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Challenging Yourself To Become A Better Writer

Challenging Yourself To Become A Better Writer
Better Writer

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Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Sherry Franklin who’s both a college student and an occasional writer for a college paper writing service. She knows quite a lot about blogging and the Internet which is why she grabs every opportunity to share her knowledge whether she’s online or offline. Follow her on Google+.

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Not a lot of people are aware that writing can open up a lot of possibilities for them. Although it’s a basic skill that you’ll learn at school, you shouldn’t underestimate its power because once you have harnessed it, then it’ll bring you a lot of rewards. Writing may be an easy thing to learn, but it’s hard to master.

Why? It’s because writing is a skill that should be continuously refined in order to create better pieces for your audience and being contented with your current skill wouldn’t be able to do that.

As a writer, you have to show your expertise at your craft and to do that, you’ll have to train yourself further. I’m sure that you and everyone else wouldn’t want to be seen as a mediocre writer which is why here are a few things that would allow you to create brilliant and excellent written articles.

#1: Get out of your comfort zone

While you may excel at a certain topic that you’ve been writing for a long time, you would eventually grow tired of it and it wouldn’t be much of a challenge if you can easily write about it. Always remember that if writing isn’t challenging for you anymore, then there’s no more room for improvement which is why writing about something else would be the best solution.

Writing about a subject that you’re barely familiar with would bring out the best in you and since you’re back to square one, you’ll definitely have to read, understand and think about it in order to produce a well-written piece. Never become a one-trick pony at all costs.

#2: Never be contented

Every writer will always feel proud with the pieces they’ve written because they’re very confident with what they’ve written, but their readers might say otherwise. When writing, it’s probably important not to become easily satisfied with what you’ve written as long as there’s room for improvement.

Think of it this way: say you’re a baker, it’s your job to offer fresh bread to your customers. Of course, you wouldn’t want to give them a half-baked bread because you know that they wouldn’t enjoy it. You should always provide your readers with the best article that you can come up with which is why you should always change or edit your work as long as it can be improved.

#3: Be creative with your introduction/conclusion

Do you think that the main part of your article is the only thing that people came for?

If you think that, then think again because your audience wouldn’t be able to reach that part if they don’t like what they’re reading from the start. Many writers are focusing too much on the main section of their article which always leaves them with a weak introduction and conclusion.

Don’t follow their lead as you’ll be stuck with writing a tasteless paper. Put some attention into writing a very appealing introduction and a very satisfying conclusion that your reader would be able to enjoy and appreciate as that would improve the overall appeal of your paper.

#4: Take note of feedbacks

Remember that you’re not only writing for yourself but you’re also writing for the sake of your readers which is important if you want to keep improving as a writer. Always remember that there will always be criticism and that’s what you have to pay attention to because it’ll be vital to your success as a writer.

You’ll be able to do much better by taking notice of constructive criticisms because you’ll be able to work on specific areas that you currently lack in according to people who have read your work.

Keep in mind that there’s no easy path into becoming a great writer which is why you’ll need to work hard in order to continuously excel at this craft.

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