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Blogcrastination: My Personal Experience

Blogcrastination: My Personal Experience

Abdullahi’s Note: This is a guest post by Babatunde Hafsah Folashade, a nutritionist and writer who counsels and shares nutrition and health information at NutriBeeper. If you’d like to write for me, see this guide.

The thought of blogging had always floated on my mind.

I really wanted to be a blogger but I just couldn’t find my way forward. I used to envy those who had ‘great’ blogs. Many people would often make comments on their posts and I would wonder if I could ever own a blog like that.


Photo Credit: gothick_matt via Compfight cc

Then one day, the CEO of Naija Writers’ Coach asked me if I would like to take up an offer to start my blog for free.  Trust me! I jumped at the offer.

I was glad that I could now share my ideas, passion and the knowledge of my career with others; I couldn’t wait to start the blog.

Just like a newbie, I got registered with iPage, designed my blog and started posting on it.

However, I did not share the link to my blog. I was worried that my blog wasn’t good enough and that it needed some more touches before I made it public. I kept on posting on my blog, modifying the interface. Days passed but still I refused to share the link.

After a few posts, writing became the biggest and hardest task for me and I began to ‘blogcrastinate’. I hadn’t even gone public yet.

My enthusiasm was draining out, coupled with the fact that I had no constant access to the internet and my laptop battery was faulty and worked only with electricity. I was missing out on several offers as an iPage user; I also lost my free Facebook advert coupon.

But then, I made up my mind to change.

‘Blogcrastination’ is a great challenge. It is important to overcome it in order to get the best out of blogging, or else you will lose opportunities and may never get to blog like a pro.

If you are also experiencing ‘blogcrastination’, the following steps will assist you to make effective change, as they’ve helped me.

1. Re-organize your life

You need to re-organize your life to accommodate your blogging career.

Just as you will allocate time for your other activities, time must be allocated for your blogging activities too. You will have to launch into your blog and work on it steadily and persistently until it becomes better.

2. Create an ‘article bank’

Although it is encouraged to post articles daily (or weekly) on your blog, a busy schedule might not permit you to do so.

So utilize your leisure or ‘less busy’ period judiciously, spend your free time to write articles and save in your ‘article bank’. On days when writing becomes your biggest task, all you need to do is go to your ‘article bank’ and pick an article to post.

3. Get inspired

Search for blogs and books with similar interest, browse through their contents and learn from them. Reading through other blogs or books can inspire you, and push you to make your blog a success.

If they can do it, then you also can!

4. Pen it down

An idea does not always announce its arrival. Always carry a notepad, write down any idea that comes to your mind immediately and build on it.

When you have a beautiful idea to share, writing becomes easier.

5. Be creative

Add creativity to your ways of disseminating information

Depending on what you write about, using animation or pictures attract people to read your article. A positive response from your readers will keep you attached to your blog.

6. Grab opportunities

Learn about free offers such as Facebook advert coupons, and make good use of them in time before the ‘offer time’ elapses. These offers add more values to your blog and make it attractive.

Knowing that you can miss great offers if you don’t regularly show up will make you blog frequently.

Give more, get more

View your blog as an avenue for your social contribution. Knowing that people benefit from your posts will evoke in you positive feelings and keep you going. So, put your heart in it and stop ‘blogcrastinating.’

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  1. it’s so true, to undergraduates undertaking blogging is like a 5 unit course. I kinda resonate wt the article bank idea. It helps a lot. ….write wen u can.

  2. I felt like the entire article was all about me. It spoke directly to me. Quite an impressive one.

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