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Obasanjo Thinks Blogging Isn’t A Profession. Here’s What You Can Do About It

Obasanjo Thinks Blogging Isn’t A Profession. Here’s What You Can Do About It

Have you ever filled “Writing” or “Blogging” as your profession in a bank account opening form or a voters’ registration form and have the attendant take you up?

But blogging isn’t a profession!

That was exactly what former Nigerian President, Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo told Omojuwa.

Blogging Isn't A Profession

Where do we go from there? You have two choices:

If you choose the former, it’s defeatist.

But it’s still a choice … one that would make sure the struggle to pay the bills through some boring company jobs would prevent you from concentrating on fully developing your writing and blog.

But the good news is: you’re not alone. Many people are choosing that wrong path. So you can join them.

If you choose the latter, it’s a smart choice.

That way, you can use what you know to make great impacts in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, and get paid to do just that.

I’m in love with how Jon Morrow puts it:

So, you want to make a living teaching other people what you know? Nothing wrong with that.

Professors do it. So do public speakers and best-selling authors.

So, man, I’ll stop here. Just remember, the choice is yours.

So what else can you do about how the Nigerian society thinks writing and blogging aren’t professions? Share in the comments.

P.S. Did you notice that today’s post is unusually short? Well, there’re two reasons for that.

First, I wanted to mimic Seth Godin, that insanely inspiring and straight-to-the-point marketer whose average post is 150 words. I failed at doing it.

Second, I’m feeling too lazy today to write a long post. And since I’m a blogger who has no boss, there’s no reason I should overwork myself when I don’t feel like it.

So, let Obasanjo think what he will, and let me keep writing when I want, touching lives and smiling to the bank. No wahala.

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  1. Unusually short actually. And who will dare accuse you if you’ve passed a clear message. Well done brother. You inspire!

  2. That is what Baba think then, THE STORY HAS CHANGE..

  3. Josen Bulus says:

    Yeah, they did that to me few months back in a back. But really no wahala, that’s what they think, wherever!

  4. Shittu habeeb says:

    You r right. We are in a world where you choose your choice in order to live your life

  5. Sam Ubani says:

    Always impressive! Keep inspiring us.

  6. lolz!tosin! o serious!!!!!

    obj is in his 70s,he will never agree blogging is a profession! LET'S ASK ANOTHER SEPTUAGENARIAN WOLE SOYINKA

  7. I enjoyed your short post. Love the K.I.S.S. approach – Keep It Short and Simple. I hope to earn by writing. How, I’m not sure but I’m sure about one thing – if you’re paid, busy and fulfilled, whatever you’re doing IS a profession. Blogging included.

  8. I like Paul’s definition of “Profession”. In any case, it is most rewarding when we make our passion our profession; I haven’t gotten to this point yet, but certainly on my way! Thanks Coach; short and simple does it (when it doesn’t involve academic work;)).

  9. Hmm!!! Baba think professions are those things that are readily promising and accomplished with a printed paper called certificate to acknowledge ones true involvement, but he has forgotten that one can not filled politician as a profession in banks also. so don’t blame him he still lives in yesterday (I.e 60s). keep writing and blogging and turn your pen to ATM.

    • Thanks for your contribution, Lekan. 🙂

      I think what’s really unfortunate is that many writers and bloggers are clueless as to how to properly monetize their work, giving Baba some justifications.

  10. I like ur courage pls keep it up we should always make our passion our profession

  11. Benson Adesope says:

    Life is all about a message passed. Message is all about delivery. It is my prayer that we deliver our messages excellently. With excellence, no one can gainsay your life. I just want to create a clear mark!

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