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How To Become An Expert Writer In 5 Practical Steps

How To Become An Expert Writer In 5 Practical Steps
Expert writer

Image Credit: Texas Magazine

Imagine this scenario:

A man was invited to speak to an audience of professional marketers. Though he didn’t have any personal marketing experience, he was keen to impress the audience.

He picked up five awesome books about marketing and consumed them voraciously. He essentially re-packaged (call it plagiarism, if you like) the contents of the books and delivered it to the audience.

His presentation was remarkable, his strategies, amazing. The audience and event organizer just loved him. In fact, everything went great … until he was invited back to the stage to answer questions.

That’s when the truth emerged on stage. Everyone suddenly realized he was a poser, not the expert he claimed he was.

He had followed the same advice some leadership “gurus” give without thinking. It goes like this: “All you have to do to become an expert is read five books on the same subject.” And in his get-smart-quick mindset, it sounded cool.

Too bad for him. He’s learnt experts aren’t made overnight. He learnt it the hard way.

I’m sure you want to be perceived as an expert at writing – or whatever else you do. And I’m sure you don’t want to gain expertise overnight and get embarrassed like he was.
Good! First thing to bear in mind is that reading a few books doesn’t establish your expertise. It takes more than that.

Now you’re wondering what does, right?

Well, what you need is an action plan. I’ve sliced this down to 5 steps:

#1: Own it

Everyone is an expert at something. Sometimes, we’re unaware of it. Sometimes, we take it for granted.

Change that situation today. Look inward, there’s something you do so well everyone wants to learn it from you. Your job is to discover it and step into it.

Until recently, I didn’t know my writing inspires anyone. I didn’t realize I could write well. I didn’t think I could teach it. But when people wouldn’t stop stopping me to tell me I write well, to ask me for tutoring, I realized I do the art of writing well. And I owned it thereafter.

#2: Declare it

Once you own your expertise internally, proclaim it to the world. When you’re asked, “Can I meet you?” be confident to say:

  • “I’m a writer.”
  • “I’m a blogger.”
  • “I’m a poet and life coach.”

In addition, put it on your business card, your website, and your email signature, Twitter profile and print it in a paper and hang it around your desk.

Believe me, this proclamation is more powerful than you may think. It will make you dedicated to your dream. You’ll want to live up to the proclaimed status. Try it.

#3: Share it

Your expertise is a gift you must share with the world. So be generous. You can share it in many ways: a blog, a free ebook, podcast, a speech, an online course, free coaching. Just be creative about it.

When I offered the world my ebook, Your Right To Write, for free, I got more blog subscribers and loyal readers in 2 months than I got in the first 8 months without the gift. Many have said the book changed their lives.

So don’t be afraid to share your expertise.

#4: Prove it

Ultimately, the proof of your expertise is in helping others achieve the results they dream.

Once this happens, they endorse you. They’ll send you testimonies, share your good work on social media and become your brand advocates. These all provide third-party validation.

#5: Sell it

Produce products that flow out of your skills. This cements your expertise. Books help you do this. So do ebooks (like my Vertical Writing), online courses, coaching programs, and speaking engagements.

In addition, these help fund your growth so you can better horn your skills and reach even more people.

Your success as a writer is directly related to your perceived authority as an expert. You can’t fake it.

So take actions today to let it flow naturally out of your passion, experience, and competence.

Question: Which of these five steps do you need to develop next to boost your perceived writing expertise? Consider leaving a comment below.

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  1. Samuel Edet says:

    I’ll go for #1

  2. Ayeyemi Taofeek Aswagaawy says:

    A̶̲̥̅♏ still learning ………………

  3. Ayeyemi Taofeek Aswagaawy says:

    I need to improve my Proving it and selling it.
    And with this inspiring post, I’ll work harder on it.
    Still learning……………………….

  4. Thanks for sharing, dear coach. I love all these points and from the very first one, till the last point, I keep getting inspiration and ideas flowing in. Yay! Thank God I decided to open your email update today, unlike other days.

  5. Great Job Coach, just like previous times you have told us the truth in the most laconic and engaging way. Funny, but i think i need to improve on all five points. Thanks for this piece, may your well of wisdom not run dry.

  6. Thanks for the update… I knw i’ve discover it, learm more of it, share, but haven’t sell it

  7. Afraa A. Salim says:

    Perfect!!!! Thanks a lot 🙂

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  10. Princess Amarachi says:

    Thanks for the tips.I’m having problem with the first step which talks about identifying what one is good at.

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