Copyright Policy

With the exception of “guest posts” written by others (see details about them at the bottom of this page), I write and own the copyrights to the contents on Naija Writers’ Coach. I format every single essay contest announcement with the Naija Writers’ Coach Posting Style. While I like that my contents should be widely distributed, I also cherish and seek to protect my intellectual property rights. And I appreciate your cooperation in advance.

What you can do

Without my permission, you are free to do the following:

  • Link to my website or any specific post on it.
  • Extract and re-post my writing tutorials on any other site, provided you link back to my original post.
  • Re-post the whole of any essay contest announcement on any other site, provided you link back to the original announcement here. If you don’t want to do this, you can go for the raw, unformatted announcement on the essay contest organizer’s website.
  • Print off my posts and photocopy up to 100 copies for FREE distribution within your own network or organization, provided you include this copyright notice: “© 2013, Muhammed Abdullahi Tosin. All rights reserved. Originally published at”
  • Print my posts in any non-commercial publication (e.g., NGO newsletter, writing workshop materials, class syllabus, etc.), provided you include the copyright notice: “© 2013, Muhammed Abdullahi Tosin. All rights reserved. Originally published at”

What you may not do without my permission

You must have my express written permission to do any of the following:

  • Use any of my posts for commercial purposes, including selling or licensing it, whether in print or electronic version.
  • Alter, abridge or build upon any part or the whole of any of my posts.

What you must not do

I do not permit you to re-post any of my posts without linking to the original post on my website. If you do this, Google will penalize me for publishing duplicate content. Google always reduce the Page Rank and SEO juice of websites posting duplicate contents. So you see why I don’t allow it?

Also, I do not approve of the translation and publication of my posts in other languages as I cannot verify or validate the quality of such translations.

Guest posts

The copyrights to guest posts by others on this website remain with the writers. So the above copyrights guide does not apply to them. To be authorized to use their works, you must contact them directly. I cannot serve as an agent or a go between.

Do you have a need for the use of my posts that is not covered here? Then shoot me an email at Abdullahi [at] naijawriterscoach [dot] com and I’ll be glad to respond.

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