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It’s Raining Porridge. Who Will Hold Your Plate For You?

It’s Raining Porridge. Who Will Hold Your Plate For You?

In today’s world, opportunities abound. Sadly, too many people don’t grab them.


Because they’re too lazy. Or too sloppy.

Imagine that the sky is pouring down some sumptuous, delicious yam porridge, and a hungry, able-bodied person finds it too tasking to hold his own plate to fetch some. How does that make you feel?

Pissed off, right? Me too!

But would anyone actually do such a ridiculously silly thing?

Well, some examples might suffice…

its raining porridge

1. Applying for a job on the vacancy notice

Close your eyes and imagine this: a company pastes posters around advertising job openings. An applicant picks his pen and writes on the poster that he’s interested. Any sense?

Okay, I’ve never seen that but I’ve seen the online version many times. is a site announcing job openings. It posts a job opening. Some folks drop their comments to show their interest, how they’ve been looking for job since forever and to beg in God’s name to be employed.

Is the employer?

2. Asking questions about something you’ve failed to read

One of the emails I send on my newsletter autoresponders has the subject, “Can I be your editor?”

Here’s a bulleted summary of what I say in the newsletter:

  • Many people do ask me to help them edit their writings;
  • I used to grant the request but now I’m just too busy;
  • I now use a tool called “Grammarly” to edit even my own writing;
  • If you ever wanted me to be your editor, simply use “Grammarly” (with a link to a tutorial they can read for more details)

The newsletter contains less than 300 words. So it should be easy for everyone to read, right?

Wrong! Not for the hopelessly lazy folks.

Some people send me funny responses that clearly show they read the email subject but were too lazy to read the actual content. Responses like, “I will be grateful” and “Yes, be my editor. How much do you charge?”

What could be sillier? Why ask a question about an email you didn’t even bother to read?

I’ve experienced many other similar instances:

  • I send an email to share tips of writing an essay contest entry that wins. Someone replies me to request that I write an essay contest entry for him within 3 days, for free.
  • I write a blog post detailing 4 practical ways to overcome unemployment. Someone leaves a comment on the piece asking me to tell him how to overcome unemployment.
  • I teach someone practically how to blog and make money from it. He asks me to help him develop the content for his blog because I’m “experienced”.

What’s common to all these people?

Inability or sheer unwillingness to hold their own plates to fetch the yam porridge that’s freely pouring down from the sky.

What’s my usual response to them?

If it’s from a person I really respect, I simply say, “No! I can’t do it” and briefly explain why.

If it’s from a random person that’s never connected with me and is just out to ‘use’ me, I ignore him. No time to waste!

We need a change of attitude

Success in any worthwhile endeavour takes effort. A lot of it! If there’s a goal you aspire to achieve, work hard for it.

It’s not enough to know. You also must take action. And don’t expect anyone else to do that for you. Do it yourself.

I’m all for taking lawful and reasonable shortcuts, but I don’t try to avoid investment of energy and sweat I should make to achieve my goals. So learn to take the long route if it’s the proper route.

My friend, I congratulate you. Why?

Because we live at a time that the sky continuously pours down hot delicious porridge of opportunities.

The sad news though is: no one will fetch it for you.

You’ll have to pick your own plate and fetch some to eat… or remain hungry forever.

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  1. Interesting write-up this is. This time, more serious, poignant yet instructive..

    If there’s anything capable of stopping one from reaping great goodies in this era of limitless opportunities, it’s sheer laziness and the very self-destructive mindset of ‘Please, always do it for me FREE!’ This, to be mild, is injurious to any determined person willing to succeed at anything — not only online.

    Lesson: While it’s not a crime to look for opportunities where they’re free (loads of them abound, even on this blog), it’d, however, be self-destructive to miss one merely because you’re lazy and unwilling to make a difference.

    Well done, Abdullahi! You nailed it! As always.

    • Many thanks, Sodiq. I appreciate your time in reading and commenting – unlike some lazy folks who would not read the content but try to look smart by asking a question only to end up looking silly. 😉

  2. Lolz, your article got me cracking when i read through the line that said, “an applicant picks up a pen and writes on a job vacancy poster, ‘i am interested ‘”.

    Really most people are just being so lazy to even pick up the spoon and feed from the plate of opportunities served to them.

    Thanks for this inspiring article.

    Jay Henry

  3. Zakariyah Abass Bolaji says:

    Ummm…it is a common thing amidst the so-called “I’ m in need of your assistance” people outside there. While there comes it( the assistance) we no more do the right thing!!! Going through the content is another scene of problem. I guess an assistance would be needed for that as well!!!
    Always wanting everything in just something of probably “a twelve letter word”.
    Thanks a lot brother. Your write-ups are really and always helpful. Keep it up.

  4. Basmallah says:

    This master piece inspired soul search. I quite agree with the case of been lazy even if the opportunity is placed on a platter. However what happens to a person whose almost given up all hope only to discover a golden opportunity? Most often than not, he is psychologically traumatized and can therefore not comprehend what might be right in front of him.
    Then there is the case of reading an offer but not being able to understand or decipher the message such that the person must go out of his way to seek for assistance.
    Lastly we must understand that IQs are not the same. While some people can grab fast, some are slow and thus require tutelage.

  5. Awesome article Abdullahi!

    Its most times appalling how lazy and ignorant people can be in actions and response to issues(have had personal experiences)!
    Laziness robs alot, robs you of both free things and golden opportunities to work on and it further rUbs you with poor thinking and almost lack of foresight.

    A Timely write up Tosin!

    But the unfortunate fact is that this trend will continue because certain lazy persons will find it hard to read this post to the end!

  6. I do say few things about you to my friends…. your write-ups are always fascinating, captivating and enlightening broadly about almost all spheres of life when well digested and spiced up by reasoning further.

    This article, is perhaps the funniest really… Don’t mistake it to mean I didn’t get the content, YES! I did.

    We always want already made not realizing that’s just a name of cloth for female kids…

    I can relate well to the examples you sighted, the very ones you experienced. just like someone asked to be taught how to make peanuts to sell for few nairas and u agree to go through the stress for free and next she ask if you will help her sell some too… Not bad to ask but somethings are just over board.

    I call you my e-coach and you really are. More grease to thy elbow.

  7. Great write-up. I always appreciate your mimd blowing and heart awakening posts, thanks a 10000000000000 times .

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