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Need Help With Your Goals? Meet The Best Guru EVER

Need Help With Your Goals? Meet The Best Guru EVER

I know, I know, you have big dreams, you’ve set high goals for yourself and you’re learning everything you can to hit the goals.


Only problem is… you need help.

You need a guru who would hold you by the hand and help you take the little steps required to take you where you want to go.

But the bad news is: you’ve not found such a guru yet. Or you’ve found one but he’s just too busy or too uncaring to have your time.

It hurts, I know.

But I’ve got good news:

I KNOW the guru you’ve been looking for all your life. A guru who cares about you, has your time and will help you walk the walk, rather than just give you cheap advice.

… and that guru is YOU.


Here’s where I’m coming from

I often see wannable or actual writers, bloggers and entrepreneurs who are disillusioned. They’re sick of reading about how to pursue their goals without actually getting to where they want to go.

Maybe they want to become a great writer and they see a writer that’s already proficient and fairly successful.

And they get euphoric thinking he would take them where they want to go: sit them down, hold their hands to type, help them edit every word, help them enter a writing contest, help them start a blog, design a book cover, publish the book and… you get the drift.

Literally help them each step towards becoming a great writer.

And when the teacher or guru or mentor says he can’t or simply ignores them, they feel dejected and give in.

But there’s a guru who truly cares

YOU are the only guru who can take you where you want to go. There is no mentor, guru, teacher, author, speaker, or whatever who can or will do that for you.


Obviously, they can motivate you and show you what worked for them.

But they wouldn’t pick up the spanner for you to do the work. So don’t snooze around and expect someone else to save the day.

They won’t. They can’t.

Only YOU can.

So whenever you’re considering reading a book, or a blog, or taking a course or buying a coaching program, a mentoring session, a seminar ticket, or whatever, get this straight into your skull:

They won’t help you.

…Unless you actually roll your sleeves immediately and put what you learn into action.

…And then get right back to work when your first attempts inevitably present some challenges – and this is almost guaranteed to happen.

With educated efforts and determination, you’re damn near unstoppable. And you WILL (almost always) hit your goals.

Now read that last sentence again.

You WILL hit your goals.

I didn’t say a teacher or guru will help you hit your goals.



You need educated efforts and determination.

Sadly, all a teacher can give you is education. And that’s just about 20% of what you need.

You still need throw in lot of efforts and a stubborn determination. And you – only YOU – can provide that 80%.

Now you see: YOU are really the only guru who can EVER get you where you want to go.

I said education is just 20%, right?

Well, I’m not even sure it takes up to 20%.

Imagine a guy wanting to lose weight. How many books does he need to buy?

I think none.

All he has to do is walk around for a few hours a day. Do that for a month or so and he’ll burn fat.

Or imagine a gal wanting to be her own boss. How many books and courses on entrepreneurship does she need to consume?

Not many, I think. Or maybe none.

All she has to do is buy some packs of sachet water – or whatever else – in bulk, and sell at higher prices in units. Do that for a week and she’s her own boss.

But thousands of books and courses are released every month on how to start your own business. And yet, most people who want to do it never start. And many of those who start eventually fail.

And trust me, the books and courses aren’t the problem. I’m sure most of them work if the buyer takes the education, and adds in lot of effort and an obstinate determination.

The problem is, people get education and never implement it with enough determination and stubbornness.

Do better.

Consider this your clarion call

I want you to hit your goals and here’s my challenge to you today:

  1. Realize that YOU are the guru and that ONLY YOU can make it happen.
  2. Take your notepad and write down all the good stuff you’ve learnt about the specific goals you want to hit.
  3. Write down every possible action you could take to start moving towards the goals.
  4. Do the actions that appear immediately actionable to you. Don’t over think it. Just do it. There’s no time.
  5. Evaluate the results of your actions and adjust accordingly.
  6. Repeat 1-5.

So, Mr. Guru, congrats on your new title.

Now go out there, enter the driver’s seat and make things happen.

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  1. Written in the classic Abdullahi style: hot, straight to the point and no BS 🙂

    Actually, Abdullahi, many persons simply walk around without realizing that they are the success factor (to borrow Sam Adeyinka’s words). Once any newbie – or even ‘oldbie’ realizes this, success is way faster than many actually think it is.

    It starts within – and often, the courage and zeal is what the world sees and gives way…often, it’s only that.

    You have simplified success for anyone who is ready to pick it up – online or off. It is left for your readers to either take it – or leave. However, if my opinion is sought, I’ll say: ‘take it immediately!’

    Do have a great night rest.

    Akaahan Terungwa

  2. You’re definitely right. The best guru is oneself and only little can be done to help a man if the man refuses to help himself.
    Nice post here

  3. Thanks a lot for that insight, the real guru is the owner of the event not actually the event planner because you tell the event planner how you want your event to look like, so the real guru for whatever we want to do in life is us, we decide what we the end of our event to look like. Thanks once again…

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