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International Journal of Philosophy and Theology Essay Prize 2016-2017

International Journal of Philosophy and Theology Essay Prize 2016-2017

Contemporary Western philosophy is marked by the presence of two relatively distinct and well-recognized traditions: the ‘analytic’ and the ‘continental’ traditions. Present-day differences between both traditions are particularly striking when one considers their respective views on the possibility of metaphysical thinking.

Analytic philosophy, while originally derived from a radical critique of metaphysics, has now developed a flourishing discipline of analytic metaphysics. Continental philosophy, which for so long has been rooted in the history of metaphysics, has established various branches of post-metaphysical thought that all subscribe to the idea that metaphysics is no longer possible.

The observation of such a remarkable and fairly paradoxical divergence between two different orientations in the contemporary history of metaphysics has hardly received attention in current philosophical debates and scholarship. This call for submissions for the essay prize of International Journal of Philosophy and Theology (IJP&T) will help fill this lacuna.

It provides a well-defined and promising research perspective from which to address the question of the contemporary divide between analytic metaphysics and continental post-metaphysical thought: the discovery of their conflicting views on theories of metaphysical need as defined by, among others, Kant, Schopenhauer and Dilthey.


The Fate of Metaphysics


Taylor & Francis Group


Each author will be awarded a prize of €300


May 1, 2017


  • The competition is open to PhD-students and those within three years after their doctoral graduation at the closing date. Submissions will be judged on academic merit.
  • Two prizes will be awarded. These may from the analytic or the continental tradition.
    Alternatively, they may move beyond this divide by (for example) having characteristics of both traditions.
  • The winning essays will be published in IJP&T and each author will be awarded a prize of €300.
  • Essays that are under consideration for the essay prize cannot simultaneously be offered for publication as ordinary articles, but the editors may consider other essays besides the prize-winning essays for publication.
  • The closing date day for entries for the 2016-2017 competition is 1 May 2017. Submissions should conform to the IJP&T guidelines for submissions.
  • Word count: 5000 to 8000 words.
  • All submissions should be made online at the International Journal of Philosophy and Theology Scholar One Manuscripts website. New users should first create an account. Once logged on to the site, submissions should be made via the Author Centre. Online user guides and access to a helpdesk are available on this website.
  •  Authors wishing to submit an entry to the bi-annual International Journal for Philosophy & Theology Prize should make sure that they select ‘Essay Prize’ in the drop-down menu for manuscript type, which is the first requested item during the submission process on the ScholarOne site. ( )
  • For more information, read the Journal’s full Instructions for Authors


Contact the Editor-in-Chief: Walter Van Herck, University of Antwerp, Antwerpen, Belgium (


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