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Welcome to my empire. I’m Muhammed Abdullahi Tosin, the Founder and CEO of Naija Writers’ Coach. I’m a writer, and I help writers find their voice and confidence without going hungry.

If you ever asked yourself:

  • “How can I become a better writer?”
  • “How can I learn and use blogging to achieve my writing dreams?”
  • “How can I become a published author?”
  • “How can I find essay competitions and topnotch tips to win them?”
  • “How can I make writing my profession and not dine with poverty?”
  • “How can I discover my true self and boost my confidence?”

… you’re in the RIGHT place!

Here’s where I share my smartest tips about overcoming the challenges of being a writer, and my inspiring stories of failures and frustrations.

I teach you how to write better, find your true voice, boost your confidence, attract loyal readers, get published, change lives with language, win essay competitions, and earn a decent living doing all those wonderful things you love, right here in Nigeria.

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How am I sure you can deliver, Abdullahi?

AbdullahiHey, I’m a writer. I’ve won 11 national essay competitions and authored two high-impact books, “Your Right To Write” and “Vertical Writing”. I also hold a Discovering Young Leaders Programme (DYLP) Certificate from the Commonwealth Secretariat, Lusaka, Zambia.

I’m the curator of “How To Start A Blog Online” and the free popular online courses, “Write Well Challenge” and “Blog Now Challenge”. I make 6 figures (in  Naira) every month, writing and blogging for few hours a week.

Here’s what John Asein, the Director of the Nigerian Copyright Institute, said about “Your Right To Write” (a book I’ve generously given away to thousands of my readers):

This is a quick “Thank you” note. I look forward to exploring areas of mutual professional interest. I am particularly fascinated by your right to write initiative and others … aimed at promoting writing which, incidentally has taken a nose-dive in Nigeria.

If you don’t know, John Asein is an internationally respected Professor of Law who has become renowned before I was born. And mind you, he only added me on LinkedIn and endorsed my book (maybe after reading it), without me requesting.

My works has reached and impacted thousands of writers and thought leaders like you:

Muhiz Moab Olorunrinu said about my Blog Well Challenge (an entirely free course):

Whoa! It’s Day 6 and I have just learned a lot from this course. I must confess that I have battled with these simple settings with several Youtube videos and so on. Yes, they helped but Abdullahi’s step by step guide in the email course is easy and not time consuming.
If you’re still doubting whether to take part in this Blog Now Challenge, I implore you to start now. I have attended many webinar courses and they will never discuss how to go about these simple settings with you.
Abdullahi’s free email course actually cost 3-4 figures from other bloggers. Trust me, I’m not exaggerating. I’ve been there. It’s time to make use of this opportunity now while it’s free. I am done for today and I can’t wait for tomorrow’s lesson.
Thank you, Abdullahi for this great relief. You rock and there is no better way to say that.

Jacob Lagerros said:

Your website is indescribably awesome. Thank you for existing. Through your site I found the Carnegie Council contest, which I won, and the Gulen Institute contest, in which I’m one of the 30 finalists going to Washington in April.

These are mere samples; I’ve received several hundreds of them. And, I didn’t request the endorsements. They gave it because they found my works to be outstanding … and helpful.

I’m not saying all these to brag. Nada! Zilch!

I only want you to see that I know what I’m talking about, and I can help you find your voice and confidence, too.

AboutSo if you want to write better, make a difference and make good money from your writing and blog, join thousands of smart writers who enjoy my weekly newsletter (it’s still free 🙂 ):

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Your Right to WriteIf your dream is to be a writer and influence the world, the theoretical and practical insights the author provides have the power to convert your dream to reality.

-- Dr. Mahfouz A. Adedimeji | Fulbright scholar | Senior Lecturer, Unilorin | newspaper columnist


  1. if its no oxygenmat, then it will no body…i sure must say you are a fountain of inspiration…if one takes a fastiduos approach in examining all the steps, nwc is gvn, its fact devoid of fallacy that being an avid writer will just b some stps away… GOD bless oxygenmat o … You are touching lifes. Tnks 4 d guides sir…

  2. The best of words are better left unsaid. Oxygen, u r a rare gem, an intellect nd a genius. Naija Writers Coach is going places. No doubt.

  3. You are doin a wonderful job. The sky is your begining.All the best good coach.

  4. Just stumpled on this resource-filled blog,grt job o

  5. Oxygenmat, I cant say more than what the others have said. They have stolen the adjectives to qualify you from my mouth. All I can chip in is this:
    Personally, I av taken you as a mentor and “PRIVATE” coach.
    Pls follow back on Twitter @olubayo1. There is still a whole lot I need to learn at your feet

  6. This is great bro, may God reward you abundantly for this great work. Pls ff bck on twitter @Qhass. JazakumuLAHU Khairan.


  8. Good job there. Keep it up.

  9. olajide lekan says:

    An Insightful Site!

  10. Independence is good…jst cheking out ur new site congrats…u’ve bin of tremendous help

  11. an expert job

  12. Abiodun Saheed Olanrewaju says:

    This is just the beginning of your glory & success in life.I am rest assured that a day will come you will definitely reach your desired destination by His Majestic power.He will shadow you with His boundless guide to face the challenges ahead of you.I also pray to the SUPREME CREATOR{ALLAH} to make you one of the outstanding & credible youngest SENIOR ADVOCATE OF NIGERIA{SAN} in our nation in order to contribute to the development of our great country.Just keep on the good job.I am very much excited and proud of you.
    Shomolu 4 real.

  13. I love this bro and i wanna subscribe.

  14. Mudashir Abdulmalik O. says:

    In this dark period where Ignorance about Islam prevails

    There emerge some youths that took the rescue mission, no doubt NWC is one of them…

    Good Job brother. Barakallah fih wa jazakallah khayr

  15. Pls i have questions regarding to interview after an essay,pls how is it run?

  16. Great job Mr Tosin. I key into your ideology of raising creative minds. We are in the same boat but at different corners. I have read through all your writings and I must say kudos o you not just for being there to make money but show people how they can be self employed and resourceful. Just today, by the grace of God I will drop 5k in your account. Bros God bless as I look forward to hearing from you.

  17. Oyinlola says:

    I want to take my time to read this mail before we begin to discuss. This is a nice concept.

  18. Allen zito says:

    where have you been all my life for the past 5years in same school.Am a 500level mathematics student(as a unilorite,i believe you should understand)…i talk and write but am still very raw and desire to improve,i created a wordpress blog and got stuckd..feelin frustrated…i sincerely need your help

    i cant possibly say all here…pls in God’s name kindly contact me…i want to talk to you bb pin:76133865 whatsapp:07033739905 phone no:08087500839

    you will make my dream come true if i get a reply from u
    proudly unilorite


    where are have you been all these years that I have been searching for a mentor to revamp my raw writing talent

  20. A very nice Bio, CV and interesting website you have here. Keep up the good work.


    your essay is fascinating my dear. keep it up. am a writer too, but still developing

  22. You always inspire me to do more!

  23. Hi Abdullahi, good to see you are doing great. I just wanted to ask what the steps to upload ebooks are on amazon and lulu. Ive searched online but there seems to be no clear cut answer on the issue.

  24. GOODLUCK EDE says:

    OxygenMat, U r a blessing to Africa.Your flowery writing is a testimony of volumes of books u v read!To the African youths,here comes the change u r looking for.The change that has to come from within.As the saying goes,when the student is ready,the teacher appears.Thanks a million!

  25. Yasin Olawumi says:

    To God who made me, I never believe there is another life existing like this, all I know is just to write a reports to Nigeria news paper The nation, Daily trust and Nigerian tribune and they use to publish my reports together with Articles but have never listing to my elemental instinctive on writing Essay,but now I we make my self comfortable for it..

    May God be with you.

  26. wao!
    I just came back to show my gratitude to you, mr Abdulahi. I read about you about two years ago, i subscribed for your book and i downloaded it. I read the book, “your right to write” and my life changed becos the book touched my inner mind and forced me to claim my right to write. I started blogging instead of posting on watsapp that i was practicing before. I opened acct with wordpress, posting weekly. This has greatly helped to improve my writing.
    Am presently working on a book titled, “Doing the impossible”. Its gonna shake the world, i promised. You will hear about it, you will see it, you will launch it.

  27. Bello Hussein says:

    I present my unreserved gratitude to you for providing us with this wonderful platform to harness our writing potentials. Thank you sir, you are indeed a gem.

  28. You answered alot of questions Oxy

  29. ALIYU BALA SHEHU says:

    pls Abdullahi, i hv submitted my essay on “the next system” but i recieved no reply for acceptance. the closing date is 31/12/2016. but i did my submission on 23/12/2016. so is it allow to resend it on the closing date. also i need ur phone number for more clerification pls, help me.

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