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BCFN Young Earth Solutions (YES!) @BarillaCFN Writing Competition

BCFN Young Earth Solutions (YES!) @BarillaCFN Writing Competition

BCFN Young Earth Solutions (YES!)Here’s a winning idea: A program that connects urban youth to food production by engaging them in the cultivation, preservation, cooking, and sale of local food products.

This brainchild belongs to Italian student Frederica Marra, and it won her last year’s BCFN Young Earth Solutions (YES!) competition

The Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition (BCFN) is now seeking equally winning ideas for how to improve the food system for this year’s YES! competition. Ideas should focus on reducing humanity’s environmental footprint, while also guaranteeing health and food accessibility.

BCFN aims to cultivate the next generation of food thought leaders, as well as move humanity toward a future free of hunger, obesity, undernourishment, and food waste. They challenge students and young researchers to conjure up feasible, original, and effective solutions to the predicaments of our food system.


Food and sustainability: how to reduce our environmental impact, health and ensuring access to food for all.


The Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition (BCFN)


  • Finalists will get an all-expenses-paid trip to Milan, Italy to present their ideas at the 5th International Forum on Food and Nutrition in November, as well as the opportunity to show off their ideas on the BCFN YES! Website
  • The brain(s) behind the winning idea will receive €1000 and a chance to participate in a BCFN research project in 2014—meaning, you could help them make some positive change


1 August, 2013


  • BCFN YES! is aimed at university students / researchers from around the world who have not turned 30 years of age by October 30, 2013.
  • Membership is open to individual participants and teams of up to 3 components.HIN
  • The sending of the projects participating in the selection of BCFN YES! 2013 will continue until next August 1 (inclusive).
  • To participate in BCFN YES! you need to register to the “Submit Your Idea” and follow the subsequent instructions. You can then download the “welcome kit” with the information needed to finalize your enrollment, full of the idea that intend to present to the notice.
  • Now you can visit the “Submit Your Idea” where, along with your personal information, you will be asked to fill out some information in English. At this point you can upload the pdf of the project idea enrolled in BCFN YES!HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR IDEA
  • Your idea should be written completely in English and classified according to one of the 4 categories of BCFN YES! (Food for All, Food for Sustainable Growth, Food for Health, Food for Culture).
  • It will also stick to this project structure:

1. Introduction: objectives and scenery

2. Description

3. Applications and results

4. Concluding recommendations


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