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How I Buy Amazon Books In Nigeria Without Shipping Cost

How I Buy Amazon Books In Nigeria Without Shipping Cost

If you’ve ever tried to buy Amazon books, then you’d know that the shipping cost is insanely exorbitant and some titles aren’t sold to Nigerian residents.

Many times than I can remember, I’ve attempted to buy books on Amazon and ended up dumping the transaction because the shipping fee is far higher than the book price.

Amazon books shipping cost

Product and shipping costs for 5 Amazon books

[Amazon has 3 shipping options. The image to the left is for the most expensive shipping, “Priority International Courier (averages 2-7 days)” while the image to the right is for cheapest shipping, “Standard International Shipping (averages 18-32 days)”]

Each time, I had enough money to buy the books and pay for the shipping but I like to get a good value for each kobo I spend and I just had difficulty appreciating why the shipping cost should be four times – or even be as high as – the product price.

I know there are some mail forwarding services which will give you a U.S. address to use as your shipping address when buying such Amazon books (or other products not eligible for shipping to Nigeria). When such mail forwarding services receive the Amazon books on your behalf, they then ship it to you in Nigeria at a fee.

I’ve never used such mail forwarding services, so I wouldn’t personally know how effective they are.

Another common problem with buying Amazon books is that some titles aren’t sold to Nigerian residents at all, even if you’re willing to pay millions for them.

Amazon books unavailable titles

Eventually, I found an easy way around the two problems.

Today, I’m sharing that with you, in case you’ve also shied away from buying Amazon books because of the exorbitant shipping cost, or you’ve attempted to buy some titles and discovered they aren’t sold to Nigerian residents.

Amazon Kindle to the rescue

This is Amazon’s handy device for reading Amazon ebooks. Sadly, they don’t ship it to Nigeria.

So I use the free Amazon Kindle app for Android. The app also has an iOS, Blackberry and Windows phones.. You can even use the online app at which requires no download. With that, I can’t get hold of the hard copy of my favourite Amazon books but I can definitely read them (which is the most important thing) and keep them in my digital library.

How to buy Kindle books

1. Install Amazon Kindle

I installed the Amazon Kindle app for Android. When I searched for the app on Google Play with my Android tablet, the app was not listed, even though it should. If it was, I would simply have clicked “install”. The search result only showed other similar apps.

To fix that, I made sure I logged into my Gmail account on Google Play on my Android tablet. Then I logged into my Gmail account on my PC. Next, I accessed this direct Google Play link on my PC. My Android tablet model was automatically displayed (since I’m logged into my Gmail on both my Android and PC). I clicked “install” and within 2 minutes, the app was on my Android tablet.

2. Get a new Amazon account

I asked a friend in the U.S. to help me open an Amazon account with my name and email but with his own U.S. address (it took him just 2 minutes to do that). On my original Amazon account which I registered with my Nigerian address, I’m prevented by Amazon from buying some titles.

But with the new account which has a U.S. address, I can buy any Amazon book and read it on my Kindle app.

3. Log into your Amazon Kindle app

I logged into my Kindle app with the email and password of the new Amazon account. I needed to do that before buying any Kindle book so that when I order Kindle books on my PC, I would have the option to send the book to my Android device with a single click.

4. Order your favourite Amazon books

Back on my PC, I searched for my favourite books on Amazon … books I’ve always craved but never had the privilege to read. I clicked “Kindle Edition” from the search result page of each book (if I miss this step, I would be ordering the hard copy and the exorbitant shipping fee would be added at checkout).

Amazon Books Kindle Edition

After adding the Kindle titles to my shopping cart, I proceeded to check out. I supplied my GTB Mastercard details with my Nigerian billing address (yes, you don’t need the U.S. address this time).

I made payment for the books and clicked the “send to Kindle app” shown on the next page. Instantly, the book became available on my Android tablet and I was devouring the first one.

How sweet!

If you don’t have any book in mind at the moment, I recommend On Writing by Stephen King, Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon and Platform by Michael Hyatt (aff links). Those are books I greatly cherish.

Did I miss anything? How do you buy Amazon books? If you don’t buy them, why? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  1. Gershon moses says:

    This is a great eye opener. If i followed very well you did not mention where and how to get the books @ free shipping as you mention in the title……………..
    Nice post

  2. Sufian Rasheed says:

    This is quite newsworthy. But I think I have not ripe for that now – no pc, no tablet. Poor me with my Nokia X2 Lol!

  3. These smartphone apps are real hacks!
    My interesting experience with them is on LinkedIn. You know LI places restriction on people you can connect with. Sometimes you have to state how you guys are connected; family or friend?

    And if you call, for example, a marketing manager of a company I want to pitch, a friend, he might get angry and reject you.

    I don’t suffer this anymore.

    I’ve not tried it on Android, but on my iPhone LI app, I can connect with ANYBODY…even if you are a “10th connection”.

    Have you tried this with your Android?

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Samuel Edet says:

    It Pays To Be an Android-user

  5. Thanks for the info Abdul though I clicked on the link with my BB but they said there’s no version for it

  6. The app is not available on the Nigerian version of the Apple store and upon switching to the US store I was told I cannot purchase from that store. I would really like to read those books.

    • Hi Charles, I don’t use iOS, so I can’t really say how the app download works. Like I explained, the Android app wasn’t searchable in Google Play too.

      You can try to access the direct link above through your PC and install it there.

      • Like Muiz suggested, another great way to read is via “”. That means you’ll first but the book you want as I explained (just skip the step on app installation), Then go to to read your book offline.

  7. KOIKI MAYOWA says:

    This almost worked until the final stages when it say my region isn’t supported. What am I going to do now?

    • I stated that already in the piece. Get a friend in the U.S. to open a new Amazon account for you with his address.

      • Koiki Mayowa says:

        Indeed, I had someone helped open an amazon account in the US. As a matter of fact, I can now open it and I attempt to buy stuffs from the site. I guess they are refering to the nigerian IP we use. Anyway, if you are using an android device, the app can be extracted and shared. If you can, I hope you forward it to my mail box above. Thanks for your great works.

  8. The shipping cost can be exorbitant like you said Mohammed.
    Normally I’d see used books that are bellow $5 in price and I will see shipping cost to be $3.99.
    These books on it’s new brands can sometimes be up hundreds of dollars.
    There’s not always a good time and smartphone to read these things on the go via kindle.
    In this case I really would love to pay for this $5 + 3.99 = 8.89$ due the fact that going for the brand new books is of no value to me since I only need to get some facts from the book for academic use.
    So if that is the case what shipping agents do they use for the cheapest shipping cost and how do they deliver it to me? I live in a village.

  9. If am not mistaken its only ebooks you can buy using your style. Thanks all the same

  10. What if there’s no friend to open another account for me?

  11. Adekunle Adewale says:

    I’ve a kindle app on my BlackBerry phone but can’t download or buy ebooks bcos. can u help?

  12. There is something I don’t understand.

    I couldn’t open an amazon account in Nigeria in 2011, but while in UK, I opened an account with a UK address.

    Upon return to Nigeria, I wanted to buy a kindle reader from US since a having it sent to Nigeria from UK was an issue, I opened a US account with my US based relation’s address. He was coming home soon. The kindle was delivered to his address and ever since I have been buying eBooks via the account without issue.

    Over to 2015, i opened a US kindle account for my wife with a US address. She could buy books for a while before they blocked her opportunity to buy eBooks, saying she was shopping with a US account in a foreign country. The advice was that if she has currently relocated, she should get in touch with her US details (which possibly included her security number).

    Since then she hasn’t been able to buy ebooks

    she registered with a Nigerian debit card jus as i did on my own account.

    I am wondering what was wrong. I still continue to buy while could not.

  13. the app isn’t opening on my phone!😞 it’s installed, but it closes as soon as I open it. I’m an aspiring writer, and a writer gifted a book of hers to me. please help! I need to get it!

  14. Hi Abdullahi,
    Have you tried
    Scribd is an online library with more than one million books, audiobooks , comics and sheet music selections.
    On registration you get two (2) months FREE subscription (which you can cancel after the two months are up) however afterwards you need to pay $8.99 monthly
    Give it a try….you have nothing to lose

  15. Honourable and great writer of our generation, you are too much.

  16. Hello,

    I can’t even download the app on my phone, it keeps saying it’s not listed for my country. What am I missing please?

  17. I was finally able to buy a book on Amazon after opening an account with them more than two years ago, thank you Mr. Abdullah. I went through Working from my PC, I simply downloaded the kindle app for PC from Amazon and changed my country from Nigeria to UK, then supplied a valid UK address.

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