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Build Your Dream – Or Work For Someone Else To Build His

Build Your Dream – Or Work For Someone Else To Build His

For creative people, two roads often diverge in a wood.

One, the path of security. This is the path of compliance, of living and dying in consonance with the status quo. This is the path of not thinking outside the box, not asking questions, the path going with popular culture and societal expectations of what makes a good career.

This is the case for people who have that burning desire in them to be writers, artists, bloggers, social entrepreneurs or other creative workers… but still find themselves entangled in some jobs they hate.

The work uses more of their physical strength than their intellectual ability. Rather than enhance their mental skills, it retards them. These people have to say “Yes Sir!” over a hundred times daily… or they could be perceived as disloyal to their boss and fired.

They do not find joy or fulfillment in their jobs.

But the jobs give them the transient security of getting a monthly paycheck, albeit peanuts, and putting meals on the table. And so they’re stuck with it.

And yes, they know they could be fired tomorrow. But the transient security of getting a monthly paycheck they have today wouldn’t let them see beyond their noses.

And that’s where the majority of creative people find themselves.

And two, the path of freedom

On this path is a tiny group of misfits and creative rebels. These are writers, bloggers, artists and entrepreneurs who take the very high risk of trusting their guts and daring the status quo.

Build Your Dream

Photo Credit: ‘Ajnagraphy’ via Compfight cc

They relinquish the ephemeral security that comes with submission to stagnant societal standards and set out in search of lasting freedom.

They have no assurance of ever making it. They’re scared. They know they could crash… or get crushed. They know too well that they might fail.

But the prospect of possibly making it big with their dreams and talents spur them to start and keep moving even under the darkest clouds and on the most turbulent seas.

The path of freedom is scary

I know, I know… because I’m in the trench. I get very scared and have sleepless nights sometimes. Championing a change or pursuing one’s dream is a high risk.

But that’s totally fine.

When Steve Jobs decided to opt out of the forced learning that was taking place in school and pursue his dreams, he was scared to his pants.

When in 1977, the then 21-year old Dangote took a loan of N500,000 from his uncle, Sanusi Abdulkadir Dantata, to start his business, he knew it was a big risk that could make him go bankrupt forever.

When Brian Clark, the CEO of Copyblogger (now one of the most popular blogs in the world) quitted his attorney career (which made him money but gave him no joy) to start a tiny blog, he knew he could fail and be laughed at by his lawyer friends.

When Mark Zukerberg, Neil Gaiman (who now has over 2.09M Twitter followers), Bill Gates and dozens other creative misfits like them left the comfort and security of their degrees, jobs or societal expectations, they were clearly in search of the fulfillment and freedom that living one’s dream guarantees. And starting it was scary.

And yes, there’re many people like them who dared the status quo and failed woefully.

But even these ‘failed’ people are heroes for having tried. They’re supermen for not heading towards the grave with their innate talents unutilized.

And for the misfits who made it, the world now stands still when they sneeze.

Choose your choice: security or freedom

Now, my friend, if your dream is to make a difference in the world – maybe you want to become a bestselling author, a world-renowned blogger, a billionaire social entrepreneur or an artist that  would ‘live forever’ – you have to start now.

It’s totally fine if you’re not comfortable dropping your degree, or job yet. But those pursuits should never hinder or make you postpone the pursuit of your creative dreams.


Start planning today, so you can quit your boring job… eventually. Remember, employees never make any real money or impact.

Only entrepreneurs and change makers do.

It would be scary. You could fail – but you might succeed as well. And you have to start to know for sure where your dreams would take you.

It’s your choice: you can build your dream starting from now… or get employed and work for someone else to build his.

If you’d like to learn how to make real money and impact with your writing and blog, join my online course, Pen Money Masterclass. Registration closes on Wednesday 19th November, 2014.

Question: What’s your dream? Is it risky? How do you plan to pursue it? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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-- Dr. Mahfouz A. Adedimeji | Fulbright scholar | Senior Lecturer, Unilorin | newspaper columnist

About Muhammed Abdullahi Tosin

Writer. Difference Maker. Entrepreneur. Author, Your Right To Write & Vertical Writing. Winner, 11 Writing Prizes.


  1. Hello Tosin. I like this post. You speak same thoughts as mine as I have written three blog posts on this subject.
    I had to restart my blog again, following bad experience from a nigerian web hosting company. Keep it up. I will send you a mail.

  2. Really insightful,Tosin.One should really Dare to dream! Damn the negativities and aspire to actualize your goals.
    I have got out my comfort zone an trying to make a difference via my platform:
    Take that bold step and launch your dream

  3. It as if this message was directed to me.My English teacher in secondary school once told me that I should study English Language when he saw my writing prowess.My boss in my current place of work once asked me what was i doing in accounting instead of law,he said this when he witnessed my captivating writing skill.l myself know that nothing gladdens my hearth as composing does but see me stuck in accounting job because of the reasons you enumerated above .Any hope?

  4. Coach, even though, it’s scary and risky but I will.

  5. …a very great and motivating post. Anyone who has the desire to become a boss of him or herself should drop anything they do and read this remarkable piece. While it’s a large pool where one can and should draw a series of practical inspirations from. Thank you, NaijaWritersCoach CEO.

  6. Ayeyemi Taofeek Kehinde says:

    If I get the message right. Utilize your talent to build your dream or someone who does will hire you to build their own.
    Building one’s dream is a peril journey but with courage, it has a sugary ending.

    Thanks coach for the timely inspiration. Your days shall be lengthen.

  7. Hi Muhammed,

    ‘Two roads divulged into the woods…sorry, I cannot take both’. Frost was a very creative genius and in the end, it made all the difference. For him, that was true – so it is for all others who dare follow their dreams.

    It’s sad, my dear Muhammed, that our society pushes folks over to live according to set expectations. But, as Jobs rightly opined (at the 2005 Stanford commencement):

    “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

    Just recently, my wife and I enjoyed a movie together: “3 Idiots”. Believe me, it’s one of the finest movies of this generation and it shares the same theme as your write up – you should check it out.

    Be certain to make the day great!


  8. Olubunmi Mabel says:

    Perfect write up! I belong to he second category of dreamers. I quit my lucrative job to study a ‘not too widely accepted course’ and also to focus on my writing. It was a tug of war between my parents and I. My HOD and friends tagged me a fool. Though it’s not easy that I’m not earning salary , but it’s worth it. It’s only matter of time!

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