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10 Reasons Everyone Should Get A Website (Bonus Inside)

10 Reasons Everyone Should Get A Website (Bonus Inside)

On 23rd July 2012, greatly excited by the prospect of owning my own website, I went ahead to register my domain name, on Namecheap. After battling the domain name for 18 days, Googling and re-Googling different website terminologies but without grasping anything, I got frustrated.

In despair, I abandoned the domain name and went ahead to register a free blog,, on 10th August, 2012. So Naija Writers’ Coach was founded.

After few months on, I found out my purchased domain name didn’t work because I didn’t buy a hosting account which was required to make the domain name work. I bought a hosting account with SBOHost, a Nigerian host, and migrated my blog to it. It turns out, the hosting company was a real sucker. It gave me nightmares in day time.

I called their hotline to complain and got the shock of my life:

Stay calm. I’ll look at the issue for you when I go to the cyber café later today.

What! A hosting company… operating from a cyber café? I realized I was in the wrong place. After 3 months of enduring the torture, I exported my website contents and headed to Hostgator.

Few days after my departure, on 18th March 2013, SBOHost sent me an email that probably would have given me a heart attack if I hadn’t moved on:

There was a hack attempt yesterday which was successful on our website and some of our clients… If your website is infect (sic) kindly raise a support ticket for assistance.

I heaved a sigh, grateful I was then on Hostgator. But it took less than a week for me to see the flaws in Hostgator too. I decided I wanted something better. I was going to move. And finally, I migrated to iPage. My experience since then? iPage has been FANTASTIC (that’s not to say they’re perfect. No host can ever be!)

While going through these struggles, I had no firm idea where I was going. I just knew I wanted a website to bridge the gap in accessing essay contests and share what I, too, am learning about the craft of writing.

Get a Website

Since then however, my website has benefitted me immensely and the troubles I endured to get it have been worth it. So I thought it would be great to share with you some ways a website can help you (as it’s helped me).  These are the reasons I honestly believe you, too, should start a website.

1. Helps you understand yourself

Many times, I’ve been unsure of what exactly my opinion is on an issue… until I write about it. Writing helps me better take note of and understand myself, my environment, my values, my failures and my weaknesses.

2. Helps you write better

Many things have aided my writing proficiency over the years: essay contests, tapping from mentors, reading books, etc. But none of them has challenged me so consistently as managing a website. Growth comes with constant practice and managing a website is just about that.

3. Gives you a voice

In the past, only influential politicians and powerful business tycoons had the wherewithal to air their views. With social media, the situation has changed. With your own website however, it’s even better because you control the conversations in your domain.

4. Makes you professional

Because of the financial commitment, not everyone will be able get a website just yet. But if you narrowly can, I highly recommend you get a real website. It doesn’t restrict you like a free or Blogspot blog, and if you manage it well, it…

5. Helps you make money

Websites make real money for people. I’ve made millions from this tiny website (that doesn’t mean I’m a millionaire, because, like everyone else, I spend money daily). I’ve even gone ahead to teach others how to start their websites from scratch and make money with it, and… it’s been working fine.

6. Helps you make impact

You want to inspire the youth to discover and explore their true potentials? Start a website. You want to spread the virtues of your faith? Start a website. You wish people would make better choices in relationships and want to help them achieve that? Start a website.

7. Disciplines you

Writing regularly is hard. And that’s the only way to go pro. Personally, I’m lazy at writing consistently. But with my website, I know I must write and publish valuable content every week. That forces me to think creatively and write. I’m grateful for that because it has made me a better me.

8. Helps you live forever

You’ve heard it before… that writing can make you live for many centuries after your death. But that’s true only if you publish your words to the world. A website can help you build a legacy that would outlive you.

9. Helps you get published

If you’re still waiting for a publisher to come pick you – who have no readers – you might wait till… forever. The way out? Pick yourself. The easiest way to get published today is to first get a website and build a loyal readership. That’s what today’s smartest authors are doing.

10. Requires no prior knowledge

When I started my journey of website ownership, I lacked helpful information. That’s not your case. With my step-by-step guide, you can have your website up and running in just 30 minutes (over 150 people have done that using the guide). That’s easy (but that’s not to say managing the website is. Managing it requires time, energy and patience).

Special bonus for my readers

Between now and 5pm tomorrow, Friday 11th July 2014, my web hosting company, iPage, is offering my website readers a specially discounted fee of $30 (N5,100) for the first year of your website. That’s an 81% discount. They’ll also give you a free domain name worth $15 (N2,500) and free Facebook advertising coupon worth $50 (N8,500). So, ditch your excuses and get it now that you can.

Thanks for reading. How has your website helped you? If you don’t have one yet, how can it help you? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  1. Tosin Omoniyi says:

    You are really touching lives through your work. keep it up. love reading your articles

  2. Kelvin Odems says:


  3. Thanks for the e-mail, man! I was actually thinking of ditching my idea to start a blog because I may not have enough time for it. But when I saw the subject of your e-mail (even before I opened it), I knew I had to change my mind :). It’s a nice piece – the article.
    Umm, what did you mean by restricts you? Linda Ikeji operates her website on blogger & she doesn’t seem restricted. Isn’t a website more difficult to handle?

    • Hi Victor,

      That’s a thoughtful question you’ve asked. Linda Ikeji is an exception, not the rule. For your information, she would have moved to if not that another person had registered it before her (I heard that person asked her to pay N5 million if she wants to have it!).

      Blogger restricts you in many ways. Just one of them: your Blogger blog can be deleted at anytime if you violate their rules or their system mistakes your blog for a spam.

      For instance, Jide Ogunsanya’s, a Blogspot site of over 3 years, was deleted “in error” in October 2013. It was restored after a month – and he lost a lot of revenue as a result. He was even lucky, because some blogs get deleted “in error” and never get restored.

      Again, Jide’s blog was re-deleted earlier this year — and later restored after a week. Go ask him!

  4. Hmmn. I would say the experience have been so so energy-sapping but mind-blowing. Apart from the consistent need to feed the ‘content monster’ , its been so so self fulfilling . Although there is still a lot of work to be done, the sky seems to be the stepping stone.
    I’m always grateful for the day I discovered your website. Thanks Coach (for EVERYTHING)

  5. God will abundantly bless you for touching lives.

  6. I enjoyed reading your book your right to write can you send it more

  7. how do i get started? get me ur phone number and lets talk. here is mine 07068966772

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