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GNLU-NLA 2015 International Essay Writing Competition On Nuclear Law and Policy

GNLU-NLA 2015 International Essay Writing Competition On Nuclear Law and Policy

The premier Indian, national law university “Gujarat National University” (GNLU), under the aegis of GUVNL-GNLU Research Fellowship on Energy Law and Policy‟ is organizing an essay competition on subjects relevant to Energy law and policy with an aim to involve all those who want to serve a purpose larger than themselves and are able to communicate their passion for the subject tempered by the wisdom of an overarching awareness.


Nuclear Energy Law & Policy

Broad Themes

  1. Public acceptance and nuclear power
  2. Nuclear power as a sustainable source of energy
  3. State institutions and nuclear power development
  4. Nuclear Energy and Safety- Legal dimension
  5. Nuclear Regulatory Process/ domestic and comparative international practice
  6. Nuclear Liability and Compensation Law, and insurance law
  7. National or International environmental Law and Nuclear Energy
  8. International institutions and legal instruments on nuclear energy


Gujarat National University” (GNLU) organized in collaboration with Nuclear Law Association, India (

GNLU-NLA 2015 International Essay Writing Competition On Nuclear Law and Policy


  • First Prize: Certificate of Excellence and a cash prize of US Dollars 150 and its equivalent in INR
  • Second Prize: Commendation certificate and a cash prize of US Dollars 120 and its equivalent in INR
  • Third Prize: Commendation certificate and a cash prize of US Dollars 100 and its equivalent in INR
  • Honor Mention (15 numbers): Certificate of Recognition of Efforts
  • Certificate of Participation to all the participants of essay competition
  • Publication of 15 best essays in a book to be published by our publication partner Eastern Book Company (Conditions apply).
  • Internship opportunities shall be provided to top 6 best essays writers at GNLU under GUVNL-GNLU Research Fellowship on Energy Law and Policy which can be availed by the


October 30, 2015


  • This contest is a valuable platform for Research Scholars, experts from academia, organizations, students from all backgrounds and all others who are interested in the subject to share their ideas on critical issues on the legal and policy aspects of civilian nuclear energy.
  • Essay should be within the prescribed Word limit. Word limit excludes abstract, Footnotes or endnotes and references,
  • Essay can be co-authored from same or different institutions.
  • There will be strict adherence to ethical writing principles. Any paper found to violate this will be rejected
  • Every essay should contain abstract of 300 words and 6 keywords
  • The participants are free to work on different themes under the broad topics
  • Long essay of minimum 8000-9000 words excluding footnotes
  • Participant shall fill the registration form and submit the scanned copy of registration form duly signed along with Abstract before the deadline and send it as an email attachment to .
  • The subject line of email should read, “Registration and Abstract Submission”
  • The essays submitted by the participants must be in “English‟ language only
  • Each submission must include two cover pages.
  • The first page should include the paper title and the participant’s name, mail address, academic details, designative description phone number and email address.
  • The second page should include only the title of the essay accompanied with a small abstract of not more than 300 words.
  • The essay must be typed in Microsoft Word with Times New Roman, Font size 12, 1.5 linear spacing, on A4 size paper with 2.56 CM margin on each side.
  • Citations should be provided in the footnotes and references must appear as endnotes. All footnotes/references shall be in Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition
  • Participants should submit their essays in the prescribed format as an email attachment, in Word Document or PDF form to
  • The subject line of the email should read, “GNLU-NLA Essay writing contest 2015 on Nuclear Energy law and policy.”
  • For more information and details relating to this contest, you can access it here.


If you have any query or question, please send an email to


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