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4 Lessons “3 Idiots” Can Teach Every Writer And Blogger

4 Lessons “3 Idiots” Can Teach Every Writer And Blogger

3 idiotsYou’ve watched it, haven’t you?

I’m ashamed to admit this: I didn’t watch the movie … until this year. Films are not my thing, but the hype about 3 Idiots propelled me to see what the big deal was about it.

Glad I did. It’s an epic every writer and blogger should watch and digest. It’s hilarious, action-packed and true to life.

There were times I felt the movie was talking about us, writers and bloggers, and our beloved crafts – writing and blogging. I’ve learnt that:

#1: With your passion, you can change the world

Rancho, an errand boy, orphaned early in life, had a passion for engineering and anything knowledge. He’d attend any class and grab knowledge wherever and whenever he found it.

When Mona, the College Director’s daughter, would be delivered of a baby, and flood and power outage became monster obstacles, Rancho’s ingenuity saved the day.

The inverter he invented and the vacuum cup he improvised saved mother and baby … and all others dying from anxiety.

You’ve got your voice as a writer, and your platform as a blogger, it’s up to you to use your talents well. Write from your heart, and do it so excellently no one can ignore you. You’ll make  a difference.

#2: When you chase your dream, you CAN get paid for it

You know, everyone thinks writing and blogging are a joke. Not professions. Not impactful. Not ways to make money.

Like the Director, Virus, did to Raju, the society misses no chance to remind you how beggarly you’d be if you chase your dream.

But they’re all wrong.

Rancho’s pursuit of his passion made him accomplished, graduating as the student of the year. And only 10 years after leaving college, he’s amassed 400 patents, become the curator of a practical engineering school and, in the words of his long-time rival, Silencer, “a great scientist” under the name, Phunsukh Wangdu.

If 400 patents isn’t a gold mine to live on, what else could be?

Your writing dream may not make you another Dangote. But if you do it well, people will gladly hand you their cash to help them with your art. I don’t want to brag, but this tiny blog is an ATM for me already. Seriously. 🙂

With time and some modicum of luck, it should become a gold mine.

Living your writing dream would make you accomplished, and can earn you a decent living, even if you don’t get to become the richest man in your village.

#3: Living by conventions could turn a recipe for failure

Ever wondered why everyone wants to study Law, Medicine, Engineering, Mass Communication or Accounting? Career crisis. [Tweet that]

These are the ‘lucrative’ jobs … the conventional career paths the society respects. Parents and counselors even impose them on school children. Shame!

No one cares about the personalities, values and passions of individuals which are (or should be) the key factors in career choice.

Farhan was born to be a wildlife photographer. But his father would have him become an engineer. Nothing else. You know the outcome: he led his class, albeit from the rear, at the Imperial College of Engineering.

It took the secret posting of his letter and sample photos by his ‘idiot’ friend, Rancho, to change his life. Then everything became sweetened for him. He landed a gig in the Brazilian Rain Forest, to do what he loved – what he would gladly do for free – and still get paid for it.

By our calling, writers and bloggers are rebels.

But it’s a good thing. It’s the best way we can be fulfilled. It’s the easiest way we can change the world. And we feel no remorse about it.

Others, deal with it!

#4: When you ditch your fears, they cease to haunt you

Raju had a disaster of an academic career because he cowered before fears that never should have held him back: fear of getting good grades, of getting a good job, and paying his sister’s dowry.

It took him an attempted suicide and two broken legs to find his courage … so much that he would later stick to his self-confident, straightforward attitude than turn a bootlicker to get a job.

Too many times too, we let fears hold us from living our life purpose: fear of inadequacy, of being nonconformists, of putting meals on the table, and other such nonsense.

But if you don’t ditch them, they rule you for life.

You may be saying, “You can’t understand Abdullahi. I just can’t do it.”

Fine, can you afford to waste your writing talents, be ruled by fears and end up not being fulfilled? That’s what will happen if you chase what’s lucrative instead of what you were born to do.

Think about it?

I’m currently running a FREE course for good writers and bloggers who want to find their voice and confidence. If you’re one of them, check it out.

What other lessons did you learn from “3 Idiots”? Please leave a comment below.

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  1. Abdullateef Abdul says:

    impressive. the producers of three idiot should pay you handsomely for this eloquent review. plus, there seem to be no limits on how you conceive writing and blogging ideas. coach, thumbs up!

  2. RIDWAN ISSA says:

    keep it up.i wish you more grease to your elbow

  3. i am yet to see the movie but I plan to, very soon.
    Keep up the good work.
    I’m still a novice in stuffs like this.

  4. hmmm…just found out about the moderating part of your blog. Nice touch…its really touché.

  5. Oxygen,

    This post is awesome. Though I never watched the film, I had no problems connecting with the lessons you highlighted here. And, no doubt, I learned new things.

    Keep up the good job, bro. You’re awesome!

  6. 1) “Follow Excellence and Success ll Chase you hands Down”. Great words From the Greta Rancho to his friend Raju… When you follow excellence you ll Surely get where you want to get to, Unlike allowing the term “Success” have control over your Life.
    2) Friends Sometimes determine your Success or Failure In Life- In this Greatly Respected movie, one get to understand the Fact that your friends are part of the Build-up to your being Successful. Raju and Farhan both at the First Instance had different Perception Of Rancho, but they Saw him as a Different Kind of person after caareful studying. Therefore careful study is needed when choosing friends. And it is better to always be with good friends who can help improve and Not destro your Life or your dream like that of Rancho who helped Changed the Life of his friends Raju and Farhan.
    3) Always be an Optimist, and Never a Persimmist. Farhan feared his Father’s Rejecting his Idea of Studying Photography and he never even brought the Idea the Him. Not Until Rancho did a criminous Act of Busting Into “Virus” apartment…
    Never think Negative Even if you Know you probably might not be Lucky to win that thing or Reach that place, keep trying Harder and be positive and I doubt it if Success ll not come smiling at you. Remember this quote: “It is better trying then Failing than Failing without trying”, when you try and then Fail you get the room to improve as your Mistakes ll surely be shown to you…

  7. If there's any Indian film I appreciate so well and passionately, it's 3 Idiots…One thing never stops to ring in my heart ''Make your passion your profession'' follow your passion-what you'd liked to do with or without conveniences.

  8. While there are so many lessons to learn from 3idiots, me think the most important of them is that when you chase your dream, yot get paid for it as the Guru. Ranchodas Shamadas Chachad concluded: “Don’t go after sucess, follow excellence and sucess will come your way”

  9. A memorable quote it is!

  10. The easiest way to become great is by making others great (if not greater). The shortcut to success is helping others become a success. Rancho was ever with the thought of helping others more than of himself, hence, his 400 patents! It is never all about you.

    Oxygen has been living out 'Rancho' long before he even saw the film. I won't be too surprised tof learn what become of him soon.

  11. Ejikemeuwa says:

    Abdul u v got a heart of gold, thank you. Big up to all commentors – all well said! Passion at the end of the day, pays more than money.

  12. Yeah,that movie is an eye opener.what I learnt is that you can achieve WHATEVER you want just by that passion,optimism,commitment and trust in God.let us not forget also that somebody wrote the script of that movie which is affecting lives positively so i encourage us ‘pick up your pen and affect lives while making your cool money’

  13. Ayeyemi Taofeek Aswagaawy says:

    I haven’t watch the three idiot. I’m not a film type too. I just love learning here and there. But since my coach has adviced us to watch it and digest its lesson, I’ll drastically grab my own copy.
    These four lessons are real and I’ll advice we all put it in our heart so it could be our watchword at all time. Thanks brother.
    I’m learning……………..

  14. BintMustapha says:

    I looove three idiots! It took a while before i watched the movie too. I was like, what is all this hype about? After watching it, it made a large impact on my thinking-in every way. My favourite quote from it is ofcourse, “Strive for excellence, if you’re excellent, success will chase you pants down” like we saw at the end. However, i gained two more things. One, study and play. Don’t always see studying as a loong, booring road. Have fun on the way. It never hurts. Second, it doesn’t matter what your field of study is, be diversified. Versatile. Most times, people go all, “Najah, are you not a Science student, what’s this with your interest in novels?” I think once we limit ourselves to a particular thing/field/thought, we remain stagnant. In life, when you’re not moving from a postion, know that you’re definitely declining. There’s no stand-still. Therefore, search for knowledge shouldn’t be contained. It’s a wide field to be explored.

  15. i’ve watchd that movie severally but never thought of it from that point of view. Thanks you so much for the inspiration. God bless you.

  16. The movie speaks alot about what happens in our schools in relation to the drive for success. It inspires me, when i fear my average grades will not bring food to the table going by global trends in the labour market.

  17. Anih Estelle says:

    ma hands are numb…dunno wahta write…WELL DONE!

  18. The movie teaches us 2 accept the fact that some pple are jus gifted dan us. Chatur failed to realize that rancho was giffted dan him.nd he got his reward at last.farhan and raju accepted rancho was gifted dan them.and they too receivd their reward fulfilling their dreams while following a gifted rancho.

  19. I watched 3 idiots this April i believe. My!!! it was sooo educative, funnyy. I did cry! I laughed! I was apprehensive! Wow! Great story! i hope it bagged 60 Oscars. Hey! you forgot to add the best part!


  20. If you pursue excellence, success will chase you pants down…. Ranchodas Chamchadd (Funsuk Wangdu)

  21. Charles says:

    Dude! You are the boom, I am one of the few you have been talking to for a while now. Born with art but never convinced enough to go after them, anytime I write or speak I get commended even if not from a whole bunch of people at least from just one person it speaks all the same. I am convinced I could write and speak well but sometimes I experience hold backs. Right now I promise myself to always give myself to the challenge and make my newest coach proud. Thanks a lot bruv, u are the best of your kind!

  22. Allen zito says:

    one lesson i wont forget from the movie is your failures doesnt define you,just go out and give meaning to your failures by failing forward…

    Am looking forward to benefiting from this blog and directly too

  23. You are such a smooth sailor, that was a great review you did. Though I have not watched the movie myself, but from what you have written I guess its high time I did.

  24. my best movie ever. rancho rancho.good friends make life wonderful. It is advisable to have one or two.i learnt that I’m not here to compete with anyone but myself, to continously make the me of yesterday the me of tomorrow. persistence like rancho showed is rare, jumping from class to class when he couldn’t afford it and finally even getting the certificates for someone else, but he was never bitter. He showed that what matters is what is in the head and heart. That’s all. aal izz well

  25. Alice Apejoye says:

    Hi coach,I just discovered this site and i am already inspired to pick up my pen,I dropped it cos of feelings of inadequacy and ‘pencrastination’.tanx for following your dream and by extension helping us to follow ours.

  26. Inspiring article! I like the way you sieved out important points from “The Three Idiots”. Thanks for giving writers some sunshine, some rain to grow up once again. Guess you know where the lyrics was culled from?

  27. Sule Tekande Joshua says:

    3 Idiots? I never knew Idiots are talented. Chuckled.
    We can do all things, God himself can tell. This movie opened my eyes to see the need why I should follow what my mind loves, what I love doing creatively than what others wish me to do. I watch this movie repeatedly yet it keeps inspiring me in different lessons unfolded.

  28. Adesokan Abdurasaq says:

    This is so inspiring, many ppl like myself watched that movie and just laughed it off not been able to derive much sense as my beloved coach has awesomely analysed it here. kudos… Permit me to share this lovely inspiring and educative post.

  29. 3 Idiots remain my best movie of all time. Indeed, we can be whatever we aspire to be.
    Though my real passion is not about writing, I do belief the ability to communicate your thaughts and ideas without ambiguity is our collective right. This platform remain a source of hardcore motivation for me. You are a blessing for our generation.

  30. you are too much

  31. The 3 Idiots is a fascinating Indian movie. I came across that movie 2 yrs ago. I cried out my heart as the lessons unfolded. I have watched that movie countless of times. In fact I watched it this afternoon because I’ve been pained to my marrow. A vital lesson I got is this, NEVER PUT YOUR ACTIONS AT STAKE. PUT YOUR STAKE INTO ACTION. Rancho did that. Raju Rastolgi realized it at the end and got a job at the end. Fahran did the same. I love writing. It drives me crazy. I have a blog but haven’t done anything about it ( I’ve never posted a write up there except my pics. I don’t what to do about. I know I had the thought of posting facts about life and lifestylez. I just need a niche. Look into and holla at me on what to do. The 3 Idiots is an inspiration to me. I need immediate action. Direct me. Send me a mail pls.

  32. altitude says:

    a great movie to so many but the greatest for me. this movie shows a great contrast between humility and pride, fear and courage, selflessness and selfishness, passion and general norm. these are some of the few headlines I will make out of this wonderful movie. rancho was humble though been sponsored by a very wealthy man through school, he did not let that get in the way of his choice of friends who were from an average family- in the case of farhan and a very poor family-in the case of Raju. rancho’s courage and confidence made him able to speak out when he see something that was not done fairly and properly, he spoke out when joy lobo committed suicide as a result of what he termed brain pressure. rancho was selfless, he gave up his comfort for raju’s father slept in the hospital to see to it that the sick man was well again not considering the harsh words of raju. he was empathetic and never judged anyone. Silencer as he was nick named was a proud, arrogant and selfish individual who would use you as a ladder to reach the to when there are more than enough ladders and room at the top. he wants to occupy all the rooms and break the ladders. in the end the man rancho who was humble, selfless and had passion for his profession was more successful than the other Silencer, who though life was all about self.

  33. oluwafemi says:

    It’s a comedious movie,funny enough to watch.I bet you won’t dim your eyes a second while watching it.
    Some of the lessons which I gained from it includes:
    1.Never giving up
    We should never give up trying.Never give room to negative thoughts.Joy Lobbo committed suicide,’he’s a clever engineer’,says Rancho,but out of pressure he gave up and Quit!
    Note that Raju attempted suicide twice before waking up from slumber and changed from being pessimistic to being optimistic.If he had died then,would he be alive to fulfil his dreams?
    2.Don’t give in to temptation
    When Rancho was faced with the temptation of having sex with the director’s daughter,he acted like the biblical Joseph and resisted such immorality.If he had not,his future would have been destroyed.Lesson for young scholars here.
    3.Teachers should be motivating
    If a teacher is always discouraging and never commending,his efforts on the students will turn out to be futile.Lobbo gave in to pressure due to two reasons: the director’s role in the play.Secondly,he gave up trying.
    If you find yourself a teacher anywhere,remember this movie and don’t be like ‘Viru'(Director).
    Many lesson to learn,but these three are just enough to be penned.

  34. It really spells out the “make impact and money will chase you” thing you always say in ‘Your Right To Write’

  35. Never study to be successful, strive for excellence!!!

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