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I Was Pained, I Cried, Yet, I Wrote

I Was Pained, I Cried, Yet, I Wrote

Abdullahi’s Note: This is a guest post by Bonire Abdulrahman Femi, an Author, personal development Coach, and the proud owner of Bonfem Academy.



Yes. You have a great plan.

A plan to accomplish more in less time. To write out your thoughts. Or enter an essay contest. Or update your blog. Or something else worthwhile.

But then, something terrible happened. And alas! Your beautiful plan gets shattered.

It happens to us all at one point or the other.

In my case, I had a surgical tooth removal.

I held tight to my emotions, all in a bid to hold back the tears. The agony was becoming unbearable. Not only from the pain of the bad tooth, but also, from the chisel and hammer ramming my tooth. And later, from a sophisticated drilling device attached to my operation bed.

I planned to write. But I was pained I couldn’t help crying.

I Was Pained, I Cried, Yet, I Wrote

The plan was great, but…

The weekend of 13th and 14th of June 2015 was supposed to be a great one for me. I had planned to set up my newly purchased Genesis Framework and child theme, set up my “About” page, “Contact” page and a detailed web-host tutorial.

Alas! I was severely pained.

After due consultation with the family doctor and dentist, I was booked for a tooth removal operation. On the same weekend that was supposed to be a great one.

The first, second and third injection came to momentarily kill the underlying gum and tissues to enhance a painless removal. But the bad tooth was too stubborn three injections wouldn’t kill the pain.

The agony was, well, unbearable. In came a fourth pain-killing injection.

It felt better. But I was still pained.

The going was tough

I practically felt my jaw bone almost being pulled out of its encasing flesh. And stitching my gum and inner cheek after the operation was equally agonizing.

The stitching needle pinched my tongue and vocal cavity severally. I spat blood after blood even after many blood-soaked cotton wool extractions.

Over an hour of attempted stitching, no result. The first dentist gave in and packed my mouth with cotton wool.

“You can now go back to the referring hospital for your injections and drugs”, he said.

But the blood kept flowing uncontrollably. Hence, a second dentist took over the stitching operation. In came the fifth injection came.

Hours past. I had my gum stitched and went back to the family doctor for another two sets of injections and drugs.

The pain was strong, my passion stronger

All through the operation, even in the face of severe pain, I couldn’t help thinking of the blog and my beloved readers.

I kept imagining how far I should have gone with all my plans and how more interesting and interactive that should have made Bonfem Academy, my workplace.

That is how much passion I just discovered I now have for my newly chosen career: writing and blogging.

The tutoring made all the difference

I was trained to write and blog by one of Nigeria’s best bloggers, Muhammed Abdullahi Tosin. In his tutelages, he would say:

I caught the bug.

Even in excruciating pain, I chose to pen down this piece and the reason my plan was not accomplished right after the operation.

Writing, what a beautiful art you are!

I’m still finding it hard to speak without pain or bleeding even as I type this piece. Yet, I could’t help putting down my thoughts. Writing, what a beautiful art you are!

Abdullahi said it well, and I’m a living testimony: “Passion breaks barriers”.

I was pained, I cried, yet, I wrote.

Question: Which of your writing plan(s) has been greatly challenged and how did you overcome it? Consider sharing your thoughts in the comments.

Bonire Abdulrahman Femi is an Author and personal development Coach. He pens down his thoughts at Bonfem Academy. You can also connect with him on Facebook.

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  1. Bravo, Femi. Your story reminds me of my recent struggles. I salute your courage for writing in such circumstances. You have proven to me that one should write in any circumstances. And I must confess that I’m an advocate of this principle.

    The sad thing is, in my case, I wrote but didn’t finish. You have given me the “ginger” to finish what I started. Thank you for writing this. I needed it so much. Keep writing, Femi.

  2. Hello Muhiz,
    I appreciate you for taking time out to go through the piece.
    And am glad you like it.

    Honestly, i never knew i had the principle in me until that fateful day.
    I will be looking forward to reading your experience soon. And how great it will be to have it here on NWC .
    Do have a great weekend.

    Warm Regards,

  3. Quite touching story, Femi. I share your pain.

    Though i didn’t experience those exact agonizing moments with you, i also share moments like that with my recurring ingrowing toe nail.
    I had to undergo 5 different Surgeries over five years to get through with it.

    That’s the exact spirit we need to succeed in any meaningful venture (dear to our hearts), most especially in the blogging world.
    I was sharing with my dearest friend about a quite successful blogger, Will Blunt, complaining that he never knew being a blogger would sap enormous time out of his life and already busy schedule.

    Keeping up with blog posts, organizing your strategy(ies), your social media editorial calender, scheduling your ethical bribes (if you have more than one social media campaigns) with the corresponding follow up email campaigns for new and current subscribers, following up with your unengaged subscribers not to talk of customer support (if you’ve got products you are selling) and many many more.

    It’s not easy, especially when you have the love of your subscribers and readers at heart. You don’t want to disappoint them with washy, washy $5 dollar fiver content and you’ll also want to keep up with the necessary daily commitment.

    It really take a strong heart, my dear.

    I always say blogging is for the proactive, strong and for those that believe in their dreams not the weak minded.

    I wish you quick recovery. I love your post.

    • Well said, Anu!

      Blogging is a full time job for the really really successful bloggers. But the good thing is, even when you put many hours into it daily, you still enjoy yourself immensely as long as the passion is there. Win-win!

  4. Hello Anu,
    Hmmmm, i really don’t know where to take it from.
    To imagine that you had FIVE similar experiences is even more touching.

    Yeah, i couldn’t agree more that blogging isn’t for the weak hearted. And about keeping up with blog updates and scheduling, it’s really not easy my dear. Considering that i still keep a day job. For the time being at least.

    And you know the funny part? “Washy, washy $5 fiverr content”.
    In reality, that’s exactly what they are. Washy content.
    If you had said this some 10-11 months ago when i thought i could just buy some fiverr gigs at $5, update my blogspot blog and start getting great results, i would have gladly cover my face in shame.
    But…. thank God you didn’t.

    Am glad you love the post! Anu.
    Enjoy your weekend friend.

    Warm Regards,
    Bonire Abdulrahman Femi

  5. hmm i read the story my feelings and thought changed instantly because this is the second heart touching episode that i will read after that on Abdullahi’s on this page.

    Bonire is a very good friend of mine and he has that spirit of becoming one of the most succesful bloggers if he keep on the hardwork. Tough time they say never last but tough people do “Robert Schuller” . it is never to late to say NO because it means (Backward, Failure , Laziness and Hardship) but spelling it backward which is ON Means Success, Achievement, Zeal , Self-Actualization e.t.c ” Napoleon Hill”

    Bonire your story is not only touching but a steping stone to personal development. Keep the Flag high for Almight God is your strenght.
    I believe we are all learning from Abdullahi’s everyday food for thought. May Almight God also continue to grant him good health, longlife and life activities.

    i believe we all have a brighter future and becoming great in life start from somewhere.keep it up nice write up once again bro……………………………………….i love the composition and feelings of your pen
    from Omeiza Rabiu aka Dgreatpositivethinker

    • Thanks for your nice words and prayer, Rabiu. I appreciate your support.

    • Hello Rabiu,
      My good friend, what can i say….speechless. I mean, you’ve said it all.

      Abdullahi is not only motivating or teaching, he is changing lives.

      Pardon me for staying this close, yet this far from you my friend. My job won’t just let me. That will change soon though.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Best Regards,
      Bonire Abdulrahman Femi

  6. Oluwafemi says:

    This is really a mixture of sadness and happiness!It is really captivating and motivating to know that one can actually still move on with writing even when faced with rocky trials as dis one.
    With just this piece,no need for more pieces;I will continue to strive in any situation to acquire this skill of writing and blogging to the fullest.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  7. Olushola Johnson says:

    Writing is a subtle art and an instinctively drive. A pro or budding writer has a concentrated mind even inside the volcano, he freely expresses himself with an ink and paper or screen and typing in such a persuasive way that he might not sometime have gut to speak.

    I found this overwhelming joy each time I embark in a journey of writing and I felt accomplished then Bill gate when I finished a writing project.

    Well done sir for your relentless effort to write under such circumstance.

  8. Hi Bonire,

    I am touched by your story…clearly this story has come from the depths of your very soul…However, before I utter a word, I wish to first of all wish you a most speedy recovery.

    You see, when passion is involved, every other thing steps aside. Miracles happen; extra ordinary achievements are recorded and most importantly, what no man imagined possible comes to pass. Silently.

    The fact that you still had the nerve to write with the excruciating pain is testimony of the fact that you are cut out for writing and blogging. I doff my hat for you…this is a true miracle!

    I’ll be hoping to your blog immediately. Can I, a mere small writer fail to see (and appreciate) the work of such a passionate superior? I dare not!

    Enjoy the day sir!

    Akaahan Terungwa

  9. Hello Terungwa,

    A great pleasure it is for me to see you here again. I appreciate your wish.

    To know that such an outstanding writer like you could still be humble and generous enough, not to only read my piece, but also, dropped a comment and saying hello at (Bonfem Academy) my work place, leaves me with a feeling of joy.

    I am an avid reader of yours Sir. And to be honest, your work is one worthy of emulation. I always look forward to every Wednesday. For it is never complete without devouring a great fresh content from you.

    Enstine Muki acknowledged this as well. What a super superior that makes you.

    Wishing you a productive week.

    Warm Regards,
    Bonire Abdulrahman Femi.

  10. Basmallah says:

    What can I say?
    I just hope that for those of us weak hearted in the face of challenges-myself inclusive-can learn and use your experience as a source of inspiration. I know I would.
    Thanks for sharing. Get better soon Bonire. God is your strenght…Once again Thank YOU!

  11. That’s the spirit, Basmallah.

    This piece was equally inspired by Abdullahi’s story of a late entry to an essay contest.

    Enjoy your day!


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