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30 Awesome Ideas To Build A Blog Around As A Writer

30 Awesome Ideas To Build A Blog Around As A Writer

So you want to start writing real time and you’re considering opening a blog? Great!

But what exactly could you be writing about to derive pleasure, hone your skills and impact lives? The problem is – you really do not know.

Well, I’ve got some awesome ideas for you. If you’re a beginner, you may think each of the areas below is too restrictive, but that’s how a great niche should be.

For instance, Naija Writers’ Coach focuses on writing – or better still, essay writing and contests. As thinly focused as this appears, I’ve tons of ideas I can continuously write on within this niche.

The bottom line is: you should choose a niche:

  • You’re very passionate about;
  • That you’re fairly knowledgeable about
  • That’s about your audience and solving their problems, not about you (no one cares about you unless you’re a celebrity).

So, here we go:

#1: Poetry

Many nice readers have asked me to start posting poetry tips and contests here. But that’s just outside my niche. If you like poems, why not take up the challenge?

#2: Fiction writing

Got the knack to teach others how to structure a plot, create suspense, use dialogue, create and resolve conflicts, build characters, etc.? Why not start blogging about how to write short stories and other fiction forms?

#3: Entrepreneurship

Teach people why and how they should stop seeking jobs that don’t exist. Teach them in practical terms, how to start a small business, source funds, execute business plans, market their products, etc.

#4: Publishing

Which writer does not want to see his works published, lined up in library shelves and read in far-away lands? Alas! Few of them know how to achieve that. Can you guide and inspire them?

#5: Blogging

Many folks out there wanna know how to set up a blog, customize it, get traffic, convert visitors to subscribers and buyers, and make cool money. Why not be their teacher?

#6: Mobile gadgets

Can you help people understand and make better choices in acquiring and managing phones, tablets, notebooks, etc.? Then go for it.

#7: English grammar

If you didn’t know, this blog rarely talks about grammar. The reason: it’s outside my niche. Can you teach people topics like concord, question tags, active and passive voice, etc.? I assure you many will listen to you.

#8: Yoruba grammar

Yes, if you’re good at and passionate about it, many will take great interest in it. Or say you’re a Medical student, can you teach basic medical ethics and precautions in Yoruba Language?

#9: Self development

People want to do things better: improved time management, better reading culture, character building, boosted self esteem, etc. Can you help them get there?

#10: Book review

If you’re bookish, can you review a book or two every week? Can you inspire others to fall in love with reading?

#11: WordPress

It’s no news: WordPress is the world’s best and most popular blogging software today. Can you teach others all of the smartest ways to use, tweak and enjoy it?

#12: Marketing

Whether it’s an idea, a product or a service, everyone has something to propagate and sell. Can you help them get great results in that?

#13: Religion

Pick a religion you profess and start blogging about its tenets, principles and mechanics. Help people get closer to God, better appreciate His guidance and His roles in their lives. Can you?

#14: Food

Who does not like sumptuous foods? Why not start teaching how to prepare different dishes, their nutritional values, health risks, etc.?

#15: Academic success

Teach students all the smartest ways to study and enjoy it, earn good grades, sidestep drawbacks, bag scholarships, etc.

#16: Making money in school

Can you raze the myth that making money has to come after schooling, teach students how to do business in school and still excel in their studies?

#17: Job searching

Take it or leave it, the only thing some people can be is employees. They can’t create jobs. Now can you help them brand themselves, get vacancy information, write compelling applications and do well at interviews?

#18: Relationships

Everyone has complex webs of relationships with family members, marital partners, friends and neighbours. Can you teach people how to better manage these relationships and reduce frictions?

#19: Travelling and tourism

Can you track and inform people about the nicest places to visit on earth, safety precautions for travellers, and comparison of the law, culture, religions and economics of different places?

#20: Crises management

Crises and disasters are inevitable in life. They happen in the home, workplace and public places. Can you teach people the safest precautions and responses to fire outbreak, domestic accident, flood, etc.?

#21: Career guide

Ask an average secondary school student what he wants to study and he’ll tell you Law, Medicine, Engineering, Mass Communication or Accounting. Can you properly guide them to what’s best for them and their career prospects?

#22: Failure training

At some points in life, everyone has failed, or will fail. Can you get people to be comfortable with it, learn from it and carry on with their lives?

#23: Finance management

Can you teach people about personal savings, financial prudency, investment and overcoming debts? Then go do it.

#24: Public speaking

Can you help others sharpen their tongue, overcome stage fright, gain confidence in public and use appropriate body expressions?

#25: Managing student organizations

Can you teach students just tasting leadership positions how to work in a team, make and execute plans, source funds, manage crises, hold meetings, advocate and leave good legacies?

#26: Basic cleanliness

Can you teach what great materials, procedures and precautions to adopt in brushing the teeth, laundering and ironing clothes, disposing filths, improving the skin texture and health, etc.?

#27: Marriage guide

Can you help people make informed choice of spouse, get wedded, and manage the joys and frustrations of marriage and child upbringing?

#28: Craftworks

Can you teach people what materials and procedures are best in making beads, baskets, bags and shoes, recycling waste plastic, constructing furniture, etc.?

#29: Environment

The ozone layer is melting and the sea level is rising. Can you teach people how to better save energy, grow vegetation, make and use ‘green’ products, etc.?

#30: Make money online

Every other blogger will be your reader if you can do this well. Try it.

If you’re blogging without focusing on a niche, you’re just unserious. That way, you won’t make much impact.

The above are random ideas to whet your appetite. The ultimate guide is your passion and the problems you can solve.

So look inward, see what you can do well, and go open a blog to start talking about it. You can do this, believe me.

Question: Which of these ideas (or which other ones) are you considering?  Let’s talk in the comments.

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  1. I don’t even know which category my blog falls into. LOL! I think I just do a bit of everything.

    • Ebun,

      I honestly think you should stop doing everything and consciously focus on something specific.

      Don’t be afraid of shutting some people out. That’s how you can establish your expertise and build a group of people with a common interest.

  2. Ah! Nice one sir. I wish everybody will join me in my fiction world coming soon. More grease to ur elbow and God bless Nigerian youth with more talent.

  3. Will soon venture into number #9. Thanks for the work!

  4. folukemi ajayi says:

    ℓ̊’m abt to open a blog. Its goin to be abt fictions. Bt ℓ̊ also lv religion ish. Can d two go 2geda?

    • Hi Kemi,

      In my opinion, you should settle for one. Some of those niches can be combined but definitely not fiction and religion. They are poles apart.

    • Well Kemi, except you want to tow the path of Heartsong. Heartsong novels are fiction novels centered around godly relationships. They teach how to love in a godly way. I jokingly always refer to them as ‘Christian romance novels’. Lol.

      • Segun, I think that’s not even the issue.

        The fiction we’re talking of is not just for her to write short stories and other fiction forms. It’s for her to start teaching how to write them well. I do not see how that can be combined with writing about religion.

  5. Just like Ebun, I also blog about a bit of many of the categories listed -especially, Self-development, Educational, Political, Religious, and Socio-economic issues. I created the blog in a bid to creating a platform whereby (young) people like me can become ‘enlightened’ and improve, causing positive change in the niches I’ve listed before. I feel I might be one-sided if I choose just ONE niche to blog about, considering the different kinds of people that read my posts. Any word for me, Coach? I’ll glady appreciate! Thanks for this piece.

    • Chidi,

      There’s no problem combining niches like personal development, education, career choice, etc. but I think political and economic issues are far from them.

      Let me make a case study. I post essay contest news. No poetry. No short stories. Just essays. And only those Nigerians can enter.

      Suppose I pose all types of essay contests without regard to nationality, it would be possible for me to post 10 announcements everyday. The implication: a Nigerian would come to my blog, read about 50 essay contest news and find just one he’s eligible to enter. Soon, he’ll lose interest in my site.

      To him, that wouldn’t be better than, or even as good as, searching essay contests on Google.

      The bottom line is: your ideal audience have limited interest. So if you talk about everything, they’ll find that only a tiny fraction of your posts are relevant to them. Other posts just waste their time. So they’ll walk away.

      I also write on many issues. But I publish my pieces which aren’t related to my chosen niche in national dailies and on other websites so that I don’t waste the time of my audience with what does not interest them.

      I hope that helps?

  6. Wow, you just answered my greatest question! May you remain blessed forever… Always inspiring… Thumbs up!

  7. Wow!!! Am really impressed. Keep it up.

    Meanwhile. Am putting finishing touches for my niche, which comprises of Investing basics, business strategy cum joint venture, inventing,and copy writing.

    You never know the extent of your worth until you start.

    Thanks for starting

  8. Biliamin Monsur kolawole says:

    More power t ur elbow.i wil also venture into category 9

  9. GhettoChild says:

    Ciao! Thank God you’ve opened my eyes.

  10. Hi Sir, I have been an admirer of your work. You are one of the few people that have encourage with your book ‘The right to write’. Currently, i have written a book, only that it needs editing. I have edited it myself, but i like to get your opinion. Can We exchange contacts, maybe Mail addresses?

    • Hi Ugochukwu,

      Thanks for your compliment. If you just want me to take a look at the book, please reply any of my newsletters and attach it. But if you want editing services, I’m sorry I’ve stopped offering it because my busy schedule considers it a sin!

      Hope you understand! 😉

    • Olayemi Nwobodo says:

      Hi Ugochukwu. I am a trained writer, editor, media and communications specialist. If you need editing services, pls contact me at
      If you are on LinkedIn, you can read more about me there.

  11. Am now getting you clearly. Thankyou for the great lesson, more power to your elbows. I hope to go for religious niche. May God help me through

  12. I think one tends to captivate and inspire people to learn from his or her blog when he is successful in any of the aspect he or she intends to teach others. ironical most writer that will love to embark in the blogging venture are yet to be successful in the art, that on its own is a disadvantage. most people are not ready to learn a thing from some one that claims to be adequate in the art but is not successful in it. Abdul the awards to received in most of the essay contest you participated in, is like a bait to most of us. I will be more comfortable to teach others about the genre I feel I am good at when I have something to show for, but you are making a point though. will be glad to receive a comment concerning my opinion.

  13. Abraham, it's true that a great way to inspire others is to be successful.

    However, blogging and getting people to listen is more of telling the truth than portraying yourself as a superman. Share stories of your travails and failures with your audience. Many of them are struggling with the same things and they want to be sure they're not alone. So your message will resonate with them and inspire them.

    So telling the truth about yourself and what you do can create even a better connection with your audience than just sharing stories of successes all days.

  14. Mojisola Adebola says:

    You are good. You know that? Jazakallahu Khayr. I already started a blog…might as well re-direct seeing as I only just started it. I'll do tips for writing fiction for children.

  15. I love your blog Tosin and I am a regular reader. I particularly love this post and agree with everything you said. But I noticed a small error you might want to correct though: “horn your skills.” There is no such thing. It’s actually “hone your skills”.

  16. my good friend i appreciate your efforts. keep it up. i write about life and personal development. i have two unpublished books to my credit. but i also have great interests in teaching people how to make money in football prediction and betting. should i delve into d first fully or the second combine both. n.b the latter is in vogue now among nigerian youths. what do i do. am a bit confused now

    • Hi Nolly,

      The best person to decide is you. It all depends on your passion, competence and values.

      It appears you have competence in both. Maybe passionate about them too. But I would not read, let alone practice or teach betting. It’s not compatible with my values.

      So ask yourself: how do you want to be remembered many decades to come? The man who popularized football betting and led many folks into losing their lifetime investments; OR the man who inspired and mentored many folks to realize their true potentials?

      You be the judge.

  17. gershon says:

    thanks alot sir for this post. I want to start a blog on current trends in politics,economic, happenings around the world.

  18. i think, i will engage myself in book review. i equally would nhave like to blog but i don't know how to start blogging iam an amateur to internet yet i zeal to go further. i like you motivational tips. you are model. PS, i got to understand that most of the times when an orator has not accomplished weller the people he is trying to upbring will definitely be floating on air in disbelieve and lack of focus hence their instructor has not hit good. what do you think, about one has much to say yet lacks public standout, no boldness, entangled with public fear. perhaps iam a victim so i need an advice on how to start speaking fearlessly in public and impact to my fellow youths

    • Hi Okonkwo,

      You just need to step out and do what you’re called to do. Not perfectly. Not to impress anyone. Just to express yourself and perform a duty no one else can.

      The best place to start is where you are. Open your blog, start reviewing books and keep showing up.

    • Hi Okonkwo,
      First I want you to know that you are not alone in your fear for public speaking. As rightly said by the coach, the best and infact the most effective way to overcome your fear is to start. Now ask yourself: How do you learn how to walk? By walking. In those early days of our lives, we learn every single thing we are now masters of by practice.
      Reading a few books about public speaking and overcoming stage fright can also help. Get Effective Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie.

  19. yeda Budaye says:

    Indeed I have learnt a lot and I want to appreciate your effort to inspire young writers. I write articles on tourism for a wedding mag and am considering channeling that experience to my upcoming blog, God willing

  20. Patience says:

    Thanks. What would you say about Linda Ikeji. She blogs about everything and she’s made tremendous success.

    • You’re welcome, Patience.

      In my view, Linda Ikeji is not a blogger in the conventional sense of blogging. She curates news. That’s not necessarily bad nor inferior to conventional blogging which revolves around publishing and marketing original content mostly written specifically for the blog.

      And again, even in the realm of news curation, you’re not Linda Ikeji. She’s a guru at it. Too many people are today blindly copying her model and failing woefully.

      • Patience says:

        Thanks for the clarification. I strongly agree with “too many people copy her and are failing woefully”. Originality sells more. So in a nutshell professional blogging is all about knowledge sharing. Thanks for the inspiration.

  21. I am new to the world of blogging and my focus is on Motivation and a Little bit of ‘News’ jst to spice it up. My concern at the moment is how to make my blog outstanding. Your reply is highly appreciated. Thanks.

  22. Hi abdullahi,
    I would go for:

    Blogging and wordpress
    Self-development in writing
    Book review
    Marketing and making money writing

    I’ve got quite a numerable monetization methods. Hope to hear from you soon.

  23. I still don’t know where to go. I’m an unrepentant poet and upcoming novelist who just wants to continue pouring down his lines.. That’s my passion. But my blog has a little or no attention. Guess I have to give up or continue managing a poor blog.

    • Hello Jeremiah,
      You don’t have to give up neither do you have to continue enduring the debilitating boredom of a lonely blog, you just have to search for the things that you are doing wrong and try to make necessary changes.

      I believe Coach wrote a post some time ago about mistakes bloggers make that keep their traffic low. Let me give you a few advice.

      1.Use catchy headings. Make sure your titles are attractive enough to catch people’s attention in this very populated blogosphere. Make sure your introductions are also interesting. If you lose them in the introduction you lose them forever.

      2.Write short blog post. Most people don’t have the doggedness of reading very long post, except it is EXTREMELY important.

      3.Write short paragraphs. Your paragraphs should be 4, at most, 5 lines. Writing long paragraphs would make your posts intimidating.

      4.Make use of the ‘continue reading’ feature, it helps people to see most of your posts without having to scroll for so long.

      5.Make use of Publicize. If you have not been using it, start now. Automatically publish links of your posts on all your social media accounts.

      6.Ask friends and family to read your latest posts and don’t forget to share or comment.

      7.Call to action. At the end of your post make sure to include a call to action. Coach always ask a question and ask us to comment after every of his posts. Ask your readers to do something after reading.

      8.Drop comments on blogs and websites of similar niche. Guest blogging also does magic.

      I believe Coach will have more expert advice for you. But whatever you do, don’t stop writing.

  24. I hope focusing on four niches is not two much!
    1. Religion
    2. Self development
    3. Public speaking
    4. Publishing
    These are areas I’ve mastered over the years with lots of experiences

  25. Haaa,coach coach! My tutor,my mentor,my role model…the World’s Teacher…
    Thanks a lot for this post sir,infact all ur post is adding values to my blogging life,every seconds,minutes,and every day I hear the *twaah twaah* sound of my phone delivering ur daily mail.
    I’m always excited to know the sweetest truth I’v been lacking about blogging…
    Coach,I must confess to u oo,the 1st time I subscribed for ur mail abt blogging*(though I’v been into blogging b4 meeting u)*i thought u’r 1 of those so-called internet-gorros who claims for money for 1 usless reports b4 helping me out! But coach,u motivate my spirit with that ur dedication,hardworking,true sense of a leadership…
    Coach I wish I could help u too in so many ways,but I don’t know how to!
    In short,writing all this is not a means of Eulogizing u! I’m just appreciating God’s gift in ur life…u marveled me!
    I pray the almighty God will keep u,bless u,and sustain and maintain ur income steadily….may u not lack sweet things of life! U’v pointed a finger,the lord God will point several fingers of wisdom into ur life! May ur well of KNOWLEDGE Never runs dry! Amen….my #niche is health wellness and clean freeness…#tho my blogg is not but by God’s grace,I’ll be great like U and linda ikeji! Tnx baba coach

  26. I plead the blessings of God on you Abdullahi!

  27. I’m very happy that i came across you, Tosin, because everything u have to say is always insightful. I’m passionate about the environment and i already created a blog on environmental health and sustainability (as i am also interested in sustainable development, especially for our part of the world, Africa), thanks to ur tutorial on setting up a blog. I don’t know what it is, but i’m just not pushing through with it as i have only posted once… i’m guessing its fear of lack of creativity or something. Can i please get a few words of encouragement from u? Thank you.

  28. I’m gettin confused from the conversation above. Besids, i recomend ur efforts in bringin up a virteous nd inspiring articles 2 d world; at larg. Honestly i need u 2 coach me, specifically in: studying, meditating nd writing. Meanwhile, wht kind of technology cn be used to creat a bloging website?
    Thanks 4 knw.

  29. My niche of interest is health. Its not part of the aforementioned. I hope I can proceed. Then I’ve never blogged before? Can you please help me out.

  30. Hello coach, i am thinking of using my newly hosted blog to mix blog across the following niches; relationship, self development and inspiration. And i will like to implement both PPL & PMM. What do you say to that coach? And since am just starting out, what is your advise on the product i can use for my opt-in and signup pages? Awaiting your insightful comment coach.

    • Hello Bonire,

      I think that combination is apt. Go for it. In my experience, an ebook that solves a small problem is often the best. It could be centred around an idea (e.g. “10 Smart Ways To Save 2 Hours Every Day”) or a person (e.g. “20 Facts About Steve Jobs That Will Change Your Life), etc.

  31. Coach, can’t thank you enough for always being there to help. Jazzakumu llahu khairan. Please, do extend my greetings to wifey.

  32. Olayemi Nwobodo says:

    Good piece, Abdullahi!
    This clearly explains the need for a niche.
    But now the next question is, ‘will one need to run more than one blog, or platform, to be able to tackle other (unrelated) areas of interest?
    It has helped me see clearly where i want to face. it’s about development!

    • I do strongly recommend you stick to one blog for a start, so you can concentrate and grow it to prominence. Then you may start thinking of hiring some freelaancers to manage some aspects of the thriving blog and starting another one in another niche.

      For now, other writings you do outside your niche can be used as guest posts on other blogs which will help you get exposure, traffic and backlinks.

  33. Abdullahi Muhammed J. says:

    Evening Coach, you are yet to be celebrated.

    I wish I could combine Poetry and Spirituality (Religion).

    Your take Sire.

  34. Pls Tosin,you talked about ipage sometime ago.I have forgotten the topic it came under.Please can you remind me.

  35. Pls how do I make money online using a blog? If possible, send me a response via email. Thank you.

  36. Augustine Uzochukwu Okoli says:

    All I have to say is, thank you my coach.

  37. Dear Mr Tosin
    First I want to express my immense gratitude on behalf of myself and a host of others on how much help you have been.
    I would like to clarify from you if it is possible to merge the WRITING niche and MUSIC niche together.
    I am very passionate about these two niches and would like to see if there is any way i can merge them even if it means creating different segments on the blog.
    please i need your advice
    should i explore both themes in one blog or should i create different blogs for both themes?

  38. Thank you very much sir. I already have a blog that posts story series and do a bit of Nollywood movie reviews, but I would like to know if those are related or apart?
    Secondly, on reading your post, I got this feeling that including a tutorials on how to write stories would be a good one too. Please can the three harmonize?
    Thank you.

  39. I passed out of my Arabic school three years ago, I can speak, read and write Arabic languages. Initially I will like to write about religion but it’s a little bit problematic and strenuous, but I van successfully build a readership around student, campus and entrepreneurship (combined).
    hope it’s not too much?

  40. I am greatly inspired by this article. I plan to centre my blog on personal development , I believe this niche covers a whole lot of things. however, I wonder if comedy or funny write ups and satirical posts can be incorporated into this once in a while.

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