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2012 FSDE International Essay Competition on Poverty Eradication

Poverty is a phenomenon that troubles life aspects in almost every country in the world. However, it is not impossible to eradicate, in fact there are countries that have succeeded in improving the living standards of its people.
Looking at how countries have improved, do you think it is possible to totally end poverty? Please express your opinion on how to create the world without poverty, including examples from cases, studies or researches that you wish to engage in.
“Dreaming the World Without Poverty”
(Note that you are to give your essay a suitably crafted topic)
Forum Studi & Diskusi Ekonomi, Indonesia.
1st Prize: Certificate, book with compilation of essays, and prize of US$1,000
2nd Prize: Certificate, book with compilation of essays, and prize of US$500
3rd Prize: Certificate, book with compilation of essays, and prize of US$250
All prize winners will be announced in November 2012 on the Forum Studi dan Diskusi Ekonomi 2012 web site ( and by direct information to email.
September 24, 2012
1. Essays may be submitted by anyone age 18 to 25 years old (as of September 23, 2012).
2. Essays must be 1000 words or less, typed in English.
3. Essays must have a cover page indicating: (1) essay title (2) your full name (3) handphone number/e-mail address (for those from outside Indonesia) (4) nationality (5) age as of September 23, 2012 (6) sex (7) school/university name (if applicable).
4. Entries must be submitted online (Please go to the online registration page at (Entries must be in MS Word format. Please attach your photo and also your ID card in .jpg format (Your ID should have your name and birth date).
5. Essays must be original and unpublished
6. Essays must be written by one person. Co-authored essays are not accepted. And one person can only submit one essay.
7. Copyright of the essays entered will be assigned to the organizers.
8. Ten best essays will be printed into a book and will be given to 3 winners.
9. Ten best essays will be available online at
Please send your entries to:
Forum Studi dan Diskusi Ekonomi 2012 web site (
Have any question? We’d love to help you. Please post your questions using the comment box below.
You may also contact the following persons (text messages only):
Kumala (+6285727356100)
Martha (+6285641156090)
Or by email: (please put “ask” as the subject).

Naija Writers’ Coach (Announcement Formatted Using NWC Format). Other current essay contests are published here.

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  1. Abdulsalaam Jelil Abiodun says:

    Just the way I put it on facebook, we can only eradicate poverty throught adequate measures such as
    1. Birth control
    2. Creation of jobs
    3. Creation of healthy environment
    4. Education of the youth on social awareness
    5. Good governance
    6. Creation of skill aquisition center for the able and unable citizen.
    7. Money control policy. To curb exessive spending from our rich.
    8. Total cleans of corruption on both governmental and nongornvernmental level.

  2. Abdulsalam, well said. You only need to put flesh around those skeletal frameworks. So, start writing and hopefully, you can win yourself a prize. After all, to win is no sin.

  3. @Oxygen How do we deal with this “(Your ID should have your name and birth date)”? Maybe that’s how they issue ID cards in Indonesia but not in Nigeria. Only International Passport or Driving License can meet this condition and I have neither of them.

  4. @gblasting, thanks for your inquiry. It is said that only the test of fire makes fine steel. This may well be your opportunity to have your own international passport. Mind you, if you emerge a prize winner, you’d be invited for the award ceremony in Indonesia, and I’m sure you don’t want to start scrambling for a passport then. And now, you have well over a month before the deadline within which to obtain it. Since you can get it for less than N20,000 in a day or two, I’d advise you go grab it.

    However, if it won’t be convenient, you may want to improvise with a self-designed plastic ID Card. Just ensure you do not falsify any information on it and you’d have violated no law.
    Warmest regards.

  5. I think those who av voters card can make use of it 4 convieniency

    • Hi Oxhegun,
      You’re very right. The voter’s card carries the holder’s name and date of birth. And of course, it identifies you – the same thing an ID Card does.

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