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17 Blogging Tips To Build A Blog Unlike The Others

17 Blogging Tips To Build A Blog Unlike The Others

Lists of blogging tips for beginners are everywhere on the internet. Chances are high you’ve seen a handful of them already.

The problem is, most of them are regurgitated lists of tips that simply don’t work or that work only for the pro bloggers who already have a huge following.

Today, I’m sharing with you, some of the blogging tactics I’ve lived by for some time now.

They’ve helped me tremendously and I hope you, too, will find them (or at least, some of them) very actionable.

blogging tips

1. Have a niche. Don’t just write about widely unrelated topics. Pick a theme for your blog. This helps you build a community of like-minded readers.

2. Be unique. Don’t just copy-cat someone you admire. You can be inspired by them and pick ideas from them but don’t try too hard to be like them.

3. Be vulnerable. Don’t be that blogger who always shares how he’s awesome and successful but pretends never to fail or make mistakes. Tell the truth. Trust takes time to earn and is easy to lose.

4. Be outstanding. Stop adding to the noise or merely trying to fit in. Do something beautifully different from the others.

5. Be patient. Be patient. Be patient. The resource you need most to make it in blogging is time.

6. Don’t obsess over stats. Page views, daily visits, number of shares, number of comments… ha! It’s tempting to check these daily or even many times every day. Don’t fall into that trap, especially when you’re just starting. It’s sheer waste of time and can discourage you.

7. Make your posts easy to share. Be sure to have good sharing buttons on your blog. If you need some help, Google is your friend.

8. Write with conviction. This is very important. Whether you’re confident or not shows in your writing. You can’t explain how but you can feel it when you see it.

9. Embrace short sentences.  And short paragraphs. Blogging is unlike academic writing. Avoid complex sentences and heavy jargons.

10. Be chatty. Write like you talk to a friend. Use “you,” “I” and “me”. Avoid “we”. See blogging as a friendly conversation with a pal. It’s not a seminar presentation.

11. Write often. It’s best if you can do it daily. Capture ideas as they come and develop them later, or you may lose them forever.

12. Expect haters. A few mean people (wrongly) criticizing you is a sign you’re getting something right. Many very ethical bloggers I know have been called names like “hypocrite,” “scammer” and “spammer”. Be prepared.

13. Nurture your mind. Find ways to regularly learn and get inspired. Read, watch, observe, meditate, consult and pick good brains. This is the only way you can continuously teach and inspire others.

14. Build an email list. Get people’s emails with their permissions and keep in touch with them. If you don’t do this, you’re an idiot. I don’t mean to be mean, but an email list is just that important. It’s the best and easiest way to promote your posts and sell your stuff.

15. Be generous. Generosity wins big time online. This is why I give some of my most valuable ebooks and courses away for free.

16. Monetize your blog. This is a must if you want to blog for long. But learn to do it properly so you don’t annoy your readers and screw up everything.

17. Pay attention to what experts do. What they say can make you good. But to be great like them, you need to peep over their shoulders.

Those are the cornerstone blogging tips I live by.

Put them to use. Whichever works for you, stick to it. Do it often.

Whichever doesn’t suit your situation, feel free to discard it. That’s part of being yourself, and not just a part of the crowd.

So what other blogging tips do you use or have you found effective? Share what works for you in the comments.

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  1. Hi Abdullahi,

    There is really nothing more to add except making sure that each post of yours answers a very pressing challenge and that you drive only (hungry) targeted traffic over. Why bother selling ice to the Eskimos? This has worked like magic for me so far.

    Staying true to niche is one bit of advice (from you) I’ll reiterate…many, many newbies always start with a niche and with time, address all issues, with the hope that money and traffic can be got cheaply via an array of often (disjointed) issues.

    Wrong. Very wrong!

    Many discover this (very) late and some never do. The latter category quit and the former bounce back stronger, better and more purposeful. Up to mid last year, I was a confirmed member of the former.

    As for all the other tips, I completely concur…spot on as usual.

    Do make the day great!

    Akaahan Terungwa

    • Hello Akaahan!

      Thanks for your contributions. Solving a problem with each post is a killer tip. Blogging is essentially about teaching what you know to people eager to hear from you. It only makes sense when the teaching targets and solves a problem.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, pls can you still experciate more on monitising our blog expecially for beginner.l need more tips on linking pages withing the web.

    • Hello Henry!

      I’m afraid an explanation of how to monetize your blog is beyond the scope of this piece. Neither can a single comment address it. It’s a topic that can run into hundreds of pages of a book. You might consider joining one of my premium online courses when registration opens.

      What do you mean by linking pages?

  3. Hy Abdullahi,
    You’re right about the saturation of blogging tips all the internet. It could be so overwhelming for a beginner.

    I think what really kept me going was being aware of the harsh realities of blogging which most internet marketers don’t like to admit for reasons I don’t just understand.

    There were times when I checked my traffic stats, I felt like screaming out loud:”what the hell is going on?” But it’s getting better because I’m now getting traffic from search engines which is quite motivating.

    I’m taking my time testing various promotional strategies and sticking with the ones that are working for me.

    Warms regards.

    • Hello Emmanuel,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I couldn’t agree more with your points. I think veteran bloggers sometimes oversimplify the challenges of blogging for newbies so as to encourage them — much like a parent could say injection isn’t painful to encourage his kid to take it — but that doesn’t really help in the long run.

      Maybe it’s time to embrace telling the bitter truth as it is.

  4. A well written full list you’ve got up there. I could remember when I first started, I do check my blog stats almost every hour and it make me feels blogging isn’t for me. But thank God I didn’t quit.

  5. Hello Coach,
    It’s really a resourceful list you’ve got up there.
    To further buttress some of the points up there, i will advise every newbie to get themselves a blogging mentor(s). That way, you can achieve almost all we have in this impacful list in less time.
    It’s doesn’t really take long for a newbie to become a pro, when the right mentor is selected. How do i know? Because am one (a newbie) with a difference.
    He simply tell you what works and doesn’t. Directly and in directly of course.
    Let me share my experience and buttress this further.
    Haven’t wasted over a year online looking for what works, i stumble on this very blog early last year. After a while, i told myself this Guy (Abdullahi ) seems to be distinct from those “do it for you guys”. Some of whom i have paid for their products and mentorship without result.
    The day i settled for Muhammed and his blog for membership make the day i stop wasting money and time. Why? Coz he is always there to guide.
    A point i stopdeem fit for clarification is the indirect ways a mentor give you a lift without even now is that they help you peep above their shoulders.
    How do i mean?
    A mentor barely teaches without mentioning his mentors and other blog’s and resource. He is indirectly telling you (boy these are some of where i learn from).
    From Tosin, i have got to Jeff Goin, Jon Morrow, and a host of others.
    On parting advise for colleagues in trade (newbies), is that, never you read a good or great article without reading the ensuing comments.
    In my experience, it could even be more beneficial than the main article.
    You get to network, see what is trending and know other resourceful blogger.
    One of those i have met here is Akaahan Terungwa.
    And as i quit banking for blogging in less than a month, i hope to reach out to him and many others.
    Blogging is just impressively awesome.

    Warm regards,

    Bonire Abdulrahman Femi

    • That’s a long and thoughtful comment, Bonire. Really nice to read.

      Getting helpful mentors is a smart way to stand on the shoulders of giants. You appear like a giant yourself even though you’re a dwarf.

      For me, I often find the comments more open, more hilarious and more welcoming of diverse opinions. I hardly read a piece without (some of) the comments. Thanks for the tips.

  6. Lovely, i really love your post. I was smiling and nodding when i was reading through it. Its brief, clear, and concise. All the points you highlighted resonates with any web writer keen on making impact online.

    However, I will like to add a couple of points to the ones above:

    18) Create meaningful relationships with fellow bloggers (you appreciate) in your niche and intersecting niches. Open Web is just like the real world, you cant isolate and expect to go far. If you want to go fast, walk alone. But, If you want to go far, find a partner).

    19) Build a Business model behind your blog(s) for the long haul. (Blogging isn’t a business, it’s just a means of attracting and building relationships with current and prospective customers to help you to manufacture a sale(s) .)

    • Thanks for the insightful contributions, Anu.

      If you want to go fast, walk alone. But, If you want to go far, find a partner

      I can’t agree more. This is very important.

      That blogging is not a business (which is true) can be very confusing and even meaningless to newbies. I like to simply tutor them on monetizing and leave them to figure out themselves that blogging is a marketing strategy and not a business in itself.

  7. Taslima says:

    I must kudos to you for your help.
    I have almost given up saying this blog thing is not for me, but your recent emails have been encouraging.
    The thing is I don’t know where to start from, How do get my blog popular, I mean the stats are depressing, also I just don’t know how to design it to my liking.
    My intended theme is writing fictional stories.

  8. bro, gracias jus keep it up, I love ur posts… and pls sir I don’t know what to do, I don’t get comments on my blog not even one.

  9. abdulsalam oyekunbi says:

    well done bro u really motivating me…. please how do I have my own blog

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