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Foodpathshala Online Essay Competition 2016

Foodpathshala Online Essay Competition 2016

Entries are hereby invited for the 2016 edition of the Foodpathshala Online Essay Competition. The competition is absolutely free and any person willing to share her/his thought on the topic can participate in this competition.


“Socio – Economic contribution of FOOD TECHNOLOGY in building a nation”




1st prize: Rs 3000

2nd prize: Rs 2000

3rd prize: Rs 1000

Consolation prizes:

Winner will get free AFSTI (for students)

Top 3 will get enrolled in AFSTI (Mumbai)- Mentorship programme

Best essay will be published in quarterly News Letter of AFSTI Mumbai chapter

Top ten will get FREE video resume made by

Top 25 will get certificate of participation


20 Jan, 16


  • How many essays one can submit?

Only one. Choose best of your essays and share with us

  • What is the deadline for submission of essays?

All essays should be submitted online by 20th of January 2016.

  • Where we need to submit our essays?

By 20-Jan-16 send a pdf copy at with subject “Essay Competition”

Between 20-Jan-16, and 26-Jan-16, post your essays in This will be kept in public forum for their review and voting. Remember 20% marks is from reader’s voting

  1. Log in to
  2. Go to Essay competition tab
  3. Click Add button
  4. And paste your essay in text box
  5. Format the article and save it
  • Is there any defined format for writing essay?

Yes, there is a defined format. This will ensure that all participant’s work is presented in similar format and judges do not get biased towards artistic formatting rather they focus on the content of essay.

  1. Maximum 1000 words
  2. Font size  – 2 (10 pt)
  3. Font name – Verdana
  4. You can use different text colors to emphasize certain points in your essay
  5. You can add min 0 and maximum 2 pictures and/or graphs (but it is not mandatory)
  6. Subject should be written as “Subject of Essay”
  7. Your essay should start with the title you want to give to your essay
  8. You should also give short information about your self – Name, Location, Designation OR Educational qualification & Company OR College name
  • What would be the selection criteria?
  • Positive factors
  1. Clarity of thought, flow of content, opening and closing of essay will be seen critically (60 marks)
  2. Innovation in thought will be given weightage  (20 marks)
  3. Popularity among the readers – no of views, likes and discussion on your article will carry positive point    (10 marks)
  4. How well you have responded to queries of reader will carry positive points (10 marks)
  •      Negative factors
  1. Taking information from internet is acceptable, but, copy-paste from other site will be a negative point (-20 marks)
  2. Not following guidelines for essay writing format will carry negative points  (-20 marks)
  • When will the result be announced?
  1. After deadline is over (20th Jan 16), the essays will be kept open till 30th Jan 16 for readers to evaluate them, give their comments, put their queries.
  2. Result will be announced on 1st Feb 2016


Send all your inquiries to


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