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The Expert Editor #2030 Writing Competition

The Expert Editor #2030 Writing Competition

This is not your average writing competition! The Expert Editor is offering $1000 in prize money to the best “idea” created on Ideapod related to the theme “2030″. In 200 words or less you must outline your vision for the world in the year 2030. We have an esteemed team of judges who will evaluate the ideas. 

The team at the The Expert Editor are idea junkies. Our aim is to stimulate debate on the future, get people critically engaged with important ideas and create a community of thinking individuals.

The Expert Editor #2030 Writing CompetitionIdeapod is a new social media platform based on ideas. It recently launched in beta version and is generating a lot of buzz around the world. Users create and share ideas of 1000 characters or less; so it’s a bit like Facebook but with more substance. We think Ideapod is the perfect place to hold a writing competition as it’s a dynamic platform that encourages interaction.

On Ideapod we’ll be able to view each entry as it’s posted, comment on them and establish a conversation based around the ideas. Even if you don’t want to enter the competition, join Ideapod anyway and make your voice heard by commenting on the issues. This is not only a writing competition, but the chance to create a community based on each person’s vision for the future.


The theme is “2030″. This is a broad topic and the ideas you can write about are endless. Questions you may want to answer include what will the world be like? What are you most excited about? What dangers does the world face? What are the opportunities? You can explore a range of topics, including technological and scientific developments, the state of humanity, the environment, politics and many more. You’re only limited by your imagination and ability to creatively peer into the future.


The Expert Editor


$1000 in prize money goes to the best “idea”


16 May 2014


  • Who is eligible to participate? Anyone! We encourage people from all over the world to enter. If you have a passion for ideas then this is the perfect competition for you.
  • Our judges will look kindly on thought provoking ideas that are well written and stimulate debate.
  • Interaction is everything in this competition
  • Step by step guide to the competition
  1. Sign up to Ideapod and create a profile here.
  2. Create your idea with the hashtag #2030competition included in your text, not the heading (this hashtag is important as it will group all entries together on the platform).
  3. Please include an image or a video to accompany your entry.
  4. You’ve officially entered the competition and are in the running to win $1000.
  5. Deadline for submission is Friday 16 May 2014.


If you have any questions about the competition please email us at


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