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3rd Prize Winning Essay | 2013 CIPMN Essay Competition

3rd Prize Winning Essay | 2013 CIPMN Essay Competition

At the request of many of you – esteemed readers – I’m publishing the 3rd prize winning essay in the 2013 Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (CIPMN) Essay Competition.

This piece is published here with the kind permission of the author, Alao Idris Ibrahim, a good friend of mine, who was the 1st prize winner of the 2013 Naija Writers’ Coach Essay Competition.

Alao Idris Ibrahim

Below is the abstract. You can download the full essay by clicking here.

If you’re entering the 2014 CIPMN Essay Competition, this should help you. If you’re not, feel free to pass it on to someone who is.


No other time is the issue of youth, empowerment and development more apt than the present time where the youth are faced with so many back-breaking and unprecedented challenges. In the world of over seven billion population, governments and policy makers are increasingly finding it difficult to grapple successfully with youth unemployment, the world appears ominously heading towards a dangerous precipice that will defy all economic theories and postulations, corruption becomes prerogative of public office holders as insecurity threatens the corporate existence of many nations of the world. The provisions of education, critical infrastructural facilities, improved health care services, employment opportunities and stabilized economy are sine qua non for any nation that anticipates a prosperous future.

Nigeria, as one of the developing countries of the world is struggling with numerous problems at each level of her education system, inability to halt continuous increase in the rate of youth unemployment, redundant artificial restrictions placed on self-employment, job creation opportunities and outright lack of social services such as roads, water systems and electricity networks. It is in this regard that this paper contends that empowering the younger generation and eliminating the above hydra-headed challenges are the keys to securing a prosperous future for Nigeria.

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  1. Thanks for sharing I must send an entry

  2. Till today, no news on NCC essay. Called them several times, they kept postponing the selection of the winners. CIPMN essay is one of those special essay true to their word. I would send an entry, even if its the last minute!

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