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How To Be Legendary In 2015

How To Be Legendary In 2015

Abdullahi’s Note: A great way to start the year with a bang! Muhiz Ogunwomoju (MOAB) shares brilliant insights in this guest post that everyone who wants to really stand out in 2015 should read, print, hang on his wall and take action on. Seriously… check out his blog, ThoughtsByPen, and follow him on Twitter: @moabsophy.


Have you written your 2015 resolutions yet?

If not, don’t waste your precious time. And if yes, bring it out and throw it in the bin.

You don’t need one to become legendary in 2015. The one you wrote last year has gotten you nowhere. Self-evaluation always comes first before resolutions. I bet you didn’t do that before you wrote down your resolutions.

Either way, throw the darn thing in the bin.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying resolutions are not good. Resolutions are good. They’re even better when written down with action plans but the problem is when they’re broken once, you’ll be tricked to lose hope and not work toward them again.

So can you see where the problem lies?

You don’t need more of that this year. You need to hustle and poke the box this year to make a difference. This is the year to become legendary, the person you’ve wanted to become.

Be legendary

Before I tell you what to do to become legendary this year, you have to do this first—fight your enemy.

Fear is the number one enemy that’s holding you back from being awesome, legendary, and creative. Fear’s voice is louder than your resolutions. Its tales are scary and it all boils down to these:

  • Self-imposed limitations—the lies of failures and impossibilities
  • The opinions of others—criticism from people who are not living their dreams
  • The comfort zone—complacency at its best
  • Settling for less—fitting in with the status quo and mingling with small minds
  • Excuses—these are stories for the gods

But what are you going to do to overcome your fear?

It’s simple.

Believe in yourself. Because victory begins in the mind and, the belief in oneself breeds courage and confidence. Don’t let fear imprison you from becoming legendary.

This may sound too simple to act upon but trust me; people who believe in themselves are those creating change.  After overcoming your fear, there are four things you need to do:

1. Dream big and chase your dreams

I don’t care what your dreams are; you might want to be a superman, a prolific writer, a superstar blogger, or a renowned entrepreneur—just dream big and chase your dreams.

Your dreams are never too big to chase. People who dare to chase their dreams are called legends. The only person that can stop you from chasing your dreams is you.

But it’s not enough to dream big and chase your dreams without doing this:

2. Invest in your dreams

Dreams without investments become nightmares. If you want to be legendary this year, you have to invest in your dreams. Behind every legend is a series of investments—time, energy, books, seminars, webinars, workshops, online and offline courses.

These investments are the price you need to pay in order to make your dreams come true. I urge you to invest in your dreams and do this:

3. Share your dreams

I don’t mean with everybody on the street of Lagos. Not everybody will understand your dreams, but like-minded dream chasers like you will surely do.

You can’t do this all alone; you need to connect with others.

Legends share their dreams with people who understand them and stand on the shoulders of other legends. Technology has made sharing one’s dreams easier than ever. Find people online and offline who you believe are also chasing their dreams and share your dreams with them.

We’re in the world of connection, so connect with people and share your dreams with them.

4. Create value out of your dreams

The essence of chasing one’s dreams is to create value. I think this is why we dream in the first place—to create possibilities where there seems to be none and to find solutions to problems.

The legends are called legends because they solve problems for people. So make sure you create value out of your dreams and I bet you’ll become one this year.

Question: What are your dreams and how are you planning to become legendary this year? Please share your answers in the comments.

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About Muhiz Ogunwomoju

Muhiz Ogunwomoju (MOAB) is a writer. He believes that to write is to break one’s silence and inspire lives beyond one’s border. He breaks his silence with his pen and helps other people break theirs, too, for the purpose of creating change. The best gift you can give him is a pen (and of course, a book). He blogs at ThoughtsByPen and is on Twitter @moabsophy.


  1. Nice article. making it in life, one owe nobody Reasons whether good or bad. All blames should be you. “We are the monster behind our success” nice motivational speech. You refreshed my set principle. Triple love to you.
    My dream is to make or develop great software,games that will benefit the community and the wider society. Will appreciate more if you will hook me with other forks. Thanks 4 rhe article.

    • Thank you, Sean. I think what you should do is to use the best free tool online to connect with other folks. Google is always there for you. Just google for folks who are into software and apps developer and I bet you’ll find many of them online. Just do it, Sean.

  2. How to say, you know as others I have also a great dreams which some of them maybe just remains as a dream. To learn spanish language, to study my Master degree in any english speaking country, to be wide profile professional, to get Diploma or certificate from english lang, to build my house of dream and also to be happy forever with my loved one. My only hope from God. But I know they are just dream.

  3. My dream is to make all Nigerian believe that there is no place like home. To be proud of where we come from, placing that value on ourselves and see ourselves as Princes and Princesses instead of the foreigners. To see Nigeria products as best brand products to patronise and be proud of our indigenous Names like Ojo, Ihotu, Obi, Saleh, Ada, instead of Jack, Lucy and Jimmy, to give our leaders the needs support to run our everyday affairs!

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