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2016 Minotaur Books First Crime Novel Competition

2016 Minotaur Books First Crime Novel Competition

Mystery Writers of America and Minotaur Books (a sub-print of St. Martin’s Press) are sponsoring the 2016’s America First Crime Novel Competition.


Murder or another serious crime or crimes is at the heart of the story.


Minotaur Books and Mystery Writers of America (MWA)

2016 Minotaur Books/Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel Competition


  • If a winner is selected, Minotaur Books will offer to enter into its standard form author’s agreement with the entrant for publication of the winning Manuscript.
  • After execution of the standard form author’s agreement by both parties, the winner will receive an advance against future royalties of $10,000. On the condition that the selected winner accepts and executes the publishing contract proposed by Minotaur Books, the winner will then be recognized at the Edgar Awards Banquet in New York City in April 2016.
  • the winner will not receive any other prize and will not receive any part of the advance until the standard form author’s agreement has been executed by both parties.
  • Those terms of the offer not specified in the printed text of the Minotaur Books standard form author’s agreement will be determined by Minotaur Books at its sole discretion. The entrant may request reasonable changes in the offered terms, but Minotaur Books shall not be obligated to agree to any such changes. Minotaur Books may, but will not be required to, consider for publication Manuscripts submitted by other entrants.


December 14, 2015. (11:59pm EST)


  • The Competition is open to any writer, regardless of nationality, aged 18 or older, who has never been the author of any Published Novel (in any genre), as defined by the guidelines of this contest, (except that authors of self-published works only may enter, as long as the manuscript submitted is not the self-published work) and is not under contract with a publisher for publication of a novel.
  • An attempt will be made to notify the Competition winner, if any, by telephone or U.S. mail no later than March 31, 2016. If the winner cannot be contacted, an alternate winner may be selected.
  • Employees, and members of their immediate families living in the same household, of Minotaur Books or Mystery Writers of America (or a parent, subsidiary, or affiliate of either of them) are not eligible to enter.
  • Only one manuscript entry (the “Manuscript”) is permitted per writer. Void where prohibited or restricted by law.
  • To enter, you must complete an online entry form and upload an electronic file of your Manuscript.
  • The entry form will allow you to upload one electronic file.
  • Only electronic submissions, uploaded through the online entry form, will be considered; do not mail or e-mail your manuscript submissions to Minotaur Books.
  • Manuscripts must be submitted as Microsoft Word documents or PDFs.
  • All manuscripts must be double-spaced, with pages numbered consecutively from beginning to end.
  • All manuscripts must be saved as “Manuscript Title_Entrant Name.”
  • Each entrant should keep a copy of the Manuscript for his or her own protection.
  • Because of the great volume of submissions we receive and the fact that our judges are volunteers with full-time responsibilities elsewhere, it is important that you submit your Manuscript as early as possible. Submissions will get a more careful reading if the judge does not have to contend with a flood of last-minute entries.
  • All Manuscripts submitted:
  • must be original works of book length (no less than approximately 65,000 words) written in the English language;
  • must be written solely by the entrant, who may not be the author of any previously Published Novel;
  • must not violate any right of any third party or be libelous, and
  • must generally follow the contest Guidelines.
  • You can read other relevant information relating to the contest here.


Do you have questions or need further clarification on this contest? You may contact us at


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  1. how can i enter this contest?
    registration link is not on the website

  2. Doyal Kumar says:

    Is this competition open to writers in other countries?

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