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Essay Competition for Non-Muslims 2016

Essay Competition for Non-Muslims 2016

Every religion preaches love, peace, and mutual tolerance but not hate. Hate is a cancer. It destroys people and nations. If you hate, your hate may destroy someone else. But it will also destroy you, and those people that you love. Hate shrivels up your heart (not physically), and makes you less and less of a human being.

Unfortunately few communal forces bent upon destabilizing our country they are engaged all the time in causing discord among various communities in our country. Their only goal is to spread hatred and division by spreading misconceptions and misperceptions about other religions.

It is, therefore, the call of the hour that the common teachings of all religions- peace, love and coexistence be promoted.

As a first step towards achieving this goal, the “All India Message of Humanity Forum, Hyderabad Unit” and “The Siasat Daily” is organizing an Essay Writing competition on the occasion of Birth Anniversary of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).


“Message of Peace in the teachings of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)”


“All India Message of Humanity Forum, Hyderabad Unit” and “The Siasat Daily”


1st Prize           Rs.50000/-

2nd Prize         Rs.25000/-

3rd Prize          Rs.15000/-

And 12 special prizes


30 April 2016


  • Copy and paste is not permitted.
  • There is no entry fee.
  • Opens for all religion (Except for Muslims).
  • The essay may be sent till 30 April 2016.
  • Entries may be sent in English, Hindi or Urdu at the address given below.
  • The forum will provide books (literature) at the time of registration.
  • Apart from students, teaching and non-teaching staff members of institution may also participate in this competition.
  • The Essay should not be less than 5 (A4) pages with minimum 1500 words.
  • Entries can be sent in person or through post on the following address.
  • C/o. The Siasat Daily, P.O. 197, J.N. Raod, Abids, Hyderabad – 500001
  • The selection of the winner will be done by a panel appointed by the organizers.
  • The decision of the panel will be final.
  • All the prize-winning entries will be published in book form in English, Hindi, Telugu and other regional languages.
  • Click here for further detail about the registration form.


For registration and further information contact: 040-64524803 or email us at:


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