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2014 International Writing Challenge on Economic Ideas

2014 International Writing Challenge on Economic Ideas

FSDE (Forum Studi dan Diskusi Ekonomi) 2014 invites submission for our 2014 International Challenge on Economic Ideas (ICEI) for undergraduate students who are still enlisted as student through out the competition. ICEI’s main purpose are to gain and promote new in areas covered by the theme. In accordance to FSDE 2014 theme, Securing the Future of Emerging Economies, the ICEI 2014 will focus on the subtheme “Enhancing Competitiveness of Emerging Economies Through Highly Efficient Institution”.


Securing the Future of Emerging Economies

2014 International Writing Challenge on Economic IdeasAbout Emerging Countries and Their Competitiveness

Although emerging countries’ economic growth has been showing stunning performance with relatively high level of growth (compared to their developed countries counterparts), there are questions whether this growth will be sustainable. One of the main problems are institution-related. Institution’s utmost role is to reduce transaction cost (all costs those are related to searching and bureaucracy process). Efficient institutions can reduce transaction cost to the rate of stimulating the economic activities and productivity.

Considering its important role, institutions in emerging economies are considered to have these problems: ineffective and rigid bureaucracies, lack of transparency, lack of reliable information provision, high-rate of corruption and bribery, and so on. Those obstacles trap down emerging countries’ pursuit of sustainable and high-quality economic growth.

Thus, this essay competition is hoped to answer these lingering questions :

  •  What is going on with institutions in emerging countries?
  •  How should the institutions in emerging countries be?
  •  What can be done to realize that?


FSDE (Forum Studi dan Diskusi Ekonomi)


The winner will be granted:

  • 1st  will get fresh money USD 1000, certificate, and ICEI essays compilation book.
  • 2ndwill get fresh money USD 700, certificate, and ICEI essays compilation book.
  • 3rd will get fresh money USD 500, certificate, and ICEI essays compilation book.


30 September, 2014


  • For complete information on writing and submitting the essay, please refer to ICEI Essay Writing Guideline.
  • Participants are required to fill a pop-up form prior downloading the guideline. Submissions are open from September 1st until September 30th.
  • The essays will be assessed by our panel of judgesfrom Gadjah Mada University, comprising of language and scientific assessment.
  • The winnerwill be announced in our website at November 2014 and through direct e-mail notice to each winner. Winning essays will be available for download at FSDE’s website subsequently.


If you have any question regarding the International Challenge on Economic Ideas, please contact us via e-mail to:


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