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3 Counterintuitive But Profitable Things Smart Bloggers Do

3 Counterintuitive But Profitable Things Smart Bloggers Do

If you want to hit your goals or increase your success, live by this rule: do MORE of what works, and LESS of what doesn’t work.

Trust me, that’s one vital rule that has made a huge difference in my life and business.

If you’ve been in business for long, or you’ve already hit some of your career or business goals, then you already should know what works. So do MORE of those.

But if you’re just starting with your career or business, how do you know what will work?

Simple! Just copy what the experts and influencers do.


If you’re a writer who wants to build his online platform, or a blogger who wants to build an influential blog, below are three things expert bloggers do.

At first, they may seem counterintuitive or stupid to you but these three things are profitable as I’ll show you.

1. Showing extreme generosity

Look around for the top names in blogging… you’ll see people who are extremely generous.

Talk of Jon Morrow, Derek Halpern, Pat Flynn, Brian Dean, Michael Hyatt and Marie Forleo… you’ll see people investing their own time, energy and money to produce great contents in form of videos, podcasts, ebooks and indepth articles, and giving them out… for free.

Doesn’t that appear stupid?

I mean, these bloggers are out to make money. So why give away so much quality content without asking for a penny in return?

Well, they’re smart.

With quality content, they build trust and authority. By giving it out for free, they make the quality content accessible to all.

When people ‘taste’ it and see how amazing the content is, they hit the ‘share’ buttons. They email their friends to tell them. They even talk about it on their own blogs and link to the pro bloggers like I’m doing now.

That’s the law of reciprocity. The more you give, the more you get.

That way, those smart bloggers expand their audience and build trust.

And when they come up with their premium products, you’ll see people practically ‘begging’ to pay and jump in.

If you’ve ever wondered why I created top-notch stuff like Your Right To Write, Write Well Challenge, Blog Now Challenge and Grammar Conquest, and give them out for free, now you know why.


2. Linking to competitors

You know, if you’re Mr. Biggs, you’ll not tell your customers to go visit Chicken Republic. Doing so is stupid.

But in blogging, doing so makes perfect sense.

Here’s why: people are attracted to the SOURCE.

When you link to your competitors, you’re not sending your readers away. You’re rather serving them better, connecting them with MORE amazing stuff other than your own.

And trust me, instead of your readers running away forever, they keep coming back to you for more resources and recommendations.

Think of it like this: Google is the most popular website in the world today. It records over 1 billion searches every single day.

But look again, Google is just a blank page linking to other web properties, including its competitors. The more it links to other sites (including its competitors), the more people trust it and GO BACK to it.

The big names in blogging which I mentioned above have similar premium products. Yet, they constantly link to each other.

Some of them promote the same affiliate products as I do. Yet, I link to them without fear of losing my prospective clients to them. I’ve also linked to my competitors posting writing contests in the past.

No regrets!

And have I lost some of my readers to them?


Each time I help my readers discover great resources elsewhere on the web, they COME BACK to me. And who knows, some of my competitors I link to might find out and send their own readers to me too.

Everybody wins. 🙂

3. Embracing vulnerability

Some bloggers fake it till they make it. Others pretend too hard to come off as a social media expert when they don’t even have 1,000 Facebook fans yet.

Don’t do it!

The top bloggers are vulnerable. They know and do confess that they aren’t perfect.

They don’t just blab and brag about their blog traffic, email subscribers, social media stats, blog comments and revenues, they also freely share their past failures, present struggles and fears.

That shows they’re real humans, not some pretentious robots or gurus.

If you’ve ever thought Jon Morrow was weird to have shared embarrassing details of his terrible disease… or that I was stupid to have publicly revealed my very humble financial background or how I suffered humiliation for my grammatical deficiency, think again.
I simply copied the experts.

(Note that I only reveal actual failures I’ve had and struggles I’m having. So do NOT invent those you don’t have just to appear vulnerable. That’s dishonesty, another terrible thing!)

Now, it’s over to you.

Question: Do you do these 3 things like the blogging pros? What other counterintuitive but profitable things do you see the pros do? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  1. Impactive content. Thanks for this great insight. Don’t forget to send them a pitch about their links in your post too. That you just linked to them. Give it a try. Who knows…..

    • Thanks for that brilliant tip, Anu. I know I would likely have created connections with those influencers if I had tried, but I didn’t pursue the idea because I want a Nigerian audience and that’s not what they have.

  2. Omole kayode says:

    “Everybody wins”…………that’s my take away. Thanks for this great piece!

  3. I align with you, Anu. Kindly try it, Abdullahi.

  4. Hi Tosin,

    Thanks for the insightful tips. I am just starting out with an online business that I hope will grow as time goes on. Please when is your next affliate marketing course going to hold?

  5. Thank you Tosin. I always appreciate your honesty and directness.

  6. Extremely Helpfull tnx boss

  7. Guest blogging is another great strategy for starters.

    Writing awesome content is always the key to building yourself an audience in the blogosphere but, your content won’t really matter in the beginning because nobody know you.

    Writing for already established blogs in your niche will give you early recognition and you can eventually attract some of the audience to your own blog.

    It’s like standing on the shoulders of giants….

    The tricky part is how to land such opportunity.

    • Thanks for sharing this, deseeker! True, guest blogging is counterintuitive: how would I produce my best piece and have it published on another person’s blog instead of mine?

      But it’s also very profitable: you’re like a teacher sharing your best ideas with a full class (i.e. the popular blog) rather than an empty class (i.e. your blog with few or no readers).

      And so you come back to your own class with some students from the full class. 🙂

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