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4 Big Reasons You Should Write And Submit Your Essay Before the Closing Date

4 Big Reasons You Should Write And Submit Your Essay Before the Closing Date

Deadlines are great motivators, and so beating them is a struggle we often encounter.

Suppose you’re invited as an MC to a much talked-about state party, and you’ve invested whole lots of months to prepare. You’ve bought a new suit, bragged about the occasion to your friends, attended public speaking classes, read an avalanche of jokes you can crack at the event, etc.

The plan is that a special bus will pass through your neighborhood and pick up all the invitees. Here comes the day and you’re very excited about the party. You put on your overly ironed suit, donned a pair of sparkling black shoes, wore nice perfume which cost you a fortune and an air of satisfaction filled your heart.

You look all set to storm the event and have a brilliant delivery. You could have been outside waiting for the arrival of the bus, but you chose to remain indoors.

Then came the bus. It was time to step out and enter it. But something happened – I don’t know exactly what and do not ask me.

You had to stay 2 more minutes inside and that was sufficient to end your journey. What happened?

The bus was gone. Forever.

The rare opportunity just vanished. Perpetually.

Your brilliant chance of winning an essay contest after expending lots of effort in writing may also vamoose if you wait too close to the deadline before you submit. So, it’s the best not to wait for the deadline. Or better still, to cut off 24 hours from the deadline in your own reckoning.

I’ll give you four irresistible reasons for this advice.

#1: Time Differences

If the deadline set for an essay competition is 1st March, 2013, then it closes by 11:59pm on that day right?

You said yes, but that’s not always correct. This is especially true for international contests. When you hit the ‘Send’ button to submit your entry from where you live, it may be the day after the deadline already where the organizer resides.

While some essay organizers usually take the trouble to state clearly the exact closing hour, many others do not.

In the 2012 Goi Peace UNESCO Essay Competition, one of my students tried to submit her entry online around 5pm Nigerian time (GMT +1) on the last day, but the contest had closed and the submission page taken down by 3:59pm Nigerian time (equivalent to 11:59pm in Japan, the organizer’s base).

The same happened to a friend in the 2012 FSDE International Essay Competition on Poverty Eradication.

So it’s safe to always check for time differences and work well in advance.

#2: Taking A Break Before Editing

You might not know, or you might know and downplay its importance, but taking a break from writing and returning at some other time refreshed to edit it can do your work a whole lot of good. The old counsel is: “Give it a day”.

Whether it’s a day or less, the short break gives you a fresh perspective of, and makes you a better, less subjective critic of, your own work.

I’ve tried it several times and it works magic each time. I’ve heard many veteran writers also say they use it.

Now if you don’t write well earlier than the deadline, taking a break before editing becomes impracticable.

#3: Possible Technical Failures

Let me confess: I’m a lazy fellow and wait for deadlines before I do many things. I’ve won 4 national essay contests and 3 of them were submitted on the last day possible – in fact few minutes before the deadline! I do the same for my class assignments too.

But believe me – I’m insanely brilliant at turning my weaknesses into strengths. Many technical failures just before the last hour or few minutes of essay deadlines have at different times robbed me the fruits of valuable labour.

Think of power failures, email delivery hiccups, email password failures, Internet connectivity problems and virus attacks to files – they’ve all combined to hurt me, and now fleece me of my indolence.

The counsel of Riska Mirzalina, the first place winner in the 2012 World Bank International Essay Competition on Youth Unemployment is apt here:

Do not wait till last minute when submitting your essay online. Techical (sic) problem such as internet, PC, or electricity can happen and your long time work may not be entered in the competition.

If you’ve acted before the deadline and any of these hitches, you’ll have ample time to seek alternatives.

#4: Unforeseen Pressing or Cheerless Issues

Imagine dropping your iPad in a bowl of water or receiving an august visitor whom you can’t keep waiting unattended to and whom you did not know was coming just 30 minutes before an essay deadline. Too bad!

If it happens to you, you can only wish you had submitted earlier.

But you can – and you should – evade all the gloomy consequences of missing an essay deadline if you submit well before the end is imminent.

What Do You Think?

Do you often wait till the eleventh hour before submitting your essay? Have you helpful tips for beating essay deadlines? Let’s discuss them in the comments.

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  1. 4 Big Reasons You Should Write And Submit Your Essay Before the Closing Date…
    Please read and share with your friends.

  2. 4 Big Reasons You Should Write And Submit Your Essay Before the Closing Date…
    Please read and share with your friends.

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