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On Creativity: 7 Unusual Niches You Can Blog About

On Creativity: 7 Unusual Niches You Can Blog About

“Don’t start a ‘me too blog’!” I advised her.

She had told me she’s finally decided to start her own blog and was contemplating settling for the entertainment niche.

“Entertainment niche?” I interrogated. “Is that what you’re passionate about?”

“No! In fact, I hate all these stuff about celebrity gossips, music gists and scandals but that’s like the only lucrative niche in Nigeria.”

“And what are you passionate about? What can you keep talking about and teaching others without getting bored?”

She wore a wide smile. “Food,” she responded. “Anything and everything about cooking makes me tick.”

“Make that your niche. That’s where you can help yourself, others and the world.”

Don’t start a “me too blog”

That’s one case out of many. Dozens (or maybe hundreds) of blogs spring up in Nigeria daily, and most of them in the entertainment niche.

Why? Because Linda Ikeji makes millions there.

But which of these copy-cat blogs has achieved limelight? None! They just start “me too blogs” that  give them no joy… that no one cares about.

Blogging shouldn’t be a basket of boredom. It should be enjoyed. It should make you grow. So start a blog on a niche you love. Every niche is lucrative if you’re creative and patient enough.


For the creative minds, below are 7 unusual niches you might want to give a shot… that’s if you’re passionate about any of them.

1. Food review

Do you get compliments each time you cook? Are you passionate talking about food recipes? Then start a blog about cooking. You can even ask your readers to prepare their favourite meals, send the recipe and pictures for you to review and post on your blog. Dobby’s Signature which does this well.

2. Photography

If you’re like Farhan in 3 Idiots, you could start a blog about photography. Daren Rowse does this well. Post pictures you’re proud to have taken with brief commentaries. Post photo contests. Write and post tutorials on taking and editing photographs, and the best tools to use.

3. Cartoon drawing

If you’re a drawing nerd who takes pleasure in communicating or satirizing with comics and cartoons, this is for you. You could stand out like Hugh MacLeod who draws and posts one cartoon on his newsletter daily. That has made him a millionaire and he’s inspired hundreds of thousands of artists to live their dreams.

4. A local language

I’ve always loved this, and would have done it if I had the time. Imagine starting a blog about law or medicine for laymen in Igbo language. Or reviewing Hausa books in Hausa language, or Yoruba movies in Yoruba language. Or teaching how to make some crafts in a local language. How creative!

5. Make up and bead making

I know many people who do this as brick-and-mortar business but how many of them have a blog? If you’re one of them, start a blog and each day, post one picture of your recent work with a commentary in few sentences. Teach how to make up, or make beads. Say why a method is better than others or why a particular design stands out. You’ll go places!

6. Pottery, basketry and similar crafts

The approach is the same: teach people how to do it well. Show them pictures of the ones you do, how you did them and why they stand out. Build a community of like minds. Inspire and empower them.

7. You add it yourself

I’m not very creative. Or maybe I’m just plain lazy. You can do better. You can add more unusual niches built on creativity in the comments.

The above are just to whet your appetite. The key is creativity, and whatever you love, is what you should blog about.

But are these unusual niches lucrative?

Well, you’re not likely to make money in these unusual niches as fast as the conventional niches.

But it still pays to follow your passion.

Because it will give you immense joy. You could settle in a niche you hate, make money and still be depressed.

And here’s the truth: if your passion lies in an unusual niche like the above, and you start, and do it well, and exercise an abundance of patience, you’ll eventually figure out ways to monetize it.

If you start a food review blog for instance, and creatively grow it to appreciate prominence, you could:

  • Start getting speaking engagements from catering firms
  • Start getting invitations as a judge in cooking competitions
  • Start getting invitations as a caterer
  • Write and sell a food recipe book
  • Start a catering school or stage online courses on cooking
  • Recommend cooking utensils on Konga, Jumia, Kaymu, etc and make affiliate commissions
  • Start getting food-related advert offers from other businesses

The possibilities are limitless, but it will take time since you have no forerunners on whose shoulders you can stand. You’re yourself the forerunner, just inventing the wheels.

Forerunners pay before they play

When I started this blog, I wasn’t aware of any Nigerian blog focused on the creative non-fiction niche like I do. And I knew the reading culture in Nigeria was poor.

Bad news for the writing blog I was about starting.

While most people would have concluded the writing niche isn’t fertile, I saw an opportunity to be the pioneer and break new grounds. Of course, it was hard, because I had no one to squarely model.

I had to invent the wheel, make a lot of mistakes and get stuck so many times.

Being a forerunner was hard for me, but now I know the rewards are enormous.

So… start a blog. Be creative. Make mistakes. Get better. Live your dreams.

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on” — Albert Einstein.


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  1. Hi Abdullahi,

    The last sentence of the post, the quotation by Einstein, makes me tick: can I go, start a quotations blog?

    [Jokes aside] This issue makes me sick – daily!

    I receive PMs, calls and emails daily all from people seeking to start a blog and possibly, make money from it. Like you, I ask them a simple question: what’s your passion? And the reply I always get is: ‘how does a passion intersect with blogging?’

    ‘It does not intersect’, I return…’it runs the entire length!’

    When I decided to go into the make money online niche, I knew exactly what I was up to. More importantly, I had quit my day business and was living completely online and really loved the dot com lifestyle. Naturally, thus, blogging is fun and play, basically. And ideas? They never run dry!

    However, in Nigeria, I see blogs spring up everyday…blogs without focus…blogs that are simply money oriented. Can you imagine that many bloggers in Nigeria blog about making money online but have never earned a penny online? And still run on low level domains? Little wonder, such blogs never last!

    Sad. But true.

    Abdullahi, I appreciate your words. Hopefully, your readers will benefit a ton from your frankness and difference.

    Akaahan Terungwa

    • Hello, Akaahan.

      There’s a lot of truth and wisdom in what you’ve said here. It’s actually ironical that the best way (ever) to make money (especially online) is to teach people how to make money. People are getting more aware of this fact, and that’s why they jump on the band wagon without any proof of having “walked the talk”.

      Unfortunately, there’s a formula for blogging, which most people don’t know, except successful bloggers. And the formula is; “live it, succeed, and teach it”. That’s the formula whether anyone agrees or not, and ALL successful bloggers (not sure bout entertainment tho’) follow this whether consciously or not.

      Abdullahi had won many essay contests before he started blogging about it. His blogging is a big success, and then he now teaches blogging too.

      You (as you’ve said here) had been making money online before you started your blog. I’ve been online since 2012 as a freelance writer and have made over half a million in the past 1-and-half years as a “side-income” but DARE NOT start a “make money online blog yet”. I’m a self-help enthusiast and practitioner, but I can’t start a self-help blog yet till I have intriguing personal stories that can transform lives.

      I have world-standard training in copywriting, years of experience, and have great client-work track records, and that’s why I teach copywriting. (Not even teaching how to become/make money as a copywriter yet!)

      I’d been targeting the global audience cos I fear copywriting doesn’t sell yet in Nigeria. Big big mistake! Now I’m coming back to focus on Nigerians and make myself a pioneer (or forerunner) with a Nigerian copywriting (strictly) blog! You wouldn’t believe it’s still not late! Lol

      Pardon my long prose. I just hope every blogger and wannabe here will learn that you have to live it before you preach it. It takes patience and hardwork, but it pays off at the end.

      Thanks for the great comment.

      Btw, I visited your blog. Lovely lovely, I must say! You write good…I’ll visit more often sir 🙂

      • My version of that dictum is this: learn it, use it, sell it. And like you said, it works well.

        Those who teach what has worked for them are called models. Those who teach theories they’ve never tested are called hypocrites.

        And yes, Oludami, pioneering a Nigerian copywriting blog — much like Copyblogger — would be awesome.

      • Hi Oludami,

        Your points are in order and there’s nothing to disagree on (though I’m in the habit of dissenting most of the time).

        Again, narrowing down copying writing to Nigeria would make serious sense. Guess what? Going super niche always pays. Why address an audience that isn’t paying (or even prospered to pay) attention?

        Akaahan Terungwa


        I love long prose very, very much; didn’t you see I wrote one myself?

    • Thanks for your fresh insights and shared personal experiences, Akaahan.

      Yes, you can start a blog about awesome quotes if such quotes really make you tick. But what makes you tick here is just a single quote and you can’t be blogging about that singular quote all day 😉

      I think everything boils down to this: those who strive to fit in never stand out.

  2. Nice one, Abdullahi. One niche I talk more about recently and advising a student of mine to venture into is the “plus-size fashion” niche. She actually inspired my advising her.

    It’s still largely untapped, especially in Nigeria. And the reason for this is the same reason you see less plus-size clothes in our boutiques, not to talk of a strictly plus-size store.

    And guess the size of most African women? You gorrit!

    And guess the group of people that tend to have lower self-esteem, and would spend any amount to make up for their weaknesses? Yes, you guessed right…fat people! They’d readily jump at whatever makes them feel better about their size.

    Please I’m not saying this to discriminate plus-sized people. I just feel that section of the population isn’t well attended to at all…and they need twice as much care as others instead of being teased bout it. And I ain’t preaching taking advantage of plus-sized peeps, in fact, if you aren’t fat, success in this niche might be beyond your reach. You’ll be frustrated out of blogging! Lol

    Thanks for the awesome post – as usual 😉

    • I think that would be nice for anyone who’s passionate about exercising and losing weight. And I know that niche is very lucrative.

      Thanks for that contribution 🙂

      • Weight loss is an already-saturated and over-tapped. We all know it’s super lucrative. The one that falls within the discourse of this post is those that don’t want to lose weight, or tired of trying to lose weight to no avail. But they want to look good and live a good life overall even with their excess weight. They want to feel comfortable and confident, but aren’t well tended to, and the niche is thus untapped.

  3. this write up is quite interesting. most bloggers this days prefer linka ikeji’s style of blogging which is already exhausted. your chances of making it is slim in that kinda niche except you like the competition.

  4. I have actually started my blog, there I post my works like poems, short stories,essays and quotations. I am really really grateful for your posts which have always been so helpful. But, the problem I have is that whenever I post my poems, they earn likes and followership. But whenever I post essays and quotations, they hardly earn likes.

  5. Well done Abdullahi, A good advise.

  6. wonderful motivator you are. Thanks man. keep it up.

  7. You’re right Abdullahi. The only way to succeed as a blogger is to blog about what you have passion for.

    There you can write, write, and re-write, without getting tired.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Ayeyemi Taofeek Aswagaawy says:

    Abdullahi! you’ve done it again. you’ve inspired me as usual. If those who love books are called book worms, then let those who love blogs be called blog worms.
    and if there remains one option of blog for me to WORM in, it would be naija writers coach dot com.
    more inks to your pen.

  9. it’s beautiful the way you write; real and simple.
    I always admire the way you keep it that way every time.
    I’m glad I can always come back here and remind myself how to write like I talk.

  10. I stumble on this articles from and I can say that Muhammed is really doing a great Job here. All the commenters have all said well. The point I want to stress more is on building yourself a blog or online business on what drives you, I mean your passion, offer value to the society before thinking of money, identify and solve peoples problem. Any person who have these key ingredient of identifying passion, offering value, solving peoples problem can be a successful online entrepreneur without this three keys, the person is just bitting around the bush.

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