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2014 Morland Writing Competition And Scholarships

2014 Morland Writing Competition And Scholarships

It can be difficult for writers, before they become established, to write and to earn a living outside writing at the same time. To help fill this need the MMF awarded three Morland Writing Scholarships in November last year. The Scholarships were open to anyone who had been born in Africa or both of whose parents were born in Africa.

We were astonished by the response to the Scholarships. We had been expecting to get a few dozen entries and ended up receiving over 350. In general the standard was high and choosing the Scholars was difficult. After long deliberation the judges awarded the Scholarships to Doreen Baingana, from Uganda, Tony Mochama, from Kenya, and Percy Zvomuya, from Zimbabwe. All three are hard at work on their books.

The Miles Morland Foundation is pleased to offer three new Scholarships this year. The terms will be similar to last year with one or two minor changes.


Any topic of your choice (see details below)

2014 Morland Writing Competition And ScholarshipsOrganizer

Miles Morland Foundation


The Scholars will receive a grant of £18,000, paid monthly over the course of one year.

(In return for this it is expected that the Scholars will pay to the MMF 20% of whatever they subsequently receive from what they write during the year of their Scholarship. These funds will be used to support other promising writers. Last year the obligation to return 20% was a binding condition of accepting the Scholarship. For this year’s Scholars, and retro-actively for last year’s, the 20% return obligation should be considered a debt of honour rather than a legally binding obligation.)


31 October, 2014


  • To qualify for the Scholarship a candidate must submit a piece of published work, or an excerpt from a piece of published work (written in English), of between two and five thousand words to be evaluated by a panel of readers and judges set up by the MMF.
  • The Scholarships will be awarded based on these submissions although the Foundation may also wish to question certain candidates or ask for other work.
  • The work submitted will be judged purely on literary merit. It is not the purpose of the Scholarships to support academic or scientific research, or works of special interest such as religious or political writings. Submissions or proposals of this nature do not qualify.
  • The candidates should submit a brief description of the work they intend to write (200 – 500 words). It should be a new work, not a work in progress. The proposed work must be in English as must all submissions.
  • Please also tell us in fewer than 300 words something about yourself and your background.
  • Anything in your background suggesting that you have the ability and discipline to write a full-length book will be useful.
  • Proposed works can be on any subject though the judges will show preference to works which relate to Africa. Academic work, medical and scientific research, and works on religious subjects will not be considered for an award.
  • Fiction or Non-Fiction: The Trustees have wrestled with this question. There is more good fiction coming out of Africa than non-fiction (if you exclude autobiography from non-fiction). We would love to promote non-fiction. The problem is that non-fiction requires continuing and considerable research which may not fit easily into the 10,000 word a month requirement set out below. The Foundation therefore welcomes both fiction and non-fiction proposals but warns non-fiction applicants that they may have a difficult time keeping to the schedule. We are happy to grant a few months’ grace before the Scholarship payments start and the 10,000 words monthly requirement goes into effect to permit a non-fiction Scholar to do research before he or she starts writing.
  • The Trustees are actively giving consideration to what they might do to promote non-fiction in Africa. We have not yet found the answer. Thoughts welcome.
  • Poetry? Plays? Film-Scripts? We love them all, but No, neither as submissions of completed work nor as proposals for books.
  • The only condition imposed on the Scholars during the year of their Scholarship is that they must write. They will be asked to submit by e-mail at least 10,000 new words every month until they have finished their book. The Scholarship will terminate if a Scholar fails to submit the required work on time unless prior authorisation has been received. The Scholarship is intended for writers who want to write a full-length book of 80,000 words or more.
  • The Scholarships will be announced in December 2014 and will run for the whole of calendar 2015. The Trustees reserve the right to vary the terms and requirements of the Scholarships at their discretion.
  • Entries should be sent by e-mail to Please do not submit anything in hard copy or by terrestrial post.


Please check the FAQs or email

to answer any further questions.


This announcement is formatted using Naija Writers’ Coach Posting Format. If you republish this on your website, please provide a link to this post.

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  1. Aminu Yusuf Malam says:

    Assalam Alaikum.
    I read through this awesome announcement. It is a big opportunity for young, upcoming writers. My question is where can one submit his/her piece? I can see that there’s no link for submission form or email address (to submit to). I’d love to have your response.
    PA: You are doing a good job. May Allah reward you for this.

  2. Nnaemeka says:

    A very nice forum, I must admit.

  3. Taofeek Tiamiyu says:

    S/Alaykum. Thanks for ur tireless efforts towards improving many people through this forum.May Allah crown ur effort with success. Tnx 4 dis announcement.

  4. saheed amoo says:

    Brother Muhammed may the almighty God increases your knowledge and wisdom cos you are doing a great job for the betterment of humanity.i have a question to ask… can i participate cos i presently live in a country where am not regular-i am an illegal immigrant where i live presently-advice me on what to do cos i really want to take part in the competion,stay blessed hope to read from you

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