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4 Things That Help Me Beat Laziness And Get The Job Done

4 Things That Help Me Beat Laziness And Get The Job Done

I’ve realized that, like most other people, I’m lazy.

I find it challenging to sit still and write. I sometimes lose the motivation to read. I even sometimes feel lazy to respond to queries I know will make me money.

But despite all these, I’ve managed to do some stuff that people tell me are worthwhile. In writing, in blogging and in entrepreneurship, I have some modestly impressive results to show.

I won’t recount the results here, but if you’ve read this blog for at least a year, you should know many of them.

And that’s despite the FACT that… I’m lazy.

What! How does a lazy ass get productive and get the job done?

Turns out, there are some tactics you can deploy to keep moving towards your goals, even if you’re lazy like me.

4 Things That Help Me Beat Laziness And Get The Job Done

1. Setting deadlines

This is simple. A task that’s got a deadline gets done. A task without one never gets done. And the longer the deadline is, the slower you’ll naturally be at the work.

Once I’ve realized this, I set a deadline for tasks I need to do to achieve my goals.

I committed to publishing a post on this blog every Friday and that deadline helps me write. When I want to read a book, I set a deadline to finish it and I hit the goal every time I do so. When I want to write for a client, I tell him when to expect the work and that pushes me to (want to) deliver.

2. Making a public commitment

No one likes to be seen as unreliable. If you announce on your Facebook profile that you just read a book and you’ll be posting a review of it the following day, you’re very unlikely to fail to do it.

Why? Because you want to keep your word. You don’t want to come off as untrustworthy.

Once I’ve realized that simple psychological hack, I started using it to get the job done.

About two months ago, I ran a free 7-day course, Grammar Conquest. I’ve set the goal to run the course since about 10 months earlier but putting in the effort to develop the course content was daunting. So I kept postponing it.

Then, I woke up one Friday and publicly announced here on the blog that starting from the following Monday, I was going to run a free course.

The good news: that public commitment forced me to sit down and do the job. What my lazy self couldn’t do in 10 months, making a public commitment helped me do in 7 days.

3. Recalling dire needs

When I see I should do a thing but the motivation isn’t forthcoming, I try to link it with a dire need I have.

For instance, when I lack the motivation to put in efforts in a worthy business venture, I try to recall the things I need money to do. Bills to pay, mouths to feed, bodies to clothe, houses to build, travels to embark upon and… private jet to buy (seriously? Kidding 😉 )

It gets me motivated to work.

4. Re-defining success

Sometimes, I get lazy to work because I feel I might invest lots of time and energy without getting the specific results I want.

But it’s a big mistake to do nothing because you feel you can’t do enough, or your best might not be enough.

I had to re-define success to overcome this.

Success is not necessarily beating everyone else at something. Success is beating yourself and putting in your very best.

What’s the difference?

A skillful footballer could play against mediocre players and score 6 goals in a village football match without putting in his best. That’s NOT success.

A skillful footballer could put in his best but still fail to score any goal in a Champions League match featuring other skillful players. That’s success. Or that’s closer to success.

Zig Ziglar said it beautifully:

Success is the doing, not the getting; in the trying, not the triumph. Success is a personal standard, reaching for the highest that is in us, becoming all that we can be. If we do our best, we are a success.

With this re-definition, I stopped worrying about possibly not getting the specific results I want. I started telling myself that all I need do is put in my very best, and that would be success.

That trick motivates me get the job done.

Your takeaway

Feeling lazy sometimes to do stuff that matters is natural. It shows you’re human and are still alive.

But then, lazy asses never go places.

You must find a healthy balance between your natural human weaknesses and the need to show up. Luckily, these tactics can do the magic. You can start using them to improve your game and daily move closer to your dreams.

What helps you get the job done when you don’t feel motivated? You’re welcome to leave a comment below.

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  1. Your best post yet. And it comes just at the right time for me. Thanks for this Tosin.

  2. Chris Teck O. says:

    Very inspiring Tosin. This just helped. Thanks.


  3. I can attest to most of the points you mentioned. It works like magic!

  4. olapupor says:

    Those points are ” kose ma ni” to overcome laziness. M.A.T, the source will never dry.

  5. Timothy says:

    Fantastic ideas. Thank you Sir. Pls. How can I meet you in person?

  6. A delicious post to say the least.

  7. What i really need. Tnxs for the post, it really motivated me.

  8. Augustine Uzochukwu Okoli says:

    Fantabulous! With these tips, I ‘ve got to sit and get productive. Thank you, Tosin.

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