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2015 Prison Reform Trust International Writing Competition

2015 Prison Reform Trust International Writing Competition

The Prison Reform Trust is pleased to launch the 2015 writing competition.


Once again the competition consists of three categories.

Comment/Article – ‘Can Prison Work’ (word limit 500 words)

Short Story – ‘The Challenge’ (word limit 1,000 words)

Lyric/Rap – ‘Working it Out’ (word limit 400 words)


Prison Reform Trust

2015 Prison Reform Trust International Writing Competition


1st prize of 200

2nd prize of 100

3rd prize of 75

An additional prize, for the best entry in any topic for people of 21 years or under of £100


10 August, 2015


  • The competition is open to prisoners, prisoners’ families and friends, and to former prisoners of any nationality and age.
  • Your work must be in English. (If you perform on a CD/tape for the lyric/rap prize this must be in English.)
  • Please say which competition you are entering. You may enter all three competitions. Also, we would like to know how you heard about this competition.
  • Your work must be your own.
  • You must stick to the word limit.
  • Comment: 500 words maximum.
  • Short stories: 1,000 words maximum.
  • Lyric/rap: 400 words maximum.
  • Your work cannot directly talk about any crime you have been convicted of, anybody else involved in the crime or any victim(s).
  • Send one copy of your work. Your work should be typed but we will also accept readable handwritten entries.
  • Entries for the lyric/rap prize may be submitted on CD or tape.
  • Please include your name and address with the recorded entry. Written lyrics or raps will also be accepted.
  • Please enclose a stamped addressed envelope if you would like us to tell you that we have received your work.
  • Your work will only be returned to you if you ask us to do this when you send your entry in.
  • Closing date for entries is Monday, 10 August, 2015.
  • Please write your name, address, age if 21 years or under, and, if in prison, your prison number, on your entry.
  • If you will be released before the results are announced in October 2015, please give us your release address or an address where you can be contacted. Please tell us if you are transferred during the competition. You can write to the free post address below with your new address.
  • Entries and CDs/tapes should be posted or emailed to:

Michele Byam

 Prison Reform Trust, FREEPOST ND6125, London EC1B 1PN

  • More details about the contest here.


For more information email Michele Byam at


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