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The Pain Of Being A Writer And Blogger

The Pain Of Being A Writer And Blogger

Abdullahi’s Note: This is a guest post by Gabriel Longyon, CEO of The Writer’s Voice. You can get his free ebook, here. If you’ll like to write for me, see this guide.

No, not what you are thinking.

I can guess you think it’s about the stress of writing, coming up with an idea to write about, writer’s block, or least, the stress of facing your fears.

Absolutely not!

When I overcame my fears and took up writing and blogging, I knew it was going to be a damn hard work and require a lot of determination to achieve my dreams, but there was something paramount I didn’t address in the early stage.

As much as I have to write, there are certain things I can comfortably ignore and still retain the dignity of my content, but this singular item has kept robbing me of my conscience.

It’s all about sincerity. Yes, you heard me right!


Photo Credit: SUN AND CAVE via Compfight cc

Sincerity. Authenticity. Genuineness. Whatever you call it.

A writer has to be authentic. You have to be real at all cost, or your blog will go nowhere.

Peradventure you want to write or blog about the health implications of smoking, you should be ready to expose your secret life of smoking. If it’s about making money online, you definitely must have made a handsome prize online to show as a proof. If it’s about substance abuse, be ready to reveal your darkest past.

Whatever it is you assert, you must have something to show as a proof. That is what should differentiate you from scammers and spammers (dammit, I hate spammers). That is what brings the best out of your services online, and its what is best for business.

Come to think of it like this; if you are blogging about substance abuse, wouldn’t it be much gain if your past experience becomes a saving grace for someone out there?

Frankly, it doesn’t take an iota of dignity from you; you end up building trust that is rare to get elsewhere.

Now I have my own blog where I post quality contents to help my readers grow better with regards to writing, all at my cost of being sincere and authentic.

I don’t pretend I’m an expert. I don’t claim I’m a Caine Prize winner or a Nobel Laureate. I wish I could so I could boost my ego but it will only earn me distrust.

For all I know is that, being a writer means you want to share your experiences and not literally giving baseless information. This is what makes a writer; that is what should guide every blogger out there, most especially those that are upcoming.

So, if any man wants to succeed as a writer or blogger, the most important stepping stone is being sincere and authentic. It is not sold in the market least you grudge over the exorbitant price; you freely give it at no cost.

Have you ever exposed a low side of yourself to your readers? If no, what’s stopping you? If yes, how was the reaction like? Please share in the comments.

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  1. Bashir Oyetunji says:

    Sincerity and authenticity….. I luv that

  2. Nice piece of advice but what if one hasn’t won anything yet or perhaps has no tangible or related experience to share, it wouldn’t really hurt to be a bit crafty(in a creative way though) , would it?

    pls need your reply…

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