,000

And several other complementary prizes to be won.


31st July, 2015. (11:59pm GMT+1)


  • You can send one entry each for the two categories.
  • Entries should be in Microsoft Word and should be mailed to and/or
  • Entries must have a Cover Page containing entrant’s Name, Dept./Level, Phone Number, E-mail address, Title of Entry, and Word Count.
  • Entries must not exceed 800 words (for Essays) or 40 lines (for Poems).
  • Entrants must be undergraduate students of OAU or UI.


For more info, contact:

Twitter: @TeamReflector

Esther: 07060523808

Timi: 08172565695


This announcement is formatted using Naija Writers’ Coach Posting Format. If you republish this on your website, please provide a link to this post.

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