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4 Lessons Today’s Billionaires Can Teach Writers And Bloggers

4 Lessons Today’s Billionaires Can Teach Writers And Bloggers

There are over 7 billion people in the world. Of these, Forbes said only about 1,826 are billionaires.

Wow! That’s a rather very small number.

As a young person, I’m always reading and researching about how uber-successful people made it. I like to know how they started, their philosophies, their daily habits, their mistakes and of course their failures.

No, it’s not that I crave to be a billionaire myself. Of course it would be nice to be one, but that’s not my goal – at least for now.

4 Lessons Todays Billionaires Can Teach Writers And Bloggers

I understand success means different things to different folks. But I’ve observed that whatever way you define success, successful people tend to have a set of remarkably consistent attitudes and principles that set them apart from the multitude.

This set of attitudes and principles is what I like to know. And for some of these that I’ve put to use, I see they’ve helped my writing and blogging career tremendously.

I’m sharing them with you today, with quotes from some of these billionaires.

1. Billionaires dream big

If your dreams don’t scare you they are too small. – Richard Branson.

This is the very first step. If you want to be really successful in what you do, dream big. Very big. Don’t just aim to amass wealth or be the best on your street.

Do something much riskier.

The biggest risk is not taking any risk … In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks. – Mark Zuckerberg.

Your goal should be to make a real difference. To put an indelible dent on the universe. Become so good at what you do that you become impossible to ignore. With that mindset, you’ll be motivated to put in the effort and time commitment required to hit your goals.

2. Billionaires grow a thick skin against rejection

Be prepared for the rejection. No matter how bad it is don’t let it overcome you and influence you–keep on going towards what you want to do-no matter what… You need to be as enthusiastic about door number one-hundred as door number one.  – John Paul DeJoria.

DeJoria was homeless early in his life. At a point, he lived in a car, and hawked his first product, shampoo, like the nobody that he was.

Many times, he was rejected and looked down upon. He wasn’t deterred. He kept his eyes on his goals. Today, he’s a billionaire.

Want to go places as a writer, a blogger or an entrepreneur? Emulate him!

3. Billionaires don’t make excuses

The world wants things done, not excuses. One thing done well is worth a million good excuses. – Ross Perot.

Once, two employees of Ross Perot were wrongly imprisoned in Iran. He needed to act to get them freed – even though it appeared nearly impossible. If he went to Iran to make efforts to rescue them, he could be imprisoned himself.

He has the excuse he needed to not go. But he didn’t make any excuses. He took a personal trip to Iran, risking his own freedom.

And the rescue? It succeeded. You bet!

As a writer or a blogger, you could show up regularly and get the job done – even in tough circumstances. Or you could make excuses.

For me, I hate excuses. Here’s the proof.

4. Billionaires embrace patience

The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient. – Warren Buffet

This applies to writing and blogging too. And any other worthwhile endeavour. Honing your writing skills, finding your voice, building an audience, making connections, mapping out monetization strategies, offering services and supporting your clients all require an ample investment of time.

Only the consistently patient can make it. Others must give in.

The bottomline

If you want to hit your goals as a writer, a blogger, an entrepreneur or … (fill in the gap), you need to dream big, grow a thick skin against rejection, stop making excuses and be very patient.

While I can’t offer any guarantee, I can tell you that the more you live by these ideals, the more likely you are to hit your goals – whatever they are.

Now, the ball is in your court.

Question: What have you learnt from the world’s billionaires? How can you use it to reach your goals? You can leave a comment below.

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  1. Chancellor says:

    Nice one sir,uv been changing lives through ur advices,encouragements,teachings and most especially ur writings…personal uv influenced alot about me.tanks

  2. Basmallah says:

    From the above, I’ve deduced that determination, patience and perseverance is the key.
    If they can achieve it, why can’t I?
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. The secrets of men are in their stories. Great piece there, Tosin. More grace.

  4. You really moved my cheese here, thanks for doing so.
    Thumbs up for this very moving piece; my commendation and appreciation!

  5. I paused for some moments to think my favorite billionaire, the bitter truth is I can’t find many except Bill Gates perhaps he contribute to humanity through his charity foundation’s mission.

    Well done sir. This write up is very thoughtful.

  6. Abas Ebong says:

    I’d for some years now too studied and still studying the minds of the “Billionaires”.
    They have similar traits, like being poised, trying over and over, and these guys are awesome philanthropists.
    Hoping to see myself at the top soonest
    Well done for your great job.

  7. Ramjane says:

    Thank you sir for tips, in addition to which i alsi learnt that perseverance has not limit.

  8. hmm…. *Dream big *Absorb rejection *Avoid excuses & *Be patient
    Hope I got it? Great work sir!

  9. Hmmm! Once again, Abdullahi is at it. Doing the incredible job we all know him for.

    Oh! How in the world could i forget to throw in my salutation? Evening coach.

    You points above are well stated and resonate quite well with me. I seek to add to it. With your kind permission of course (smiles).
    5. Billionaires cherish and utilize there time well.
    Donald Trump, the foremost American BILLIONAIRE and now presidential aspirant buttress this point in one of his books when he said “having the whole money in the world and running out of time can’t change anything. But when you otherwise have enough time, you can make all the money you ever wished for”. I can’t quite agree any less.
    6.BILLIONAIRES all work passively.
    The ideas behind this philosophy are:
    > Why do for yourself what you can have others do for you? Imaging how poor a man like Dangote would be if he is to do the plethora of jobs in the Dangote Groups of companies himself.
    > To achieve more in less time, you’ve got to leverage your, and other people’s time, money and resources.
    You want to master this act? You better start reading Robert Kiyosaki’s series of The Rich Dad Publication. If you ask me, a good one to start with is “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.

    Have i made mention of heading to social media’s to share this with my friends? Off i go!

    Bonire Abdulrahman Femi.

    P. S. I hope you’ll remember me in your prayers, as am doing here? Especially in the last 10 days of this Holy Month (Ramadan).

    • Bonire, thanks so much for this. You really speak to my mind. I’ve been meaning to employ some hands to help me with some tasks on this blog and the newer ones but I’ve not found it very easy. The first person I hired was a sloth. He gives me awesome excuses every week on why he can’t deliver well. I fired him after two months. No regret!

      The second person I hired was a joy to work with. But he’s a Law student in UI and got too busy at a point he had to resign. I still miss him.

      Now I’ve resorted to hiring freelancers on Fiverr, Elance, Guru and Upwork. But I still feel the need to form a permanent team, that’s locally based, especially because of some of my future plans.

      The problem with delegation is that you need a lot of time to set it in motion. Of course it will save you a lot of time in the long run but the time investment I need to get it going is what I keep finding elusive.

      Thanks for the kick. I’m going to take the big plunge. Soon.

  10. Kazeem Abolore says:

    Another masterpiece from my coach of the year. I must say, Abdullah, that among numerous weekly newsletters that I receive in my mail, yours is the only one that I open to read and – without showoff – go back again, open and read. This is the second time I will read on 24 hours before deciding to comment. You are indeed doing a great job. If I may add one thing to the list, billionaires/successful people are also good thinkers. They are always positive minded no matter the negativity of their environment.

  11. sichuks says:

    i have always been inspired by ur words!
    now its an authentic, and convincing one>
    digging deep—dream, no excuse, patient , war against rejection

  12. An interesting entry, Abdullahi.

    Like you, I have been curiously interested in the Forbes list since my teenage days. I firmly believe that there are a lot of lessons the ‘average’ world can learn from the lives of these super successful financial giants. Once these lessons are learnt, what is usually left is its correct deployment.

    Believe me, learning from those folks would not make all who do billionaires…but it will surely improve the general financial lot of all who heed the lessons…so it it with the brilliant analogy you’ve drawn and established right here on this page.

    Do enjoy the day – and remember, your ‘motivations’ entries are really my favorite; I always agree with you when an entry comes from that category 🙂

    Akaahan Terungwa

  13. Developing a thick skin towards rejection and patience are invaluable… Initially, blogging could look like a single guy shouting to an empty room. However, if that guy is to persist … the room would gradually fill up with keen audience. Thanks Abdullahi for sharing.

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