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Don’t Lose Hope, 2015 Isn’t Over Yet

Don’t Lose Hope, 2015 Isn’t Over Yet

Abdullahi’s Note: This is a guest post by my friend, Muhiz Ogunwomoju (MOAB) of ThoughtsByPen. Enjoy!


Admit it:

You’re not feeling the zeal of pursuing your goals for 2015 anymore.

In fact, you’re tired of the whole legendary story I wrote for you in January.

You don’t want to become a writer, an entrepreneur or a difference maker anymore. You’re simply tired of the whole thing. All you want now is to throw in the towel. Because, after all, things don’t look promising like they were in January.

Fast forward to August and you think the year is over and that you can’t achieve your goals, your dreams, this year.

That’s a big lie.

One of the things fear tells you is that it’s too late. That the year has run out of the lunar calendar or whatever calendar you’re using.

In truth, you’re not alone.

Don’t Lose Hope, 2015 Isn’t Over Yet

I’ve all been there before. It’s just a phase you’ve to pass through when chasing your dreams.

But there’s a way out: don’t lose hope.

Is that all I need to tell you?

“Don’t lose hope and that’s all?”

Yes, friend. Don’t lose hope.

 And when I tell you “don’t lose hope” I don’t mean you should sit down on your couch and sentence yourself to a lifetime daydreaming and not do something. Or worse, I don’t mean you should start howling like a stray dog without seeking solutions to your problems.

Far from it!

What I mean is that you should stop wishing and day dreaming. And start acting, now.

In my dictionary: hope is an action word and not a feeling.

Because to hope is to want something to happen by actually doing it. And it’s the hope that things might work that pushes us to make things happen.

You get the point?

So don’t lose hope, friend.

What are the things to do that’ll bring your hope alive and make you pursue your goals for this year?

There are three things that’ll trigger your hope back to life:

1. Reconnect with your why

One of the major reasons why you’ve lost hope and don’t want to pursue your goals anymore is that you’ve lost touch with your why (the reason why you wanted to pursue those dreams of yours in the first place).

This is why many goals and dreams fail. Don’t let yours slip away. Reconnect with your why and get back on track. But if your why has changed to something bigger, better, then there’s no problem. Just make sure your why is strong enough to keep you going.

Confession: I stopped writing this post like four or five times but my why kept me going. And my why is: I want to encourage people to make a difference. So this is why you’re reading this post now. If not for my why, you won’t be reading this post.

2. Take a different approach to your how

Your how is the action part to pursuing your goals. You must know how to accomplish your goals.

It’s true that there are many know-how and how-to videos and articles online but most of them can be overwhelming. And when you approach your goals wrongly, then you’ll feel like some aliens are withholding the results you’ve been anticipating in the space.

From my teeny-weeny experience, you can’t achieve your goals or make your dreams come true if you approach them wrongly.

So what do you do? Seek the right approach. How you approach your goals is very important as much as your goals. Review the previous outcome of your goals and take a new approach toward them. Or better invest in a new approach by taking a course that’ll give you positive results.

3. Put in the hours

This is where you have to put your ass where your heart is and stop eating that no-time cookie. You can’t achieve your goals or make your dreams come true if you don’t stop eating this no-time cookie. It’s time to grow up and put in the hours in order to achieve your goals.

Listen, you still have four months before this year runs out and if you do the work, put in the hours for the next four months, I bet you’ll achieve something great.

Remember, don’t lose hope. Reconnect with your why, take a new approach to your how, and put in the hours.

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About Muhiz Ogunwomoju

Muhiz Ogunwomoju (MOAB) is a writer. He believes that to write is to break one’s silence and inspire lives beyond one’s border. He breaks his silence with his pen and helps other people break theirs, too, for the purpose of creating change. The best gift you can give him is a pen (and of course, a book). He blogs at ThoughtsByPen and is on Twitter @moabsophy.


  1. Hmm, this is fantastic and awesome write up. It came at the right time when the feelings of quitting is inevitable. I love the post by Muiz ogunwomoju.
    It’s inspirational. Thanks

  2. Hello Muhiz.
    You’ve got a great entry here.
    Am this type that never seem to get enough of anything inspirational and motivation.
    Like I used to tell a former boss, I say to you my dear friend ” I hope to be like you when I grow up”. It’s now safe to hope, at least, for all I now, “hope” is a wish for something we must do.
    Wishing you a productive week ahead.

    • Thank you, Bonire. Hope is what keeps us alive. For without hope, we won’t be able to move past our temporary obstacles. And you’re absolutely right: hope is a wish for something we must do. So we must act and not just daydream.

  3. Thank you Muhiz for that inspirational write up. you just gave someone a life line here. God bless and empower you.

  4. I love the article. It’s inspirationally motivation. But how do we get stated

    • Thank you, Ofoegbu. The best way to get started is to start. There’s no other way around it. Start from anywhere. Plus, there are many invaluable posts on Naija Writers’ Coach website that will help you. All you need is to just browse through its archive and read. Trust me, you will excel. Start now!

  5. Hello Muhiz,
    I felt this article was speaking to me.

    It’s an awesome post. Thanks for reconnecting with your why and finishing up the article.

  6. Fareedah Raji says:

    Im so glad you held on to your “Why”. You can never guess how much your write up has increased my morale! God bless you.

  7. Adeleye Mahmud says:

    I really have to check if you don’t have a backstage access to my life right now! 🙂

    Thanks for sticking to your why MOAB. This resonates with me so much and I’m very grateful for the much needed jolt.

  8. This is indeed a wonderful piece, it inspired me in no small way. I didn’t abandon my pen, but I was relenting in my hours and looked at pursuing other things. Your piece has put me back on track. Thanks

  9. Infact i dont know what to say, it is such a fantastic work. YOU ROCK Moab

  10. nice one

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