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2014 Crystal Muslim Organization Essay Competition

2014 Crystal Muslim Organization Essay Competition

2014 Crystal Muslim Organization Essay CompetitionI am particularly excited to announce the 8th edition of the Annual Essay Competition which is organized by the Crystal Muslim Organisation (CMO), and you are invited to take part in the competition.


Islam in the 21st Century


Category A (below 13 years): Obedience to Allah, Parents and Society: My Responsibility

Category B (13 – 17 years): Curbing Immoralities and Degrading Tendencies

Category C (18 years and above): Misconceptions of Islam and Their Challenges in the 21st Century: the Way Forward


Crystal Muslim Organisation (CMO)


Lots of fabulous prizes to be won

NB: The prizes in the past have included hajj ticket, laptops, notebook computers, freezer, generator and standing fan.


31 March, 2014


  • The word count for the Category A is 200 – 250; Category B is 350 – 500; and Category C is 750 – 1000.
  • Entries can be submitted by hand to “Crescent Schools 1004 Housing Estate, Victoria Island, Lagos” and through the e-mail to
  • A seminar and prize giving ceremony holds at the Lekki Central Mosque, Hakeem Dikson Street, Lekki Phase 1 on 24 May, 2014 by 10:00am (Islamic time).
  • Three (3) winners will emerge from each category.
  • The first prize winner in each category will have the opportunity  to present his/her paper at the seminar venue
  • The marking criteria are: Adherence to recommended size of essay (10), Introduction (5), Grammar/Word usage (10), Content (20), Spelling (15), Relevance to the topic (10), Reference from the Qur’an & Sunnah (20), Neatness (5), Conclusion (5)


Got a query? Get answers through 07050774565, 08099831137 or


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  1. Hello,Oxygenmat,is it for Muslims only?

  2. RIDWAN ISSA says:

    well sir, the deadline is 31/3/2014 not 1/3/2014

  3. Adeleye Mahmud says:

    are d words in a bibliography counted as part of req. words (750-1000)

  4. Are you also participating Sir?

    Plus my Essay is 200 words longer… what are my chances?

    • Nope!

      That’s a suicide attempt. Go one word above the limit and I’d disqualify you if I were the judge.

      • Abdulkabeer Ishola says:

        I recalled last year, non Muslims ttok part and the organisers encouraged their participation as they even got gifts as well.
        Sorry this is coming late, but its in response to the one who made enquiry earlier.

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