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How To Achieve Your Dream Against All Odds (From The World’s Most Inspiring Blogger)

How To Achieve Your Dream Against All Odds (From The World’s Most Inspiring Blogger)

He was already a year old, and he hadn’t started crawling.

Kind relatives and neigbours had told his mother all was well, but she still feared something was wrong with the child. The doctor nailed the fact:

“Your son has a neuromuscular disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Where most children grow stronger as they get older, your son is going to get weaker. He’ll lose the ability to move. He’ll lose the ability to breathe on his own. And one day, he’ll catch an infection that will spread into his respiratory system, giving him severe pneumonia . . .”

Everything stood still, shocked. Maybe time, too, stopped flying.

Achieve Your Dream Jon MorrowThe doctor continued:

“There are three types of SMA. Caught this early, your son almost certainly has Type I. Most children with Type I die of pneumonia before the age of two … he won’t be able to fight it.”

The expert has spoken. The situation was hopeless. The poor thing was as good as … well, dead.

The power of self conviction

But his mother was quick to assert her conviction:

“He won’t have to. I’ll fight it for him.”

Talk is cheap, you may say.

But she stood up and walked the walk. Till he was 17 years, he suffered from pneumonia 16 times.

His mother arranged a team of over 12 doctors. She stayed with him at the hospital, sometimes for 30 days in a row, sleeping in a chair. She thumped his chest and back at two hours’ interval to loosen his mucus.

Long story short: he didn’t die. Science was shamed.

Lest I forget, she didn’t just dump him in a charity or even let him stay in a room at home and pretend he didn’t exist.

She attempted to enrol him in a school but the school principal insisted her school wasn’t for disabled children. She appealed to the school board, ensuring every board member was lobbied and pressured unbearably for two years.

She won.

She went ahead to fight many more battles for him which ensured he lived well, grew emotional strength and played basketball – his hobby – even though he couldn’t move anything from his neck down.

He’s  Jon Morrow. He founded three businesses at age 18, graduated with a credit at college at age 21 and had a multi-million dollar real estate business at age 22, all on his wheel chair.

And then, at age 24, in 2006, after deciding he didn’t like the real estate businesses and paid employments he had taken up, he quitted everything and started a blog. He would work from 8am to 11pm, writing, reading, and connecting with other bloggers. Nothing else.

He went ahead to become one of the most successful, and arguably the most inspiring, blogger the world has seen. Copyblogger (one of the most authoritative blogs the world over) invited him to become their Associate Editor.

And he went ahead to write one of the most popular posts on the blog. He also wrote the most popular post on ProBlogger.

The post attracted over 70,000 visits in the first 24 hours and has got over 1 million visits. Jon attracted over 9,000 subscribers to his guest blogging course solely on the strength of this post.

He built the business angle of his blogs on helping people: mentoring up-and-coming writers, developing social media strategies for businesses and teaching bloggers how to get more traffic.

He’s changing people’s lives, and they’re gladly paying him to do so. When he announced he was launching his newest blog, he got 13,000 subscribers before he wrote the very first post.

He’s now 31 years old – one of the oldest folks in the universe with his type of SMA.

No, he’s not cured of the terrible muscle-crippling disease. He can’t move anything other than his face. Not even his neck. Nor anything downwards.

Yet, he achieved those towering feats. And he earns over $500,000 per annum just from blogging.

Believe in your dream, and fight for it

If Jon’s mother could shame established Science and fight for her child’s dreams, if Jon could quit his boring job, blog from 8am to 11pm for many of his early years in blogging, change the lives of thousands of people, prove his critics and the naysayers all stupidly wrong, and then make enough lawful and ethical money to support himself, his parents and an entire nursing staff using nothing but his voice, then you definitely can reach your goals, however tall the odds.

No, it won’t be effortless. You’ll be so frustrated at some points you’ll want to quit.

But never lose faith in yourself.

Have dreams. Make sure they’re tall.

And kick the shiitake out of anyone who would tell you that you shouldn’t, wouldn’t or couldn’t achieve your dream.

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  1. Iniobong Eyo says:

    Astonishing! What an inspiring piece! Success won’t be effortless… he worked pretty hard to get to where he is… even with and in his condition…Hardwork all the way!

  2. Ejikemeuwa says:

    Physical blindness is not as bad as mental blindness… Gandi said ‘strength does not come from from a physical capacity, it come from an indomitable will.’ A typical example!

  3. Very inspiring… The journey to success certainly isn’t an easy, smooth one.

  4. Inspiring.

  5. really nice piece. inspiring and thought-provoking. thumbs up coach!

  6. Nothing is impossible to us if we believe so. Its a lesson to all, never give up on yourself or anyone else.They or we just need to believe in ourselves,have confidence in ourselves and take the right steps to suceeding. Thumbs up to his mum for realizing John morrow worth and never giving up. Kudos to John morrow who believed in himself.Thanks for sharing it.

  7. so inspiring and challenging. Success is not without a cause: tough situations bows to persistency. I am oblige to succeed. Thanks

  8. this is very inspiring and encouraging..keep up the good work…u just got another soul fired up for good….thank you.

  9. this is very inspiring and encouraging..keep up the good work…u just got another soul fired up for good….thank you… Also got a new blog which is niched on football especially as analysed from Nigeria(Our sytle hehe). You can check it out at Thank as you do that.

  10. A mind has just been inspired now and that is me, i cant wait but to get my self on, am into business now lets go my scholar!

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