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What Can You Change Today To Reach Your Writing Goals?

What Can You Change Today To Reach Your Writing Goals?

Today is a historic day.

In Nigeria, we’re celebrating a long-awaited peaceful change of government AND political party at the federal level.

This is significant. The ruling party at the centre has never been changed through the ballot. Until now.


Muhammadu Buhari is today sworn in as the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria.

We’re humans and have no knowledge of the future. But many Nigerians and observers believe today marks the commencement of what appears the most promising civil rule administration in the history of Nigeria’s self-governance.

As Nigerians embrace this change, what changes can you embrace TODAY to give your writing goals a boost?

After all, the best and easiest way to change the world is to change… YOURSELF.

…because when you do that, you give the world one less liability to worry about.

…and you give it one more asset to be proud of and build upon.

So what changes can you embrace TODAY to give your writing goals a boost?

I know… you expect me to provide some answers. Or at least give you some hints. But I won’t.

You see, on this blog, I help writers live their dreams. And that includes helping them write better, blog rightly, get published, win contests and make some money their writings deserve.

The other day, I told you that making public commitments on your writing goals is a surefire way to achieve them. I charged you to do it.

And people did it. And many of you have told me how magically it is helping you already.

Here’s one of the many great feedback I’ve received about that:

What Can You Change Today To Reach Your Writing Goals?

So today, I’m telling you to embrace change. I’m asking you to map out ACTIONABLE steps you’ll take to boost your writing skills and goals.

Do it yourself.

Do it today.

And start taking action on it right today.

Finally, I ask you to leave a comment below to tell me the SPECIFIC, ACTIONABLE steps you map out to achieve your writing goals.

Here’s an example:

My goal is to improve my writing skills and publish a book within two years from now. Below are what I’ll do:

#1. I’ll write for at least 30 minutes every day.

#2. I’ll start a blog on June 5th, 2015 and publish a valuable post twice a week

#3. I’ll read two books on writing, productivity or creativity every month.

So leave the comment below, and let’s get talking.

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  1. i want to write an essey compatition in one year i need ur help and advice

  2. 1. My goal is to write better, grow my blog to prominence, so as to inspire more lives with “Five Growth Strategies” my new ebook
    2. Also, i will help my readers blog better and cheaper.
    3. To do this, i will not only be teaching how to blog better, but also offer premium products i bought expensively for free. Just for being my loyal reader and subscriber.

    • You have some great goals here, Bonire. I’ve not seen your book. I love how the title sounds. I feel it would make a great read.

      And it’s great knowing you’re all for helping your readers. If only everyone would help enough people get what they wanted, they, too, would get what they wanted.

      • Your words of motivation and inspiration is one well received, Coach.
        One more thing that is now obvious i must do to achieve all these is quit my 7-5 boring job sooner.
        It is the must difficult decision in my blogging career, but one which i must make. Because for me to create great values online, i need quality time which my job is stealing off.
        And above all, the only reason why i will be able to take this decision is that am sure in every arena of quality value creation, money flow.
        I only pray for God’s guidance and blessing all through the way. It’s really a big one for me

        • That’s a tough decision to take. I advise you go gradually. Have a solid plan for like 6 months or 1 year. Create time to work on your goals while still holding the job. Then, once you see some results and feel confident enough, take the big leap.

  3. I’ll delve into fiction and write a section at least once everyday (300 words).

  4. Emeghara Charles says:

    You’re really awesome and magnificent in an extraordinary way, you’ve really inspired me to take another bold step, thanks.
    Aim= I will put up my best to write on inspirational subject on contemporary issues across and beyond the shores of our country, with not less than 200 and above words.
    Benchmark = Every 2 days in a week.

    Once more, a very big thank you for your assistance.

  5. Muhammad Mansur. says:

    I have so many ideas that i want to share, and i love to write, but my English is not good enough to write. My Goal is to improve my English and writing skills so that i can become a writer and blogger. Muhammed Abdullahi any assistance on improving my English for writing? Thanks alot for inspiring me always.

  6. I’ll start taking part in more essay competitions and give my best to each of them…..
    After being short listed 2 days ago in my first ever writing competition, I’ve realised that I can really win an essay competition…..

    My goal is to win @ least 2 essay competition this year

    Enroll in PMM to learn how to do things right and setup another blog of my own following the guidelines of the coach to avoid screwing up again…

    Lastly, publish my long overdue e-book and give it up for free to my subscribers……..

    I’ll also screenshot my comment now for reference…..

  7. Awesome post, you bet. It resonates with me in ways, especially in my online business blogging.

    Having observed that the inertia to be overcome in any worthwhile venture is ….. starting it.

    I have decided to shun procrastination, start out getting my audience unstuck from their blogging overwhelm, teach them to publish awesome blog posts to help increase engagement with their audience and clients to ultimately reach their business and life goals which is a freedom based lifestyle.

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