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5 Reasons Most Writings Suck – And How You Can Do Better

5 Reasons Most Writings Suck – And How You Can Do Better

Abdullahi’s Note: This is a guest post by Aremu Toyib, a writer and blogger. He blogs on lifestyle of youths at Aremu Toyib, and you should check out his blog.

You’ve read several awesome blogs and articles.

And you were impressed with what you saw.

The lines relate to one another and make full sense to you. You were mesmerised by the use of words and building of sentences. Grammatical construction was with no fault. And the world of the writers looks just perfect to you.

You have continuously dreamt and planned to be like these seasoned writers. But as much as you planned, it appears you fail to meet up every time. You create time out of the limited you’ve got to carve out some lines.

But the articles do not nevertheless impress you. You still feel like your writings are second-rate. So you keep them away from reading.

5 Reasons Most Writings Suck – And How You Can Do Better

But that’s just hiding. It’s not the solution.

The right remedy is to figure out why you make mistakes in your writings and how to avoid having to make corrections after publishing.

Why you mistakes in the first place.

#1. There is no proper planning

Writing and blogging aren’t a world that one should rush in and out of. It is an art that stays with one all the time.

If a man has no plan for what he does, there is high probability that getting things right will take him long or never happen. If you have an outline of what you want to write, you’ll not have to touch unnecessary areas.

So start planning properly, and you’ll always produce writings devoid of avoidable mistakes.

#2. Editing once suits you

Because you don’t seem to have time, you read through your articles merely once and post them like that. This is not supposed to be.

You’re to go over your article until you’re sure there are no errors. You will have to leave the article, close your PC, do some other stuff, then return to the article to take another look at it.

#3. You don’t want to be expressive

Do you feel uncomfortable writing? Do you seem to be following some patterns that do not suit you? You want to write like Ali Luke or Muhammed Abdullahi Tosin? These writers are passionate; they write what they want to write in the form they want it.

You can learn how to write from people but you necessarily do not have to write the same way they do. Jeff Goins will advise you to be expressive, to write in a manner that satisfies you.

Writing will not be enjoyable if you restrict yourself to some level. Go out of every bond you’ve put yourself in and you’ll see how improved your writing will be.

#4. You write only when deadlines approach

You can’t be helping yourself with this, especially if you’re just coming up to gain voice and authority.

It’s better to press your cloth and hang them in a safe place than wait till an occasion comes before you do this.

Once you notice an essay contest is open, start writing. Don’t wait till you’re told you have only few hours to go. Because this will make you rush. And rushing most times yields a lot of mistakes.

#5. You underrate the power of revisiting

When you plan to write a book, the experts will tell you not to edit. Just keep going and finish the manuscript. And they advise too that you take breaks in between.

Let your mind settle, do some more researches and you will surely know which side needs attention or correction.

Question: For what other reasons do you think people make avoidable mistakes when they write? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  1. If there was something i learnt from Your Right to Write, it was never to write to impress, but rather, to impress.

    Most writers want to impress their readers by using ambiguous word. As much this is very good, my opinion is that ‘grammers’ should flow naturally while writing as a result of constant study.

    That was a nice post. Straightway to your blog to see what you’ve got.

    Thanks Coach. God bless you.

  2. Writing to over impress most time in my opinoin has drag and probably made amateur writers to get confused and eventually loose the steam and give up.

  3. Writing when your heart is heavily ladened with thoughts about your problems, you will surely write crap except the problem you are facing is your source of inspiration. Therefore I insinuate that when you write, make sure that nothing is distracting you.

  4. Please I have issues with references. Can u help out?
    I really gained from this article.

  5. Luther Matt says:

    My judgement over that is, lack of proper information and risk daring. Many more are, and may be needful as touching this purpose. But, the major I have listed above.

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