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5 Powerful Ways the Pen Money Masterclass Empowered Me

5 Powerful Ways the Pen Money Masterclass Empowered Me

Abdullahi’s Note: This is a guest post by Akorede Shakir, a graduate of the Pen Money Masterclass. He’s the author of “You’re A Leader (So Start Acting Like One)” and blogs at Naija Leadership Builder.

I’ve known it for years…

I’m endowed, I’m creative, I’m artistic… but laziness wouldn’t allow me unleash these potential. Honestly, I’ve lagged a lot that I almost lost confidence in myself.

Thank God; thanks to PMM Master for taking my hands up.

PMM is magic!

Aside the fact that the course is an advanced, well-programmed online course with the lessons coming at pleasing intervals, it is embedded with blogging lessons… I mean practicable tutorials I can’t think of its type being packaged by any Nigerian ever before.

PMM course goes beyond basic writing and blogging alone, it covers how to become: (1) An advanced writer (2) A professional blogger (3) A basic web designer (4) An author (5) A cyberpreneur (6) An online marketer

Among the aforementioned, I fearlessly can boast of my competence at all except the last: online marketing. This is in no way PMM’s fault, but my reluctance to start affiliate marketing full time yet.

I’m not in a haste. I want to build my platform first. The queue is already forming, and trust me, I’ll start hitting it soon!

However, the areas below are evident proofs of PMM’s result on me:

  • My writing skills have amazingly skyrocketed. I now write daily, think clearer and touch more lives.
  • With the PMM course, I can tell you confidently that I’m now a good-enough web-designer (you can check my website here which I designed 100% by myself, thanks to resources and inspiration from the PMM).

    Akorede Website

    My website, designed 100% by me.

  • With a broad expansion, I now make inestimable impacts on the lives of young people worldwide, via my blog. It’s the world where I lead the path to leadership proficiency and help potential lead better.

    Macon Phillips’s tweet

    Macon Phillips’s tweet to me. Macon is the Coordinator, Bureau of International Information Programs, U.S. Department of State

  • Just recently, I published an eBook that received local and international commendations of being an inspirational book. I wrote the book, created a clickable table of contents, designed the book cover, created the PDF version, created the 3D book cover and uploaded it, all by myself. These are processes that used to seem like magic to me. The glory (that goes to PMM) is that, I’m now an author of a self-published book 🙂


    A reader’s praise for the book

  • Concerning email marketing, I’m already building up a populous email list. (My eBook is doing that for me, big time). When the time comes, I will unleash a huge online business.

As far as blogging is concerned, Abdullahi remains an exemplary model. I love his blogging style.

At the start, he wasn’t “money-minded”… not until his platform took off properly. And the man later started making it unstoppably. That’s what he teaches in the course too.

To me, this should attract some imitations.

Therefore, I’ll not only go through the PMM lessons again and again, I’ll also gladly recommend the course and follow all blogging guides that gentleman exemplifies at any time.

If you’ve been thinking of starting your blog, I invite you to do so today. And the PMM will just make your blogging journey easy and rewarding.

Blogging changes lives. It did for me.

Start now.

Abdullahi’s Comment: The Pen Money Masterclass comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. So I invite you to enrol and have a feel of it risk free for 30 days. The DOUBLE DISCOUNT ends tomorrow, Wednesday, 12 November 2014. Get all the details here.

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