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Gavin Mooney Memorial Essay Competition On Climate Change And Equity

Gavin Mooney Memorial Essay Competition On Climate Change And Equity

Gavin Mooney Memorial Essay CompetitionAn essay competition has been launched to honour the work and memory of the late Professor Gavin Mooney, a health economist who was a tireless advocate for social justice in local, national and international arenas.

The Gavin Mooney Memorial Essay Competition is a joint project of the Sydney School of Public Health at the University of Sydney, Croakey, and Inside Story, an online current affairs publication from the Swinburne Institute for Social Research.

Each year the competition will call for entries related to a theme around equity and social justice. The inaugural competition will recognise an essay related to the theme of climate change and equity, in recognition of the work of Professor Mooney’s late partner Dr Delys Weston.


Climate change and equity


Sydney School of Public Health and Inside Story


The winner receives a prize of $5,000 donated by the Sydney School of Public Health, and publication at Inside Story. The University of Sydney may also publish the essay as part of a series of mini e-books arising from the competition.


2 December, 2013


  • As well as honouring the work and writings of Professor Mooney, the competition seeks to draw public attention to social justice and health equity concerns, and to recognise the public interest value of writing and writers.
  • An essay of not more than 5,000 words exploring the theme of climate change and equity, at a local, national or international level.
  • Entry is open to anyone, anywhere.
  • Entries must not have been previously published. The winning entry will be published at the online publication, Inside Story.
  • Entries should be mailed to:

Gavin Mooney Memorial Essay Competition
Executive Assistant, Room 319
Sydney School of Public Health
Edward Ford Building A27
University of Sydney NSW 2006

  • Electronic entries will not be accepted.
  • Entries will be de-identified and will be collated by a staffer at the Sydney School of Public Health who is not involved in the judging.
  • Each entry should be accompanied by a 2-page cover sheet as outlined below. The author’s details should be mentioned only on the first page of the cover sheet – and not elsewhere on the entry.
  • Members of the judging panel will be announced in December, 2013.
  • Judging criteria include:
  1. The work is disruptive i.e. challenging or prompting change in status quo.
  2. The work incorporates novel ideas or approaches or thinking or style.
  3. The work is telling stories that matter.
  4. The quality of the writing.
  • Please copy and paste the information below to use as entry forms and cover sheets 

“Cover Sheet Page 1





Please provide a short biographical statement (no more than 250 words)




I verify that this is my own, original work.






Cover Sheet Page 2 (Please do not include your name or any other identifying material on this page as it will be forwarded to the judges)

Please provide a short statement about the essay, and how it meets the judging criteria (less than 400 words).”


This announcement is formatted using Naija Writers’ Coach Posting Format. If you republish this on your website, please provide a link to this post.

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