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3rd Prize Winning Essay, 2014 NWC Essay Competition

Here’s the third prize winning entry in the 2014 Naija Writers’ Coach Essay Competition written by Iyanda Olakunle David (see other winners here). It is reproduced below, unedited, for the reading pleasure and learning of other entrants and the rest of us.



Iyanda Olakunle David NWC 2014

National Conference: a Waste, a Progression or What?

The National Conference is therefore being convened to engage in intense introspection about the political and socio-economic challenges confronting our nation and to chart the best and most acceptable way for the resolution of such challenges in the collective interest of all the constituent parts of our fatherland.  – President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, 2014.

The preceding paragraph is an excerpt from the inauguration speech of the President at the National Conference. I carefully choose this as my introduction to show that the national conference comes with a clear and progressive objective of national integration and development.

Definitely, there is need for national conference in Nigeria where all stakeholders will meet because of the rising challenges and critical issues facing the country. There is need for deliberation and discussion towards the progress of this country. There is need to rub minds together to ensure a proper update and accuracy in our constitutional change and standard. Considering these importance, the inauguration of the national conference is obviously not a waste but a progression.

However, as the conference is opened for all constituency parts of the country to table their thoughts and positions on issues and make recommendations that will advance the togetherness of the country, there is possibility of suspicion, antagonism, disagreement and conflict. Different delegates have obviously expressed such act in the ongoing national conference. This possibility is normal when such crucial discussion occurs. Such conflict and collision sometimes occur when even family meetings are held. Yet, such disagreements lead to agreement on a conclusion that benefits every member of the family. Therefore, borrowing from the president speech once again, “I urge all delegates to make a more united, stronger, indivisible and prosperous Nigeria a reference point at the national gathering”.

Furthermore, in preparation for this write up, I read through different reports and recommendations of different committees of the national conference and I discovered that their reports and recommendations are brilliant and outstanding. This depicts that the national conference is productive. Moreover, from the perspective of productiveness of the national conference as a result of the brilliant recommendations, one could say the national conference is a progression. Howbeit, the fact that the national conference seems productive does not make it either a progression or a waste.

In my opinion, a productive national conference becomes a progression when its resultant recommendations are not only adopted but also properly implemented in the country. On the other hand, a productive national conference becomes a waste when its resultant recommendations are only adopted but not implemented or not properly implemented in the country.

More to this, Nigerians are known for good policies on paper without implementation of the policies. However, I confidently hope that this national conference becomes a progression through proper and thorough implementation of the brilliant recommendations not only by the government but by all individuals and concern bodies in the country. In order to accomplish this, the implementation should be enforced by law. Then, the labours of our past heroes would not be in vain and the death of the deceased delegates including the tension of the collision and disagreement that occurred during the discussion will not be a waste.

I strongly believe that through this national conference, Nigeria will rise again and reclaim its giant position in the world and Africa; I strongly believe Nigeria will know peace and unity; I strongly believe that a new dawn will come through this national conference such that every citizen will be involve in the progressive movement of our country, when the glory of our youths will surface, when ‘the labours of our heroes’ past’ will manifest and the beauty of our unity will spread all over to shape and form the body of our bright future and  harmony from generation to generation; and I strongly believe that new dawn is today. It is now! Long Live Nigeria!! God bless Nigeria!!!

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