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2014 Naija Writers’ Coach Essay Competition (Prizes Worth Over N450,000)

2014 Naija Writers’ Coach Essay Competition (Prizes Worth Over N450,000)

Entries are hereby invited for the 2014 edition of Naija Writers’ Coach Annual Essay Competition. The contest is a national platform for Nigerians to express their opinions on pressing national issues, and advance workable and sustainable solutions to them.

Last year, eligibility for the competition was restricted to undergraduates and 117 students from 22 tertiary institutions put in for it.

This year, the contest is bigger and the prizes heftier. Every Nigerian between the ages of 18 and 40 is eligible to enter, irrespective of level of education.


National Conference: a Waste, a Progression or What?


Monday 26th May, 2014

NWC Essay Competition 2014


  • The sum of N30,000, N20,000 and N10,000 would be awarded to the first, second and third prize winners respectively.
  • The writers of the 10 best entries would each receive a full-fledged website worth over N20,000 to further hone their writing skills and promote their works (see this guide on how to start a blog or website)
  • The writers of the 10 best entries would each receive a Facebook ad credit worth N8,000.
  • The writers of the 10 best entries would each receive a copy of the book, “Vertical Writing” by award-winning essayist, Muhammed Abdullahi Tosin, sold for N1,000.


  • The competition is free to enter. No entry fee is required.
  • Grading of entries would be solely on merit and winners would be announced in June 2014.
  • Each entry must be an essay. Poems, short stories, fictions, etc. are not acceptable.
  • Each entry must be between 500 and 700 words.
  • Each entry must be typed in Times New Roman, font size 12 and double line spacing.
  • No co-authored work would be accepted.
  • Each entry must be titled using the format: “Full name NWC 2014”. So an entrant named “Yakubu Adisa Okechukwu” would title his entry as “Yakubu Adisa Okechukwu NWC 2014.”
  • No personal information like names and emails should appear in the body of the essay. Instead, the submission form will capture entrants’ personal details.
  • Only Nigerians aged 18-40 are eligible to enter (if you emerge a winner, evidence of age may be required).
  • Submissions should be made online here. Submissions made by email would NOT be accepted.
  • Each entrant must reference non-original materials appropriately and ensure that his/her essay is free from plagiarism.
  • Each of these rules is sacrosanct. Defaulting entries would be disqualified.

Panel of Judges

The distinguished panel of judges comprises:

#Dr. Mahfouz Adedimeji (Ag. Director, Center for Peace and Strategic Studies, University of Ilorin and Columnist, Daily Newswatch Newspaper)

#Temitayo Olofinlua (Award winning essayist and Creative Director, Wordsmithy Media)

#Abdul Abdullateef (Award winning essayist and Blogger)


Have you got a query? Leave a comment below  (don’t send your questions by email; no one would read them if you do).

Help spread the word

Do you have a website, a blog or a Facebook page? Please help post this essay contest announcement there. You can also simply use the sharing buttons below. Thanks.

So start writing … you could be one of the 10 smart winners the world is waiting to see.

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  1. how can I help you share this announcement on my website and blog? pls direct me

  2. Oluwaseun says:

    Thumbs up for this. Please sir, are entries going to be pasted on this site and voted for like last year’s? Or are essays going to be judged 100% by the panel of judges? Thanks in anticipation…

  3. Samuel Edet says:

    So Sad,I Can Only Watch From The Sidelines..

  4. just write about it and link back here with this

  5. does the word count include the references?

  6. please sir what do you mean by>>>>>>>
    Each entry must be typed in
    Times New Roman , font size 12
    and double line spacing.

  7. pls sir I don’t really understand the essay topic pls explain more

  8. Aminu Yusuf says:

    Hello, Abdullahi. Thanks for organising this great and promising contest.
    I have submitted my work on the URL you sent via email. But what I don’t understand is that after finishing they wrote something like “survey”. Can you enlighten me so that I will know if I made a mistake. Thanks. Allah Hafiz.

  9. Yes, just re-post this page and link to the page.

  10. Hi sir,I’ve successfully completed step 1 but the page for step 2 is giving me a tough time as it does not open completely.What should I do sir?

  11. Sir, please drop the Email address were one can send in one’s entry. thanks.

  12. please kindly assist on this, am having problem in submitting my essay, I click step one from their I saw share on social media now, I then click Facebook, I was thinking I will see a place to upload my essay there,kindly put me through on next step.

    • The instruction on the submission page is very clear:

      Submit your entry in 3 easy steps (it takes 3 minutes or less):
      Step 1. Click the Facebook/Twitter button below to share the contest on social media.
      Step 2. Register your name and email address on the registration form that appears (the form won’t appear until you complete step 1).
      Step 3. Submit your entry through the special submission link sent to your email (when the page shows “Thanks for taking the survey,” it means you’ve successfully submitted your entry).

      After sharing on social media, click “Done! Gain Access Now” and you’ll be able to continue with step 2.

  13. please assist on this, I click on step 1 from their I share on my Facebook and confirm it,I click to verify my post on done gain access now, but I was refer back to step report is ready waiting to be submitted now.

  14. do I need to own a web site to participate in this essay competition.

  15. Not at all.

  16. I've been on this thing of submitting my essay since yesterday, I shared it on my Facebook twice, I click done gain access now, another page open with this Thank you,do I click on start here or close this window bcos those are the two options there.kindly assist on what to do next, waiting for your response.

  17. hi, this is my very first attempt at any essay competition and I am not sure if I am required to include the topic on my write-up or do I just present my opinion straight

  18. nice since am not even 17 yet must someone be up to 18 to write

  19. Abdulghaniy says:

    ASWW Brother. Thanks for your messages. Hope you do not mind me giving my observation on the topic for the essay “National Conference: a Waste, a Progression or What?”.
    Should the “a” immediately after the colon not be capital? Or was it a typo? Please enlighten me if it should because I guess the panel of judges might be interested in details like that.
    Best regards

  20. pls, i submitted on a survey site link you sent to me. has it been submitted successfully?

  21. any implication for submitting twice?

  22. Olaniyan Israel says:

    just concluded the survey! How do i confirm your receipt of the essay sir?

  23. ALMUBAJAL says:

    Will the word count exclude citations and references?. Moreso how about a tittle page?

    • References are not included in the word count.

      One of the guidelines goes thus: “No personal information like names and emails should appear in the body of the essay. Instead, the submission form will capture entrants’ personal details.”

  24. pleasewhen is the essay closing tomorrow? I mean the precise time?

  25. Hi Patience, did you include the title eventually in the body of the essay?

  26. AYOMIDE says:

    Don’t know the problem. I’ve been trying to submit my essay but not getting the confirmation link in my inbox. What’s happening?

  27. Ezeala obinna says:

    pls i am having difficult submitting my essay through your online form, is there an alternative process

  28. Please, is there any penalty if the entry is sent twice

  29. almubajal says:

    pls the link is not wortking its saying that it has expired. pls what can we do?

  30. The link to post on facebook or twitter is not working

  31. The link to share on facebook or twitter is not working. It reads ” d campaign for this button has expired”..what shud i do

  32. Hello. Had some real issues, couldn’t submit before now. But it’s not yet 11:59 and the “share” button before submission is giving me an expired notice. Please help me out!

  33. pls I was not aware of any per-requisite campaign for submission _after preparing my essay it telling me that the campaign expiration date is reached already whereas it is still 26th May_pls hw can submit my essay, considering the fact that I have written it_it wouldn’t be good dump here for nothing

  34. Adewumi Oluwadare says:

    Ur link expired before the time. I couldnt submit mine

  35. Taiwo Adetimole says:

    I’m still wondering if you’ve got my entry. I’ve not received any notification (mail) to that effect.

  36. Pls i can’t find d link to step 2..m done with the first step

  37. Salam to u coach! I don’t know if my entry has been received? Pls confirm!

  38. Pls kindly confirm if my entry has been received! Thanks…

  39. You should include the topic.

  40. Yes!

  41. Nope!

  42. At all!

  43. sommie ukegbu says:

    it is nice to know that u guys are doing this for students, but i would like to knw more about dis competiton. how to overcome global poverty and build global society.

  44. Pls is it compulsory for the essay to have a reference? What if u didn’t directly quote anybody but just picked an idea from them, do you have to refernce that?

  45. How do you know your essay has been submitted and received. It on only showed survey complete. What if you send it twice? Do you get disqualified?

  46. salami Taiye oluwatosin says:

    i am yet to get the link where i will submit my entry. please I need this and besides i am at a cafe that is about to close.
    the deadline is in a few hours. help rectify the problem and send the link within minutes.

  47. It’s not compulsory. Ideas aren’t copyrighted. Only the expression of an idea is.

    So if all you do is ‘steal’ ideas without stealing the expressions, you need not reference. 😉

  48. Your submission was successful, Helen.

  49. Emeka Otoba says:

    I take it that mine was equally successful since there was no other confirmation except for the “Thanks” for completing the survey?

  50. Yes.

  51. salami Taiye oluwatosin says:

    thanks. I just recieved the mail on my yahoomail address. i have submitted my entry. great work. keep it up.

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