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The Most Careless Way You’re Annoying Your Readers

The Most Careless Way You’re Annoying Your Readers

Abdullahi’s Note: This is a guest post by Aremu Toyib, an undergraduate at the prestigious University of Ibadan. He is an editor, a blogger and campus journalist. He occupies a space at and you can tweet him @omotoshoatob on Twitter. To write for me, see this guideline.

Many things have to be learned before we can fully understand how to do them.

Writing is not an exception to these. Without really learning how thoughts are (properly expressed or) written, the beauty of writing will not be appropriately felt. It makes readers think there is really nothing to be eager about in the art of writing.

Annoying Your Readers

Photo Credit: Timmy Toucan via Compfight cc

As a writer, I’ve made many mistakes and I have regrets over them. There were times I just wanted to write and get published, times when I wanted to be seen among the good writers. I have spent time writing without thinking.

I wrote many articles without properly editing them and when I see these works published, they irritate me so much that I do not want to be associated with them.

I submitted an article to an online platform sometime ago that responded very terribly. My article was thoroughly copy-read and sent back to me for proper self-editing.

I felt very bad when I saw the mistakes and since then, I had no choice than to be meticulous about my writings.

Some of us do not know that the internet is a free tool of research for anyone. All that is required to verify someone’s acclaimed skill is typing the person’s name into search engines and all the history would come up.

Imagine a badly edited article coming up when someone wants to hire or employ you? Will you get the job or lose it?

The topic today is a simple one; simple enough to be overlooked. It is about how writers can get people to trust and read their articles, always. Writers may have problem of low traffic to their blogs, they may have no one checking their write-ups.

One cause of this failure is their inability to properly edit articles before publishing. I believe that having a blog is one thing and being able to bring down the bounce rate is another.

One of the causes of people giving up on a site or blog is difficulty in understanding the articles on the blog as a result of improper editing.

The problem of not editing articles has spread to those whose writing people trust and give respect to. I read even the popular blogs and see numerous errors in some of the posts. I realised that the possible cause of this may be over trusting (blog post) writers or failure to create time to properly edit articles.

Even if it is a quick reading, you should (properly) edit every post submitted to you since you’re responsible for everything found on your blog.

In order to not chase people away from our art that is not only interesting but lucrative, we must learn to keep readers on our blogs by properly editing pieces before they’re published.

Many folks are losing readers because of a solvable challenge. Don’t join them.

Questions: Have you seen a badly edited piece by you or someone else get published before? How did it make you feel? Please share it with our readers.

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  1. Samuel Edet says:

    Wow,Nice guest!post

  2. I fully agree with you on this matter.I have come across some books with poor grammatical construction that I just could not read them further.

    • Princess, it’s good we both agree on a fact. You really know what happens when one reads from the many poorly edited Texts: one just has to dump it halfway

      Thanks for reading. friend.

  3. it seem you where there when my article was thrown back at me with several errors. I was ashamed of myself but after I went through my craft again I realized the mistakes were silly ones, poor editing. The formular I gave myself as measure is “write freely and carefully but edit critically”.

    • Actually, Yusuf, I was not there when you submitted and had the article rejected.

      Remember I revealed in the article that same thing happened to me sometimes ago? That’s what one gets, and it is always painful.

      Your devised formula is a great one. Write well and beautify the craft, colleague.

    • How witty that is, Yusuf: “write freely … edit critically”!

      How memorable!

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