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How To Get Double Rewards As A Writer/Blogger

How To Get Double Rewards As A Writer/Blogger

Abdullahi’s note: This is a guest post by Muhiz Ogunwomoju (MOAB), a writer who breaks his silence with a pen. His aim is to teach others how to break their silence with their pen. You can get in touch with him and be notified when his new book “Write: Break Your Silence with a Pen and Inspire Lives beyond Your Reach” is out. He blogs at Thoughts By Pen. If you want to guest post for me, see this guide.

Let me start by guessing what your thoughts are lately – you’ve been thinking to quit writing or blogging because you couldn’t make money out of it or perhaps you’ve thought it’s not a profession like many people say.

Double Rewards

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If you’re reading this piece, then my guess was right. Maybe your relatives have criticized you that you’re pursuing the wrong profession.

This really hurts. I know this because I’ve been there just like many other super stars writers/bloggers out there.

The one that gets on your nerves is the rant of your mom telling you to pursue medicine or law because they’re real professions that give people double rewards – respect and money.

She told you that writing is a profession that does not exist. But you love writing because it’s the only thing you can do better. It’s the only thing that gives you freedom and happiness.

How could you prove your relatives wrong? This is why you’re reading this. You want to earn double rewards like the doctors, too. In fact, you want to prove your mom wrong that writing is a profession that can earn you double rewards like the doctors, but you don’t know how.

If you’re in this kind of dilemma, then you’re in for the real treat.

This piece will make you earn double rewards like the doctors or even more.

I am not here to make any sleazy sales. I am here to teach you how to get double rewards as a writer/blogger. Why? Because I do care and I do understand what you’re going through.

Writing is hard. It takes time, brainstorming and research before you can write one true sentence that’ll resonate with your audience.

Does this kind of profession deserve double rewards? Yes, sure.

So how can you earn double rewards as a writer/blogger?

There are 5 things to do in order to earn double rewards as a writer/blogger.

1. Passion

Passion is the fuel that keeps you going even when things are not going right with your writing. It’s the only thing that can never be taken away from you if you do possess it. Being passionate about writing is to keep writing during peaceful and horrible moments. The only thing that can stop you is death. If you’re this passionate about writing then you’ll surely go places.

2. Practice and hone your writing skills

We have heard this cliché many times that practice brings perfection. Whether you agree or not, the point is that it’s true. The amount of hours you spend on your writing will determine how successful your writing career will be. The only way to be a better writer is to keep writing every day because there’s no perfect writer. You can only get better by writing every day which will hone your writing skills to the level of teaching others.

3. Be Generous

Generosity is giving your audience more than they expected.

It changes the mindset of your audience and they tend to trust you more because you give them something worth buying for free. Being generous with your audience is to create mutual relationship between you and your audience. This means when you ask them for something they do it without pulling a trigger.

4. You must solve problems and create value for your audience.

Solving your audience’s problems is to know their wants, needs, and desires. This literally means you must have empathy, understanding and act on it. The more problems you solve, the more value you create. Your audience will see you as their doctor (at least in terms of writing). They will report their struggles to you and they want you to solve it for them.

5. Monetize your writing

When you become your audience’s doctor, you charge them for treating them right. You can even prescribe medicines for them (books, writing tools, web hosting, web designing, and consulting) which will earn you money if they buy from your recommended products.

They will surely pay you for treating them and they’ll also buy from your affiliate products because they believe in you just like we all believe in doctors and pay them right which earn them double rewards. You can do that too as a writer/blogger.

The double rewards

The first reward is making a difference in your audience’s lives and getting a heartfelt thank you message from them.

The second reward is making making cool cash anytime and anyplace as far as you’re connected to internet.

Abdullahi’s note: a third reward is that you get to enjoy the freedom of work place, work time, work duration and work frequency that even the doctors and lawyers can only dream 😉

Is there anything better than this? You be the judge.

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  1. Ayeyemi Taofeek Aswagaawy says:

    Yes! There is.
    You’ll be happy you write.
    You’ll work passionately because that’s what you love doing.

    You’ll become a writer – the greatest asset and legacy given to mankind.
    Also, you’ll keep learning…………………………………

  2. ha ha ha ha… muh’d you really made me smile brightly by seeing your third reward. ok let mine to be 4rd reward! you people are kinda fill me with killer ideas coming every moment like rain. so to me visiting this blog is like gazing up at the cloudy sky when am tasty. ha ha ha

  3. You're just on point boss!

  4. says:

    I am so in love with your blog. I just get more inspired to write and blog with every article I read here.

  5. So am into food reviews and that’s the main focus of my blog but sometimes I run outta words and even feel am not cut out for this, this post just gave me a picture of what I need to do, I appreciate.

  6. Big brother, all that you said above was directed at me. Infact I cant thank you enough. May God help us

  7. It will also turn you a righter.

  8. ohita afeisume says:

    Many thanks. Reading this gives me encouragement to forge ahead with my writing.

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