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2014 Hilti IT Innovation Competition

2014 Hilti IT Innovation Competition

Methods of communication and collaboration are constantly evolving. Ten years ago, team members would share documents via e-mail or internal mail. Now, team members easily work with shared documents in online collaboration rooms and virtual workplaces – collaboration can take place anytime, anywhere.

2014 Hilti IT Innovation Competition

Who could have guessed in 2003 that 2013 would look so different? Maybe you, if someone had bothered to ask. Students are often the first movers in adopting new technologies to increase their productivity. The ubiquity of applications like Dropbox, Google Docs and Facebook are perfect illustrations.
That is why we want your thoughts on how you envision the future communication and collaboration between Hilti and our customers as well as within Hilti. Think about historical trends and recent market developments in order to imagine future communication and collaboration processes, software or hardware that will enable us to create more outstanding added value.


Help us with the following topics and answer questions like:
Communicating and Collaborating with the customers:

  • How will future communication processes between Hilti and our customers look like?
  • What is the role of social software (e.g., Facebook or Yammer) in the future working life of Hilti employees and customers?
  • How can innovative technologies be used for collaboration (e.g., mobile or wearable technologies like mobile apps or Google Glass)?
    Communicating and Collaborating within Hilti:
  • How will future communication processes within different global Hilti functions look like?
  • What is the role of online office suites (e.g., Office 365), cloud computing or social software (e.g., Yammer) in the Hilti internal communication and collaboration?
    … and that‘s not all! We’re looking forward to seeing which additional questions you will identify and address through your submissions.




The top 10 teams, designated as finalists, will be invited to a 2½-day workshop at Hilti headquarters in Liechtenstein (January 9-11, 2014). Here, teams can further develop their ideas and learn more about the Hilti business while networking with a group of highly creative individuals. All finalists are also invited to an awards ceremony where they will be recognized for their accomplishments by Hilti’s CIO and the competition’s international jury.
The prizes are:

1st place: Once-in-a-lifetime trip to one of our overseas locations (Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Tulsa, Okla. (USA) or Schaan (Liechtenstein))
2nd and 3rd place: Hilti power tool
All finalists: Easier access to internships and the opportunity to launch your collaboration idea.


18 November, 2013



If you have further questions about the 2014 Hilti IT Innovation Competition or need technical support, do not hesitate to contact us at

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