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2015 Excellent Minds Essay Competition

2015 Excellent Minds Essay Competition

Applications are invited from students in Nigerian tertiary institutions to participate in the 2nd Edition of the annual Excellent Minds Essay Competition.

The essay competition is focused on promoting critical thinking, harnessing ideas and developing the talents, abilities, gifts and skills inherent in the Nigerian youths. This we expect shall translate into a ripple effect of awareness and provide a platform for growth for future leaders of Nigeria.

This essay competition is a project of the Excellent Minds (Social and Youth Empowerment) Initiative in collaboration with Launchforth Schools, Lagos and Unique Life Platform.


There exist negative attitudes and social taboos against children with disabilities in many parts of the world and that includes Nigeria. This has led to the neglect of these vulnerable children; hence, hampering the development of their God-given potentials. According to EFA Global Monitoring Report 2007, majority of children with disabilities in Africa do not go to School at all; and of the 72 million primary aged children worldwide that are out of school, one-third have disabilities.

“In not more than 1,500 words, propose a strategic and sustainable innovative project that you will adopt in promoting the inclusion of children with disabilities in education, citing two rural communities in any of the states in Nigeria where the project can be executed and the factors that influenced your choice of the chosen communities and state”.


Excellent Minds (Social and Youth Empowerment) Initiative in collaboration with Launchforth Schools, Lagos and Unique Life Platform


First prize: a brand new laptop + a printer + a certificate of accomplishment

Second prize: a smart phone + a certificate of accomplishment

Third prize: a printer + a certificate of accomplishment

Other consolations prizes are available to be won.


15th February, 2016


  • The essay is open to undergraduate students in tertiary institutions across Nigeria.
  • Your essay should be in MS word format using Times New Roman text, font size of 14 and double spacing. The following details should be included on the first page of your essay:
  1. Full Name
  2. Contact Mobile Number
  3. Residential Address and Location
  4. E-mail Address
  5. Sex
  6. Institution’s Name
  7. Course of Study and Level
  8. Date of Birth


For further inquiries or questions, contact the 2015 Excellent Minds Essay Competition Coordinator on +44 7448 962020, E-mail: or call 0703 115 1669


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